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Chapter 200: Dagger


The slim girl happily stood in the arena with a smile on her face.

A light breeze blew over, causing her clothes to float in the air.

The scene truly looked as mesmerizing as a painting.

If one did not notice the bloody and unconscious Lei Mingwei under her feet, this scene was pretty pleasing.

Silence filled the square.

It was as if thousands of people had lost their voices at this moment.

They all stared at the scene in front of them dazedly.

W-what did Chu Liuyue just do

“Hm” asked Chu Liuyue lightly again.

The teacher presiding over the match finally recovered his senses and dazedly looked at Lei Mingwei—who had fainted and could not continue battling.

The teacher swallowed his saliva with much difficulty and finally found his voice.

“The winner of this match is… Tian Lu Academys Chu Liuyue!”

The clear and powerful voice echoed throughout the square!


Tian Lu Academy!

Chu Liuyue!

Every single person heard every word clearly.

The crowd—who was initially in a trance and filled with disbelief—finally woke up from their dream.

The Qing Jiao Competitions first match—Chu Liuyue versus Lei Mingwei.

Chu Liuyue actually won!

A stage-one warrior won against a stage-four warrior!

This truth was too shocking, even though they had personally witnessed everything, and Lei Mingwei was still unconscious on the floor.

After a long time, the crowd was still immersed in the suffocating silence.

“You won! Liuyue, I knew you were the best!” An excited and emotional scream suddenly sounded.

Mu Hongyu already jumped up from her seat, and happiness was oozing out of her body.

“You did great!”

This sentence immediately made Tian Lu Academys crowd recover their senses.

She won! Chu Liuyue won! That means Tian Lu Academy won!

Celebratory cheers immediately sounded and filled the area.

“We won! We won!”

“The first match was beautiful!”

“Oh my, I would never believe that a stage-one warrior can win against a stage-four warrior if I didnt see it personally!”

“Hahaha! Chu Liuyue first won against Chu Xianmin, a stage-three warrior.

Now, she has won against a stage-four warrior.

Its her usual practice! Hahaha!”

“Initially, I thought that she was lucky to take first place in the warrior assessment, but now… Im convinced!”

Even though everyone did not have much understanding of Chu Liuyue earlier, and they even had some biases against her, they were all naturally happy now that she won.

After all, she made the academy proud and made them look good.

The vague doubts about Chu Liuyue—which had existed ever since she entered the academy—had also completely disappeared after this amazing match.

She might have been lucky to beat a stage-three warrior, but winning against an intermediate stage-four warrior definitely proved Chu Liuyues abilities.

Hearing the roaring cheers, Chu Xianmin clenched her teeth tightly and wanted to be the one on the stage.

Her hand unwittingly touched her neck, and the rough scar reminded her that the current Chu Liuyue was no longer the one she could bully in the past.

Chu Xianmin suddenly felt helpless in her heart.

She did not know when Chu Liuyue had surpassed her and when she had thrown her far behind.

The entire Tian Lu Academy was celebrating.

Only a small area at the front few rows was different.

Rong Jin was there.

The people around him all minded themselves, trying their best to minimize their presence.

Everyone knew that Chu Liuyue was once Rong Jins fiancé, but he had taken the initiative to dissolve the marriage agreement in the end.

However, not only was Chu Liuyue not a good-for-nothing, but she had also become the most dazzling talent in the blink of an eye.

Who would feel good about this

Rong Jin looked at the young girl in the arena with a complicated heart.

As if she had heard the cheers, Chu Liuyue turned around and gave a charming smile—mesmerizing and bright like the sun.

It was as if Rong Jins heart was hit by something heavy.

He could feel turmoil at the bottom of his heart.

It was as if his heart had predicted some danger, but Rong Jin could not do anything about it.

If… our marriage agreement was still in place, then her smile would belong only to me…

Noticing what he thought about, Rong Jin immediately recovered his senses and shook his head, wanting to expel those thoughts.

However, those thoughts became even clearer for some reason.

Elder Sun stroked his beard in satisfaction and finally put down the rock in his heart.

Liuyue really hasnt disappointed anyone before! Its no wonder Uncle-Master—who always refuses to accept disciples—wanted to appreciate her talent.

Its a blissful thing for a mentor to have such a disciple.

He laughed out loud.

“Liuyue, the first match is over.

You should go down and rest.

Your name will be put back into the box, so you might have to participate in a second, third, or even more matches.

You should prepare for them.”

Chu Liuyue smiled.

“Okay! Thank you, Elder Sun!”

Then, Chu Liuyue quickly walked to her dagger.

She walked a few steps and turned around to speak to Tai Yan Academys members.

“Oh yes, I held myself back when I kicked him, so his injuries arent fatal.

You just have to bring him down and let him rest for half a month.

The Qing Jiao Competition always ends appropriately, and we prioritize our friendship over the competition.

I remembered this!”

This sentence almost made the Tai Yan Academy crowd puke out blood.

Held yourself back How can you have the cheek to say that after he ended up in this state

Whatprioritizing friendship over competition Thats nuts!

The crowds expression immediately changed uglily.

Initially, they all said that they would definitely win this match, but it ended up with this result! It was akin to slapping their faces!

Cheng Han lost the initial arrogant aura, and he looked more frustrated.

“Quickly, go and bring Lei Mingwei back!”

“Y-yes!” The others hurriedly went forward and carried Lei Mingwei down.

The Tai Yan Academy crowd remained in awkward silence.

Sun Zhongyan cupped his fists towards Cheng Han and laughed.

“Brother Cheng Han, thank you for letting us win.

This match was so interesting.

I believe this years Qing Jiao Competition should be even more outstanding than before, dont you think”

Cheng Han only thought that he had eaten a fly and was very disgusted. Sun Zhongyan is clearly showing off! However, I cant do anything about it since we lost!

“Hehe, Brother Zhongyan, youre right.

Good shows await us!” Cheng Han was pretty experienced after all, so he revealed a light smile and respectfully answered Sun Zhongyan.

Sun Zhongyan noticed the vague indignance and threat in Cheng Hans words, but he did not take it to heart.

Tai Yan Academy lost the first match so badly, so this would definitely affect their morale.

It was impossible for Tai Yan Academy to maintain their glory from the previous year.

Chu Liuyue walked over, bent down, and picked up the dagger.

Upon seeing the crack on the arena floor, she raised her brows slightly. This dagger—which Rong Xiu personally made—is really good! Its even stronger than I thought…

She put the dagger away and walked down the arena.

On the other end, Situ Xingchen suddenly widened her eyes when she saw the faint pattern on the dagger. That dagger is—


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