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Chapter 199: Win or Lose

The sound of the bone cracking echoed in everyones ears crisply.

Lei Mingwei moaned in pain as his face turned as white as a sheet.

He furiously glared at Chu Liuyue.

“Youre tired of living!”

His other hand swiftly grabbed at Chu Liuyues neck as if he wanted to break that thin and long neck.

Chu Liuyue was not afraid as she immediately moved backward, barely avoiding Lei Mingweis retaliation.

The two people exchanged blows for a moment and immediately retreated away from one another.

The most unexpected thing was that Lei Mingwei was the one injured!

When the crowd saw his hands strange posture, they immediately fell into suffocating silence.

Then, they burst into an uproar!

“Am I seeing things Lei Mingwei is actually hurt, yet Chu Liuyue managed to escape unscathed”

“Lei Mingwei is a stage-four warrior and has very strong bodily power.

How can Chu Liuyue break his hand so easily”

“God… I didnt even see Chu Liuyues moves clearly.

Did you see it”

“… How can Chu Liuyue have the cheek to say that shes a stage-one warrior with this kind of abilities”

The spectators discussed the battle, filled with shock.

Originally, they thought that this matchs outcome was confirmed, but it seemed like this was not the case.

Chu Liuyues abilities had greatly exceeded their expectations!

When Lei Mingwei heard the various comments, he was very humiliated.

If he lost the significant first match to Chu Liuyue—who was a few cultivation stages lower than him—he would be mocked for the rest of his days!

Then, he would definitely be the academys sinner! How would he continue staying in the academy

I must win! When Lei Mingwei thought of this, he gathered all the strength in his body and planned to put in his best effort.

A ball of blue force quickly gathered in his palm, which rapidly formed a long sword.

The difference between a stage-four warrior and a stage-three warrior was that stage-four warriors could circulate their force outside of their bodies to increase their attacking power.

In the past, Lei Mingwei had never thought that he would have to use this method to go against a mere stage-one warrior.

However, Lei Mingwei could not care about that at this point.

There was only one thought in his head—I must win!

His uninjured hand held the longsword as he kept circulating his force into it, exuding a fearful sword aura.

The next moment, Lei Mingwei suddenly thrust his longsword towards the front.

“Xuan Zhong Sword!”


When that longsword sliced through the air, the surrounding air immediately narrowed as the intense strength kept flowing into the sword, producing an ear-piercing buzz.

Chu Liuyue felt excruciating pain in her ears, and her entire bodys force seemed to freeze.

The fearful force came toward her, and Chu Liuyue could not hide from it at all, causing her speed to decrease significantly.

A stage-four warriors suppression was very formidable!

Chu Liuyues sharp gaze landed on the Xuan Zhong Sword that sliced downwards.

Even if there was some distance between the two of them, it would not affect the stage-four warriors attack at all.

Chu Liuyue swiftly surveyed her surroundings, and a thought popped up in her mind.

I can temporarily use my movement techniques to gain an advantage, but this wont do the trick.

Now that Lei Mingwei has recovered his senses, he will definitely give it his all.

If we battle for a long time, my force will definitely be depleted first! Thus, I have to end the battle as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, she immediately circulated the force in her body.

When the force went to her limbs, the suppression acting on her body weakened a little.

Taking this chance, Chu Liuyue immediately moved backward.

“You want to escape Its not that easy!” When Lei Mingwei saw Chu Liuyue rapidly running backward, he immediately understood her intentions.

He hollered, “Go!”

The Xuan Zhong Sword immediately cut through the floor!


The sharp blade cut across the white marble floor, producing an ear-piercing sound.

The next moment, a blue sword aura flew out of the sword and went toward Chu Liuyue like a lightning bolt.

The crowd only saw a blue ray of light flash across the white floor, which then instantly appeared at Chu Liuyues feet.

No matter how fast Chu Liuyue was, she was not faster than Lei Mingweis attack since she had been suppressed.

The blue sword aura was about to reach Chu Liuyues feet.

Everyone widened their eyes and stared at the arena closely.

Lei Mingwei had gathered all the strength he had as a stage-four warrior for this attack.

Chu Liuyue could not escape this.

Chu Liuyue moved backward, and the sword aura kept following after her.

At some moment, she suddenly realized something and turned around.

Chu Liuyue had reached the edge of the arena!

