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Chapter 184: Punishment

She immediately stood up and walked to the door.

However, when she walked outside, she realized that the large space was empty.

Only the stairs in the middle had a familiar white figure.

“Rong Xiu” Chu Liuyue was stunned. He isnt a student of the academy, so how did he get in It looks like hes going higher!

Rong Xiu heard the footsteps and turned around.

The cold suppression in his eyes immediately disappeared, and it was replaced by shock.

“Why are you here”

Chu Liuyue laughed.

“Your Highness, I should be the one asking you that, right Only people from Tian Lu Academy can enter Jiuyou Tower.

How did you come in”

Rong Xius eyes sparkled.

“I came to see what my mothers favorite place looked like, but Im just casually looking around.

You can just return to your cultivation.”

Other people might believe this, but Chu Liuyue would not.

Even though she had no concrete evidence, she felt that Rong Xius motive in coming to Tian Lu Academy was not pure.

She surveyed her surroundings and noticed that nobody else came out of their rooms, other than her.

She tried to ask, “Your Highness, did you hear a sound just now”

Rong Xius eyes seemed to be confused.

“What sound”

A frown appeared on Chu Liuyues forehead. Perhaps Rong Xiu really didnt hear it The others didnt come out as well, so it didnt seem weird.

However, I can confirm that it was definitely not a hallucination.

I heard the shrill shriek very clearly!

“Hm” Rong Xiu lifted his chin.

“Do you want to follow me up and take a look”

Chu Liuyue smiled.

“Your Highness, you might not know this, but its not so easy to ascend Jiuyou Tower.

Im just a stage-one warrior, so I can only temporarily stay on the first floor.

I can only go up to the second floor when I become a stage-two warrior.”

Even though it wouldnt be a problem for her to go up to the third floor with her true abilities, she did not plan to do so for now.

She purposely scrutinized Rong Xiu and teased him, “Your Highness, your body is weak, so you should take care of yourself.”

Rong Xius lips curved up slightly. Shes still purposely targeting me because of yesterdays incident.

“Then, I wont disturb you any further.

Ill leave by myself in a while.” Then, he continued to head upwards.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes.

Actually, she had a vague guess in her heart that perhaps the previous beast shriek was related to Rong Xiu!

However, she did not hear any more sounds after listening intently for a while.

It seemed like everything that happened earlier was just an illusion.

At this point, Rong Xiu had already gone up to the second floor and disappeared from Chu Liuyues vision.

Chu Liuyue stood rooted to the ground for a while before turning to enter her room.

Rong Xius abilities are very strong and undetectable, and they are more than enough for him to go up to the second floor.

However, I wonder which floor he will stop at.

Also, why exactly did he come here

After closing the door, Chu Liuyue sat down cross-legged, closed her eyes, and started to cultivate again.

Rong Xiu went upstairs step by step.

He walked up to the second floor, paused, and surveyed the surroundings.

There were clearly fewer rooms here than the first floor, but every room was relatively bigger.

The weakest people that could come here were stage-two warriors.

As many students were still recuperating, the first floor did not have many people.

The second floor was even worse.

Rong Xiu continued to go up.

The suppression strength at different levels was different.

Hence, an average student would slow down when they came here.

Even a stage-three warrior had to try a few times before they could successfully proceed to the third level.

However, Rong Xius steps were as calm as usual.

He didnt hesitate the slightest bit as he directly stepped on the stairs to the third floor.

But he did not stop!




Thin and clear footsteps reverberated throughout Jiuyou Tower.

Very quickly, Rong Xiu could feel that the higher staircases had transparent barriers blocking them.

This was the barrier for the fourth floor!

Other than the elders and teachers in Tian Lu Academy, barely any students were stage-four warriors.

Hence, very few people came to this floor.

Even with the barrier in the way, Rong Xiu could still clearly feel the rich Heaven and Earth Force above the fourth level.

The density of Heaven and Earth Force here was a few times higher than outside.

If one could cultivate here, their speed would be greatly increased.

Similarly, the suppression and danger within would also increase by a few folds.

He looked up slightly, and his dark and quiet gaze landed on the barrier.


With just one look, ripples quickly appeared on the barrier, and it broke from the middle.

Rong Xiu continued walking up.

He waved his hands when he walked past the barrier, and the barrier quickly repaired itself, going back to normal.

It was as if nobody had been here.

Elder Wei Yun lazily lay on the chair, one of his hands holding his head up as he dozed off.

At one moment, he suddenly opened his eyes, and his originally lazy gaze suddenly became sharp as he looked towards Jiuyou Tower.

He clearly felt some unusual movements in Jiuyou Tower earlier!

When he wanted to sense the movement again, he realized that the unusual ripple had disappeared.

Elder Wei Yun tightly knitted his brows and walked two steps closer to the tower.

However, no more noises came from Jiuyou Tower.

Elder Wei Yun stood rooted to the ground as he stared at Jiuyou Tower with a complicated gaze.

He did not feel relaxed at all.

In fact, he felt even more worried.

Actually, this was not the first time such things had happened at Jiuyou Tower.

Recently, unusual movements occurred in Jiuyou Tower, but they always stopped very quickly.

He had tried to check on it a few times, but it was to no avail.

Perhaps I should talk to the director about this soon…

Rong Xiu made it all the way to the sixth floor without attracting anyones attention.

Other than him, there was nobody else on this floor.

Even the teachers in the academy might not be able to endure the dense force here.

However, Rong Xiu looked normal; he did not look uncomfortable at all.

He repaired the sixth floor barrier once again and finally stopped.

He looked up.

In actual fact, the upper three floors all had barriers, so he could not see anything from his spot.

However, it looked as if he could see past the barriers and notice the innermost happenings.

“Do you want to continue” A deep and cold voice echoed throughout the empty sixth floor, together with a suppression that only the strong would have.

Nobody answered him.

“Its been so many years, and your temper has only become worse.”

Rong Xius gaze lightened.


A strange sound, with a tinge of craziness and unconcealable fear, was heard.

Naturally, it feared Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu cupped his hands, and silver force immediately gathered, finally condensing into a long whip.

Rong Xiu expressionlessly raised his hand and harshly lashed it out.


The long whip strongly hit the seventh floor barrier.

A miserable shriek was heard once again!

“This whip is because you didnt stay in your place.


The second whip quickly followed.

“This whip is because you were greedy and tried to steal someones body!”

Rong Xius eyes were cold and sharp as he slowly said, “If you dont listen to me, the third whip will destroy your pearl of essence.

Do you understand me”


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