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Chapter 202: Late Night Visit

Tai Yan Academy had lost the first two matches, which was something that they had never experienced all these years.

When the judge announced that Nan Feng Academys Liu Yinyin won, the entire Tai Yan Academys atmosphere froze.

Cheng Han could no longer keep a smile on his face, and his surrounding aura became cold.

The many students behind him did not even dare to breathe deeply.

Why would they—who were so glorious last year—expect themselves to end up in such a situation However, the name drawing process was very fair, and nobody could manipulate it.

Hence, they couldnt even find a reason for their failure.

Upon seeing this, Situ Xingchen softly advised, “Mentor, the Qing Jiao Competition just started, and were just unlucky.

The truly capable ones are competing later on, so this is a good thing for us.”

When Cheng Han heard her say that, his face finally looked better. Yes.

Its not like we dont have anyone left.

Situ Xingchen alone can win against so many other people! This time, I have high hopes for her, and I hope that shell take first place in the heavenly doctor competition.

“Dont worry; I know what to do.”

In the warrior, Xuan Master, and heavenly doctor competitions, the top warrior was the most neglected one.

Even if they did not have an advantage in the warrior competition, they could get rid of their shame if they came in first in the heavenly doctor competition.

“We can just relax and wait.”

Situ Xingchen nodded.

The warrior competition carried on.

At first, Chu Liuyue was still worried that her name would be picked again.

However, the chances of that happening werent very high as there were, luckily, quite a few people participating in the warrior competition.

In actual fact, when the Qing Jiao Competitions first day ended in the evening, Chu Liuyue was not picked again.

This gave her ample time to relax and cultivate.

Throughout the entire day, the three academies had their own wins and losses.

However, when roughly calculated, the academy that won the most was actually Tian Lu Academy, which was looked down on from the start.

On the other hand, the arrogant Tai Yan Academy kept losing continuously and was in last place.

There were a variety of reactions amongst the crowd.

The Qing Jiao Competition normally lasted for five days.

The first three days were for the warrior competition, the fourth day was for the Xuan Master competition, and the last day was for the heavenly doctor competition.

On the first day, more than half of the warriors had already competed.

This left the minority who had not entered the arena and those who had won.

After the competition temporarily ended, the three academies led their students back to rest and prepare for the next days competition.

Chu Liuyue also followed the crowd and returned to the academy.

As she walked across Shuang Qing Lake bridge, Chu Liuyue almost instinctively looked toward Yi Feng Courtyard.

The fence gate was tightly shut, and the door was locked; nobody could be seen in the yard.

I wonder what Rong Xiu is busy with… Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly when she remembered the pattern on Situ Xingchens clothes.

She had almost forgotten that Prince Li did not return to the Imperial City for many years, had strong, hidden skills, and many secrets.

She retracted her gaze and walked toward her lodging.

When she walked to the yard, she immediately noticed that something was wrong, and a siren went off in her heart.

Her eyes quickly darted around her surroundings as she moved backward without hesitation and planned to leave.

However, a black shadow rapidly approached her before she could even turn around, grabbed her wrists, and quickly tied them up with rope.

The dangerous aura made Chu Liuyues heart skip a beat. This man is very strong! Im definitely not his match now!

Without waiting for Chu Liuyue to look up and see his face, the man directly brought her to the door.

She had locked the door properly before she left, but it suddenly opened from the inside.

The man behind Chu Liuyue forcefully pushed her in.

Chu Liuyues wrists were tied behind her back, and she almost staggered and fell on the floor.

While stabilizing herself with much difficulty, she heard a “Bang!” from behind.

The other party actually locked the door again!

Chu Liuyue detected that there were other people in the room, and she hurriedly looked up.

She was stunned.

Other than Fourth Princess Rong Zhen, who else could be leisurely sitting in Chu Liuyues house and arrogantly staring at her

“Rong Zhen Why are you here”

Displeasure appeared on Rong Zhens face.

“How dare you call me by my name”

A thought popped up in Chu Liuyues head. According to Rong Zhens temper, shell definitely rage at me for addressing her in this manner.

However, she actually lectured me only, which proves that she has another motive.

Many guesses quickly flashed across Chu Liuyues heart, but this did not show on her face.

“Forgive me, Fourth Princess.

I was just too shocked.

May I know why youre here today”

Rong Zhen glared at her.

“Of course, I have something urgent to ask of you.”

Chu Liuyue looked down slightly and smiled.

“Fourth Princess, you can just directly tell me if you need anything.

Why did you have to do this”

“Youre always scheming, so I dont trust you.” Rong Zhen still clearly remembered the scene of Chu Liuyue passing her the bloodied pearl of essence at the Crown Princes banquet.

The foul, bloody scent seemed to linger around her nose, causing her to be disgusted.

Chu Liuyue paused.

She could clearly feel that the person who brought her in was currently standing behind her.

She was not that persons match, so doing anything out of the blue would put her in an even more dangerous position.

She decisively curbed her urge to look back and stared at Rong Zhen.

She then said, “You can just directly state what you want.”

“I personally came here to look for you because of one matter.” Rong Zhen slightly raised her chin and looked more arrogant than ever.

“You were born lacking a Yuan meridian, but you suddenly recovered a while back.

You have even become a so-called genius… What did you do”

Chu Liuyue instantly understood the situation. It is indeed because of this.

Previously, Chu Liuyue had already expected that Rong Zhen might look for her, but she did not expect for Rong Zhen to wait so long.

“As long as you tell me who helped you and you help me to recover my pearl of essence, I wont pursue the matters from before.” Rong Zhens superior tone sounded as if she were doing a charitable deed.

Chu Liuyue looked at her quietly.

Rong Zhen was frustrated by Chu Liuyues gaze and raised her voice.

“What are you looking at”

“I was just thinking that you came to me to ask me for help.

If I didnt hear you clearly, I wouldve thought you came to seek revenge against me.” Chu Liuyue lightly laughed.

Rong Zhens face immediately became cold.

“You dare to be sarcastic to me”

‘Not at all.

Its not easy for Fourth Princess to get out of the palace, and I believe you have been waiting here for a long time.

However, Im afraid I cant help you with this.”

“What did you say” Rong Zhen angrily stood up.

Chu Liuyue clearly saw that Rong Zhens legs looked weird when she walked.

It was obvious that she had injured her leg, and it did not heal properly.

“B*tch! What are you looking at” Noticing that Chu Liuyue was staring at her leg, Rong Zhen became so angry that her face became red.

Then, she immediately raised her hands to slap Chu Liuyues face harshly.


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