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Chapter 208: Because Im bored

The silver streaks of light rippled around her, shimmering.

They seemed to carry a strong sense of pressure!

Jiang Yuans spear was cut off outside the barrier, unable to move an inch forward!

Everything seemed frozen as the scene was imprinted in everyones minds.

Jiang Yuan suddenly widened his eyes. Chu Liuyue… Shes actually a Xuan Master too Right! There are rumors that Chu Liuyue got into Tian Lu Academy by passing all three assessments! It is rather normal for her to be a Xuan Master!

But everyones attention was focused on Chu Liuyue as a warrior after her battle with Lei Mingwei yesterday.

Looking back, Chu Liuyue was clearly sitting in the Xuan Master section!

Jiang Yuan pondered as an ominous thought appeared. Could it be…

“Its a second-level Xuan formation!” blurted out Fu Yunshan as he stared at the Xuan formation in front of Chu Liuyue.

“Shes actually a stage-two Xuan Master now!”

Didnt they say that shes only fourteen Besides, wasnt she a loser that everyone looked down upon before She only started cultivating a few months ago! How did she break through and become a stage-two Xuan Master in such a short time!

Fu Yunshan could not help but look toward Sun Zhongyan, only to see that he was not surprised.

Instead, he looked rather approving.

It was as if Sun Zhongyan had expected it all along.

“Brother Zhongyan, Chu Liuyue… is a stage-two Xuan Master” Fu Yunshan could not help but ask even though he was very sure of it.

Sun Zhongyan laughed out loud.

“Yeah! She has been training as a Xuan Master since she entered the academy!”

Fu Yunshan was stunned and almost swore out loud when he heard that.

“… Brother Zhongyan, isnt this a little inappropriate Shouldnt Chu Liuyue take part in the Xuan Master competition then”

Sun Zhongyan chuckled.

“Yeah! She signed up for both!”

Fu Yunshan was speechless.

“Eh, Brother Yunshan, I dont think the Qing Jiao Competition only allows participation in one type of competition, right” questioned Sun Zhongyan aloud.

Fu Yunshan felt like there was a stone on his chest.

The Qing Jiao Competition did not have such a regulation, but one usually only signed up for what they were best at since one had a limited amount of energy.

After these two matches, it was clear that Chu Liuyue had strong talent as a warrior! If she focused on warrior cultivation, she would definitely become a top warrior! They did not expect her to be this outstanding as a Xuan Master too!

Fu Yunshan moved his lips, but he did not say anything.

Oh well! Even though a stage-two Xuan Master is formidable, Jiang Yuan is a stage-four warrior.

It should not be a problem for him.

We should wait…


A loud explosion came from the arena.

The Xuan formation in front of Chu Liuyue cracked and spread out!

The streaks of light turned into inch-wide icicles that headed towards Jiang Yuan!

“Icicle formation!”

Choo choo choo!

Hundreds of icicles cut across the spear images!

The strong spears broke into pieces.

In an instant, the icicles arrived before Jiang Yuan!

Jiang Yuans hair fluttered in the cold air—as did his clothes! Sensing the danger, Jiang Yuan immediately tried to move backward!

But the icicles inched closer!


An icicle flew across the top of his head and shaved off a few strands of his hair!

Jiang Yuans blood froze. If it were a little lower…

Choo choo!

Just as he dodged that icicle, more icicles caught up and surrounded him.

Jiang Yuan used his force to block them, but they still left gashes on his body and clothes.

He was stunned.

Chu Liuyue erected a second-level Xuan formation, but the energy it contained was no less than a third-level one!

After the last icicle, Jiang Yuan was panting, and he almost collapsed to the ground.

But before he could catch his breath, he saw that Chu Liuyue had disappeared from where she had been standing!

His heart skipped a beat! He was about to move, but a cold wind came from behind him!

A sharp sensation of pain came from the back of his heart.

He froze, not daring to move.

“Surrender, or would you like to continue” The cold voice coming from behind Jiang Yuan seemed nonchalant.

However, Jiang Yuans heart tightened.

He pursed his lips, and he seemed to have lost his voice.

“Hm” Chu Liuyue asked softly as she nudged her dagger forward.

Blood trickled from Jiang Yuans back like plum blossoms.

Jiang Yuan closed his eyes shut and clenched his fists before unclenching them after a while.

“I… concede!” His voice was not loud, but it could be heard clearly in the quiet arena.

Everyone was stunned when Chu Liuyue erected the Xuan formation.

Her next attack—which forced Jiang Yuan into a corner—Jiang Yuan attracted everyones attention, and they watched with silent fervor.

Jiang Yuans words were clear and irrefutable!

He conceded!

Chu Liuyue actually managed to win this round!

Chu Liuyue nodded contentedly and retracted her dagger quickly.

Jiang Yuan did not relax at all.

Instead, his heart was heavy.

He turned slowly and stared at Chu Liuyue with a complex expression.

Chu Liuyue smiled with cupped fists.

“You let me win.”

Jiang Yuan laughed bitterly. I did not give in at all.

I lost through and through.

He blurted out something when he saw Chu Liuyue turn and prepare to leave.

“I have a question.”

Chu Liuyue turned and looked at him confusedly.

He hesitated for a while, but he spoke in the end.

“Youre strong as a Xuan Master, right Why are you taking part in the warrior competition”

He was not sure why he had such an idea, but it was a gut feeling.

Chu Liuyue had enough talent as a warrior.

If she were a better Xuan Master, then…

Chu Liuyue curled her lips slightly.

“Because… Im bored.”


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