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Chu Liuyue was not very interested in it and wanted to reject him.

However, an idea popped up in her head, and she asked, “What rewards are there”

Si Yang chuckled.

“Many! The Qing Jiao Competition is organized by each countries top academy.

Other than Tian Lu Academy, theres still Country Huai Cangs Nan Feng Academy and Country Xing Luos Tai Yan Academy.

This year, its our turn to be the host.”

“According to the rules, other than the common rewards, the most important thing is that the top Xuan Master can choose whichever academy they want to borrow Xuan formation drawings from for a month! Think about how much thats worth!”

These three academies were the elites in their respective countries.

All of them had formidable libraries.

It would be the greatest reward for any Xuan Master to enter any of the academies to borrow and read their Xuan formation drawings for a month.

Chu Liuyue thought to herself as she said, “The rewards are pretty worth it… Help me tell Mr.

Dongfang that Ill participate in the Qing Jiao Competition.”

“Thats right! Even though there are seniors above us, and its not very likely for us to come in first, youre one of the top students in our Xuan Master cohort.

Hence, you should come and hold the frontline for us,” said Si Yang.

He suddenly thought of something, so he curiously asked, “Oh, yeah.

Since youre participating in the Xuan Master competition, then… are you still going for the warrior one”

Looking at his nosy appearance, Chu Liuyue could not help but laugh.

“Does it matter if I go or not”

“Of course, it does!” Si Yang raised his voice.

“If you dont go, wont Chu Xianmin begin stirring up trouble for you Ive seen her diligently cultivating, and she looks like she really wants to make a comeback.”

Chu Liuyue suddenly remembered that Mu Hongyu had previously mentioned Chu Xianmin thought she was dead.

Mu Hongyu also mentioned that Chu Xianmin even wanted to replace her as the warrior assessments top scholar.

“Can one person only join one event”

“Of course not! If you want, you can join two or even three events!”

Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding.

“Then, Ill think about it.”

“Aiya, whats there to consider Are you still thinking about your sisterhood in the Chu family She has already married the Crown Prince, and shes in his family now.”

Chu Liuyues heart tingled as she calmly looked at him.

“What has this got to do with her marrying the Crown Prince”

“T-this… I was just randomly saying something! Ahem!” Si Yang felt that he had accidentally said the wrong thing and immediately avoided Chu Liuyues inspecting gaze guiltily.

Chu Liuyue inwardly thought, Everyone knows that Ive already severed ties with the Chu family.

I have even exposed Lu Yao in public not long ago.

Any human being can tell that I have fallen out with the Chu family, so why would I still care about our so-called sisterhood 

Chu Liuyue curled her lips into a half-smile.

“Si Yang, you dont actually want to ask about the sisterhood between Chu Xianmin and me, but my current attitude towards the Crown Prince, right”

Si Yang immediately denied it.

“D-did I”

Si Yang did not expect Chu Liuyue to catch onto his single question.

However, his voice was trembling, and his gaze was shaky.

Anyone could tell that Chu Liuyue was right.

Chu Liuyue was not angry but found it strange.

“I havent had anything to do with the Crown Prince for a long time.

Why are you so curious about this”

Si Yang coughed to hide his thoughts.

“I-I was just casually asking about it… Didnt you really like the Crown Prince previously”

The last sentence was as soft as a mosquitos buzz, but Chu Liuyue still heard it clearly.

Looking at Si Yang, she suddenly realized something.

“I dont think me liking the Crown Prince or not has anything to do with you, right”

“However, my Big Brother…” Si Yang spoke halfway and suddenly realized what he said.

He hurriedly covered his mouth.

Chu Liuyues gaze became fainter.

“I already told Si Ting earlier on that were just classmates and that I dont want to be anything more.

It seems like he didnt understand my words.”

“No! I wanted to ask you myself,” said Si Yang.

Suddenly, he was taken aback.


Y-you mean youve already talked about this”

The main point was that Big Brother was already rejected! No wonder! It was no wonder Big Brother seemed very cold when I told him that Chu Liuyue was back and asked him to visit her.

It turns out…

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes. It seemed like Si Yang did come on his own accord.

“Ill let this matter slide, but you cant mention it again.” Then, Chu Liuyue tried to leave.

Si Yang hurriedly stopped her and awkwardly asked, “Why Big Brother… Hes genuine to you.

Why wont you consider him”

Si Ting was handsome, came from a distinguished family, and was very talented.

Many young women in the Imperial City wanted to attract him.

However, Si Ting was never interested in anyone.

It was extremely hard for him to like someone, yet he was rejected so decisively and straightforwardly.

Si Yang did not get it.

“How does my Big Brother not deserve you”

Chu Liuyue was calm.

“Its not whether he deserves me or not; its about whether I want to consider him.”

Si Ting was great, but she did not like him.

Thus, she decisively cut him off from the start.

“Besides, Si Ting and I have already reached an agreement.

This is already in the past, so you dont have to—”

Si Yang finally could not take it any longer and exclaimed, “What do you mean in the past If its in the past, why would he risk his life to save you at Wan Ling Mountain that day”

The surroundings suddenly fell into silence.

Si Ting also went there to save me Chu Liuyue raised her brows.

“I didnt know about this.”

Si Yang looked away.

“He went with Elder Sun that day, but they met Mu Hongyu and the rest at the foot of the mountain first.

Thus, Elder Sun told him to stay with them.

I know that he might not have helped you, b-but…”

Since Si Ting was willing to make such a choice, it means that he was willing to risk his life for her.

Chu Liuyue instantly felt that the situation was getting difficult.

She never liked owing people favors, especially this kind.

However, she could not say anything about it because Si Ting had wanted to save her.

“I know now.

Ill thank him when I have the chance later on, but theres really nothing else.”

When Si Yang heard this, he instantly felt uncomfortable.

He determinedly said, “If you dont accept him now, you might regret it in the future!”

“I wont regret it.”

“How do you know Feelings—”

Chu Liuyue was quite frustrated and decisively said, “Because I already have someone that I like!”


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