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Chapter 198: Some Skills

“Ill return you this sentence untouched.

If you want to surrender now, I can let you off.” Chu Liuyue raised her chin, not afraid at all.

Lei Mingweis smile stiffened.

“Little girl, youre quite young, but youre pretty gutsy.

You can put up a front now, but dont regret it later.”

Chu Liuyue never did have much patience for people who had confidence for unknown reasons.

“Lets begin!”

Lei Mingwei knitted his brows and felt that the girl in front of him was too cocky.

He heard that Chu Liuyue entered Tian Lu Academy by passing all three examinations, so it was natural that she was arrogant.

However, people with multiple talents might not be good at them.

This was especially so for warriors since they had to use their actual powers to compete.

They couldnt use any tricks.

I think this Chu Liuyue is too confident for her own good!

“Okay! Letsexchange blows then! Little girl, theres a saying that goes,there will always be someone better than you. Today, Ill ensure that you properly understand what this means!”

Lei Mingwei then separated his legs and bent his knees slightly, rapidly circulating his force into his fists.

The next moment, he leaped off his feet and rapidly charged towards Chu Liuyue!

Lei Mingweis gigantic fist was hard and strong as it hurled the wind up and went straight for Chu Liuyues forehead.

“Splitting Sun Punch!”

A stage-four warriors abilities could not be underestimated.

This simple punch alone could make people feel chilly without any weird tricks.

Lei Mingwei traveled at high speed and rapidly narrowed the gap between the two of them.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared right in front of Chu Liuyue.

The fist was about to smash into Chu Liuyues face.

However, Chu Liuyue did not move backward.

She stood rooted to the ground as if she was going to face the attack head-on.

Tai Yan Academys students all looked like they were about to witness a good show.

“How can Mingwei be so ruthless in his attacks What if he injures or cripples the lady”

“This Splitting Sun Punch is one of Mingweis strongest moves.

I think he directly used it because he doesnt want to waste any time.

He probably wants to win this match directly.”

“Thats true.

After all, he needs to win the first match beautifully!”

“That Chu Liuyue is too proud and arrogant.

Im afraid that shell stop smiling very soon!”

On the other hand, Tian Lu Academys atmosphere was very suppressed as everyone looked very serious.

If Chu Liuyue lost, it would be humiliating! It would even hurt their morale!

“Whats wrong with her Why isnt she moving Is she planning on facing Lei Mingwei head-on”

“Lei Mingwei is a stage-four warrior! Even if she is the top warrior scholar during the mid-term assessment, it doesnt mean that shes his match!”


Im afraid that shes in danger today…”

Already, Chu Liuyue could clearly sense the powerful punch and the suppression a stage-four warrior brought with them.

Her current abilities were similar to that of a stage-three warrior, so she truly had to use quite a bit of effort to win against Lei Mingwei.

Upon seeing the motionless Chu Liuyue, Lei Mingwei sneered in his heart. I really dont know where Chu Liuyue gets her confidence from.

She even thinks that she can win against me! The match will be over when this punch lands on her!

But Chu Liuyue suddenly disappeared from Lei Mingweis sight when his fist about to land on her.

Lei Mingwei was shocked.

“Im here.” The girls crisp voice sounded in a teasing manner.

Lei Mingwei immediately turned around and saw that Chu Liuyue had reached another location at some point in time.

He was dazed. H-how did Chu Liuyue get there She acted so quickly that I didnt even see what happened clearly!


Lei Mingwei was too stunned and could not help but voice out his thoughts.

“Arent you a stage-one warrior”

“I am.” Chu Liuyue honestly admitted to it.

Lei Mingwei was starting to become suspicious.

He sensed that Chu Liuyue gave off a stage-one warrior aura when he walked up, so he did not even care about her.

But how can a stage-one warrior be this fast

“Youre lying!”

Chu Liuyue stretched her arms wide open.

“Whats there to lie about If you dont believe me, you can ask the academys teachers and students about it.”

The crowd was speechless.

It seems like she really is… However, Chu Liuyue is just a stage-one warrior that can beat a stage-three warrior.

Seeing the spectators silent consent, Lei Mingwei felt that it was even more unbelievable.

In actual fact, he could also feel that Chu Liuyue was telling the truth.

However, her speed…

Lei Mingwei clenched his teeth, circulated the force within his body, and the aura around him exploded once again!

Previously, he only used half of his strength.

But now…

“He!” hollered Lei Mingwei as he charged toward Chu Liuyue.

This time, his speed and strength were much greater than before.

He did not see what Chu Liuyue did, but she easily avoided the attack once again.

Lei Mingweis second punch landed on nothing once again.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows.

“Your punch seems to be a little slow.”

This sentence successfully ignited the fire in Lei Mingweis heart.

Everyone spectating the battle also felt that something was wrong, and their expressions changed.

This was especially so for Tai Yan Academys students.

They had originally prepared to celebrate, but it seemed like Chu Liuyue was not that easy to handle.

This unknowingly made them feel awkward.

Cheng Hans expression also became stiff.

“What movement technique is Chu Liuyue using I really cant tell…”

Upon hearing that, Situ Xingchen looked at him in shock.

“Mentor, even you cant tell”

She knew that Chu Liuyue avoided Lei Mingweis attacks using a movement technique, but even her experienced mentor could not tell what movement technique was.

Cheng Han shook his head.

“It looks like she didnt actually move, but her steps are as light as a feather.

It proves that she has practiced an advanced movement technique.”

It was even better than the ones he had seen before!

However, the more important point was that any movement technique required years of practice.

Yet, Chu Liuyue looked like she was 14 or 15.

Hence, her familiarized usage of this movement technique surprised the rest.

Since when did Tian Lu Academy accept such a student

Situ Xingchen knitted her brows tightly, and hesitation flashed across her eyes.

Upon seeing this, Cheng Han laughed and comforted her.

“Dont worry.

If shes so talented as a warrior, she definitely wont have much of a Xuan Master and heavenly doctor foundation.

Youre a heavenly doctor, so you dont have to think much about her.”

Situ Xingchen lightly nodded.

Both of his attacks landed on nothing in the arena, which caused Lei Mingweis arrogant expression to disappear.

He glared straight at Chu Liuyue.

“I couldnt tell that you do have some skills! However, this is just a competition.

Do you want to continue hiding all the way”

Chu Liuyue happily said, “Thats true.

Since youve already attacked twice, its my turn now.”

Lei Mingwei was stunned.


Chu Liuyue crossed her arms and moved her wrists, which made a cracking sound.

“These skills are enough to deal with you!”

Chu Liuyue then stood on her toes, and her tiny body instantly flew out.

The next moment, her hands magically grabbed onto Lei Mingweis wrist.

The touch of the young girls soft hands was slightly cold.

However, this set off the cautiousness in Lei Mingweis heart.

He moved her hand back and pushed Chu Liuyue, wanting to back away.

Chu Liuyue hurriedly followed him and pushed his wrist into his forearm.


Lei Mingweis wrist instantly broke!


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