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Gu Mingfeng did not say anything, but his silence meant an affirmative.

“How can the Gu family be so harsh on you” Mu Hongyu was shocked. No matter what, Gu Mingfeng still was part of the Gu familys bloodline! How could they do such a thing

Even though she knew that Gu Mingfeng was never liked in the Gu family and was treated very differently from Gu Mingzhu, they had gone overboard by treating him in this manner after he was chased out of the family.

She really did not understand why Gu Yunfei hated Gu Mingfeng this much, even though both of them were his biological children.

Gu Mingfeng calmly said, “They just dont like me.

Im already used to it.”

Chu Liuyue stared at him for quite a while.

After making sure that there was no sadness in his eyes, she could not help but laugh.

“Leaving is better than staying in such a family.

Its a good thing you could stop the damage in time! When Liao Zhongshu gets better, we can all go to Phoenix Restaurant to celebrate.”

Gu Mingfeng did not expect Chu Liuyue to be so straightforward, but he saw that her eyes were genuine. Thats true; she left her family earlier than me.

Even though Chu Liuyue willingly severed ties with them while I was forced out of the family, the outcome is still similar.

The stone in Gu Mingfengs heart was finally put down, and he felt a lot more relaxed for some reason.

He exhaled.


Cen Hu asked, “Oh yeah, what did you say about Zhongshu earlier” He had been outside for an entire day and night, so he did not know what happened in the academy.

Chu Liuyue silently surveyed the surroundings.

“I cant explain it clearly in a sentence or two, so Ill tell you in detail when we have the time later on.

Cen Hu, you and Gu Mingfeng should go back and rest first.

If theres any news, Hongyu and I will tell you immediately.”

Cen Hu did not suspect anything else and readily agreed.

Gu Mingfeng knitted his brows, but he did not say anything.

“Look, thats the place your mother lived in back then.” Elder Sun walked alongside Rong Xiu and introduced the academy to him.

Rong Xiu followed his gaze and looked over.

There was a small stream that shone brightly under the light, and a quiet house below the mountain stood near the end of the stream.

“The Xuan Master students lived at the side of her lodging.

She loved the serenity, and the students respected her very much.

Hence, they rarely disturbed her, even though they lived nearby,” said Elder Sun as he recalled the gentle and magnanimous woman.

“Oh, yes.

You should know that your mother was a Xuan Master and that she taught here before, right”

Rong Xiu nodded.

“I heard Father mention it before.”

Elder Sun shook his head and sighed.

“Your mother was very talented as a Xuan Master.

If she had a few more years, it was highly possible she could become an outstanding Xuan Master.


Her life was unfortunately short, and she passed on after staying here for two years.

Even Rong Xiu—who had been sent to Mingyue Tianshan shortly after he was born—had not seen her more than a few times.

While they talked, the two of them arrived in front of the yard.

A peach wood plaque was hung on the door, and it was engraved with a few words: Yi Feng Courtyard.

“Back then, she carved this on the wood plaque herself.” Elder Sun looked at Rong Xiu.

“Nobody has come here in many years.

When I heard that you were coming, I wanted to send a few people to clean the place up.

However, I felt that everything here was her old belongings, so I decided to leave them here for you.”

“Thank you for your consideration, Elder Sun.”

“Its just a small matter.

Theres no need to thank me.

Then… Ill take my leave first.”

“Goodbye, Elder Sun.”

When Elder Sun left, Rong Xiu pushed open the door and walked in.

Yi Feng Courtyard was not very big, but every inch of it was simple and elegant, proving the owners taste.

The courtyard had a tall, lush peach tree, unlike the usual flowers and grass an average person would plant.

Under the peach tree was a rattan chair.

Beside the rattan chair was a marble table, where some tea equipment laid on top.

Rong Xiu waved his robe, lightly swept away the dust on the rattan chair, and lay on it.

The chair creaked as it had not been sat on for a while.

Rong Xiu closed his eyes.

The light wind blew over and swept past his snow-white clothes.

A few emerald leaves dropped down and landed on his face and body.

An extremely small and thin leaf coincidentally landed between his lips.

The two contrasting colors painted a very beautiful picture.

This was the scene that Chu Liuyue saw when she walked over from Shuang Qing Lakes bridge.

She and Mu Hongyu took action separately, so she wanted to go back to take some items.

Before she even reached her lodging, her eyes were attracted by the scenery in front of her.

Yi Feng Courtyard and the bridge were very near each other, so Chu Liuyue could very clearly see the scene.

She blinked.

She had noticed the courtyard before.

It was very quiet and tranquil as nobody had gone there before.

Is that the place where Rong Xius mother stayed when she was alive Her gaze swept across Rong Xius face.

Under the sunlight, his skin was like jade and even a little translucent; his eyes were like a painting.

His nose was also high, and his cheeks were properly defined.

Every inch of him was perfect.

This kind of person had literally received extra blessings from the heavens, which allowed them to have such an outstanding appearance and demeanor.

Chu Liuyue suddenly recalled her comment about his appearance:Just like that.

She suddenly felt a little guilty.

If this did not count for anything, nobody in the world had the right to say that they were good-looking.

As if he had noticed her gaze, Rong Xius lashes fluttered, and he suddenly opened his eyes to look over.

The two of them stared straight into each others eyes.

Rong Xiu seemed to have rested for quite a while under the tree as his eyes looked lazy and dazed.

It was as though he had not woken up yet, but his eyes were still as clear and pure as ever.

Chu Liuyue instinctively looked away as if she was caught red-handed for doing something against her conscience.

However, she regretted it once she turned her head.

Doesnt this show that Im clearly hiding something Previously, I didnt feel much when I saw him all day and night.

However, why does this one glance make me feel so uncomfortable If I walk away now, Rong Xiu will probably mock me and say that I ran away in embarrassment.

Thinking of this, Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth and looked over again, wanting to use her killer gaze to shock him.

Look! So what if Im looking He is just lying there, and everybody who walks past can see him! Theres nothing wrong with me taking a look at him.

A few girls voices sounded behind her.

“Wait, thats… Prince Li”

“I think so! He really is exactly like what the rumors said—he has a unique and outstanding presence!”

“It seems like hes staying there Thats quite near to us!”

“Shh, keep quiet! Arent you afraid someone will hear you You need to be more pristine.”

Without turning around to see who they were, it was not hard to imagine their excitement and admiration.

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt a little irritated. Did that fellow lie there on purpose How can the honorable Prince Li not care about so many people passing by and judging him

When she thought of this, her eyes suddenly looked more annoyed.

Rong Xiu looked at her and suddenly opened his mouth slightly, holding the leaf in his mouth.


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