If she continued to move backward, she would definitely fall out of the arena! According to the rules, she would lose if she went out of the arenas boundaries.

Chu Liuyue stood on her toes and rapidly ran in another direction.

Just when she changed her direction, the blue sword aura seemed to have a mind of its own; it quickly followed her.

It continued to chase after her!

Seeing this scene, Gu Mingfeng—who was quiet the entire time—could not help but knit his brows.

“Lei Mingwei is a stage-four warrior.

Not only can he circulate his force outside of his body, but he can freely control the attack within a certain range.

It looks like his cultivation level had reached the intermediate level of stage four.

This spacious arena should be entirely under his control.”

From stage-four warrior and onwards, every cultivation stage would be split into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Lei Mingwei had become a stage-four warrior last year.

Now that a year had passed, he had successfully broken through and become an intermediate stage-four warrior.

He had an even bigger advantage against Chu Liuyue.

Cen Hu was shocked.

“What Then what about Liuyue Wasnt Liuyue very fast just now Cant she avoid the attack”

Gu Mingfeng paused before saying, “Its a little hard unless she can leave the arena and get out of Lei Mingweis control range.”

However, this meant that she would lose.

Mu Hongyu angrily cursed, “This Lei Mingwei is so cunning! He knew that he wasnt Liuyues match physically, so he used this move!”

Even though Mu Hongyu scolded him, she understood that competitions were cruel.

All people would use any methods to attain victory, let alone with this advantage that belonged to Lei Mingwei.

He did this righteously.

She could only say that it was too hard for a stage-one warrior to go against a stage-four warrior.

When Tai Yan Academys students saw how Chu Liuyue was forced to retreat by the sword aura, they all heaved a sigh of relief.

“As expected! When Mingwei shows off his true abilities, Chu Liuyue cant even handle a single attack.

Very soon, Chu Liuyue will be exhausted, and she will lose mercilessly.”

“Its a pity that Senior Leis wrist was broken.

If Senior Lei knew that Chu Liuyue was this cunning, he shouldve taken her down from the start!”

“Its not too late as long as he wins! Besides, Mingwei has a really bad temper.

Since a mere stage-one warrior broke his wrist, hell definitely take his revenge.

Hah, that Chu Liuyue is going to have a miserable time…”

In the arena, Lei Mingwei could not help but sneer at Chu Liuyue, who kept running away.

“So what if you can hide I dont believe that you can continue hiding all the way! Youre bound to lose todays match!”

Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue suddenly stopped and looked at Lei Mingwei.

Her lips curved up into a strange smile.

“Oh Then, I wont hide anymore!”

Chu Liuyue then raised her hand, and a sharp, cold blade glistened in her hands.

It was an extremely sharp dagger!

The next moment, she bent her wrists and flung the dagger out.

The crowd only saw a ray of light flash across the air and directly flew toward the blue sword aura—which was getting close to Chu Liuyue.


The dagger had a ferocious aura and suddenly landed on the floor, harshly slicing through the sword aura.



After a temporary silence, the blue sword aura exploded!

Instantly, millions of blue sparks landed, and the originally fierce sword aura disappeared.

Lei Mingwei felt the recoil, and he was stunned.

Suddenly, he vomited blood, his entire face as pale as a ghost.

Everyone was shocked; they could not believe their eyes.

Chu Liuyue actually chose to go against Lei Mingwei head-on, and she actually has the upper hand!

That dagger was very fast and thoroughly crushed Lei Mingweis attack.

Chu Liuyue did not stop at all as she went straight for Lei Mingwei.

She appeared in front of him in the blink of an eye.

Then, she raised her long legs and harshly kicked Lei Mingweis face.

Lei Mingweis gigantic body instantly flew backward and landed on the floor heavily, making a low thud.

Lei Mingweis face turned even whiter, and he vomited out more blood.

He widened his eyes and looked at Chu Liuyue fearfully and indignantly.

His lips moved as if he wanted to say something.

But after struggling for a while, his eyes rolled up, and he fainted.

No matter how strong ones body was, the head was their weakest body part.

Chu Liuyues kick directly hit Lei Mingweis face, becoming a life-threatening attack.

She looked up at the judge.

She smiled happily, but her eyes were still filled with cold murderous intent—which made one shudder and not dare to look her straight in the eye.

“Can you announce the winner now”


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