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After Yu Qing was brought down, Mu Hongyu happily left the arena and walked to Chu Liuyue.

She then winked at Chu Liuyue. Liuyue is indeed dependable.

Not only did she stand up for me, but she even embarrassed the people from Tai Yan Academy.

Chu Liuyue pinched the golden mane bear cubs ears.

“Rest well.

You still have more matches later.”

“Okay, I know!” answered Mu Hongyu as her eyes turned, and she purposely heaved a sigh of relief.

“Congcong, you cant do this anymore! If not, your Master will be labeled as ruthless.

Do you understand”

The surrounding people immediately burst into commotion.

“Yeah! Hongyu, you must watch this fella very closely when you battle again later!”

“Hah! Originally, I was pretty envious of you having such a young golden mane bear cub, but now… Haha, you just won a match, yet you were lectured.

I really dont envy that.”

Mu Hongyu pulled a face.

“You guys should be envious to death! If you have the abilities, go find your own fourth-grade fiend.”

The crowd burst into laughter.

Cheng Hans face was green as he harshly flung his sleeves and sat down.

Only then did Situ Xingchen realize that she had brought trouble for her mentor.

She bit her lips and apologetically said, “Sorry, Mentor… I-I was too impulsive…”

Cheng Han took a deep breath in, knitted his brows, and asked, “Xingchen, whats the matter with you You have been very distracted from yesterday until now.

Youre very intelligent, so why would you do such a brainless thing I know youre on good terms with Yu Qing, but she indeed lost.

Why must you argue for her”

“I-I…” Situ Xingchen looked down in remorse and did not know what to say.

Actually, she just could not stand Tian Lu Academy—no, Mu Hongyu.

Situ Xingchens heart felt like it was crushed by something, and she felt terrible.

Actually, she knew that she was not speaking for Yu Qing.

The past two days, she had clearly seen that Mu Hongyu was on good terms with Chu Liuyue.

Hence, Situ Xingcheng felt very uncomfortable when she saw how arrogant Mu Hongyu was. Mu Hongyus arrogant look is so similar to that of Chu Liuyue! If Mu Hongyu is delighted, wont Chu Liuyue be happy too

But Situ Xingchen could not voice out her secret thoughts.

Upon seeing how Situ Xingchen could not explain herself for a long time and looked very apologetic, Cheng Han could not bear to continue lecturing her.

“Forget it.

You should calm down first.

Why dont you stop coming here for the next two days, and—”

“Mentor!” Situ Xingchen immediately spoke.

“I want to stay here!”

“You just need to participate in the last days heavenly doctor competition.

The earlier matches have nothing to do with you, and youll just be wasting your time here.


“I-I just want to see how strong they are.

Mentor, didnt you say that I must know my enemies before I can become successful Even though Im a heavenly doctor, my future opponents might not only be heavenly doctors.”

Cheng Han thought for a while and finally nodded.

“Okay, but you need to promise me that you wont do this anymore! Im still waiting for you to take first place in the heavenly doctor competition!”

Situ Xingchen heaved a sigh of relief and felt much better when she heard the last sentence.


It was still very lively on Tian Lu Academys side.

Everyones discussion topics slowly shifted from Mu Hongyu to Chu Liuyue.

“Dont you think that Chu Liuyue was very charismatic previously She actually stumped Situ Xingchen and even forced their director to speak up personally.”

“She didnt say anything wrong! Our people won this match, so whats there to apologize for I feel that Chu Liuyue is very righteous!”

“Actually, I felt that she was only a little braver than the rest when she first retorted them.

But I later realized that her words actually had standards.

She easily allowed Elder Sun to ease out of the situation, and she even embarrassed the other party.

This isnt something that a person who only has guts can do! The person has to have brains too!”

“Haha! To say something offensive… Being able to retreat unscathed after offending the Crown Prince and the Chu family and even vaguely taking the lead… This Chu Liuyue isnt someone you can trifle with!”

The people beside Rong Jin broke out into a cold sweat. These people are too outrageous! They completely ignored the Crown Prince, who is sitting right there!

Rong Jin could hear every single word the people around him said very clearly.

Finally, one of them could not help but turn around and warn, “What are you doing Keep your voices down!”

The crowd was silenced.

Oh, I almost forgot that the Crown Prince—Rong Jin—was in front.

The people—who had been speaking the most enthusiastically—looked at each other awkwardly.

Oh no! Did the Crown Prince hear all that we said previously He and Chu Liuyue are on very bad terms! Isnt this akin to offending the Crown Prince completely

One of them put up a brave front and laughed in a flattering manner.

“Um… Were just casually talking.

Cro—Please dont mind us.

Well stop talking! Stop talking!”

The other few people hurriedly added, “Yeah! Yeah! We were just talking for fun.”

“A-actually, Chu Liuyue isnt that amazing…”

“Yeah! How can she be compared to you guys Just take it as if we were speaking nonsense.


“You were just speaking the truth.

Why cant you say it” said Rong Jin—who had been quiet all along—all of a sudden.

The surrounding people felt like lightning had struck them, and they thought they had misheard the Crown Prince.

W-what did the Crown Prince just say What does he mean

Even the people—who had been following beside Rong Jin all along—were dazed and could not understand the situation.

In the awkward, dead silence, Rong Jin finally turned around and looked behind him.

His gaze quickly darted past those few people and landed on Chu Liuyue—who was currently closing her eyes to rest.

The other people were enthusiastically talking about her, but she was not affected at all and was very stable.

Why didnt I notice this earlier

Rong Jin slowly said, “Shes indeed outstanding.”

Complete silence then ensued.

What does the Crown Prince mean

He actually praised Chu Liuyue

Did the Sun rise from the west He actually said that personally!

Everyone was stunned and did not know how to react.

Chu Liuyue—who was currently meditating—suddenly opened her eyes.

“Si Yang, is there anywhere I can dig my ears in the Imperial City”

“Huh Why would you ask about that” asked Si Yang slowly.

Chu Liuyue was expressionless.

“My ears have just been dirtied.”


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