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Chapter 167: There are Better People Out There

Mo Liang thought he was hallucinating, but Cui Yao did not look like he was kidding.

Mo Liang was dazed for a while before he muttered.

“How can that be… how can this be”

Cui Yao did not want to say anything because he was also very shocked! He wanted to know why as well!

When he handed the application over, Mr.

Zuo Rong looked at it with a frown for a while.

However, his frown turned into an excited smile as time passed! After that, he set everything he was working on aside and started to prepare the herbs Chu Liuyue wanted himself.

Cui Yao felt uncomfortable when he recalled the smile on Mr.

Zuo Rongs face when he left.


Zuo Rong has always been strict.

Sometimes, he doesnt even approve of heavenly doctor students applications.

However, Chu Liuyue requested three planks worth of herbs! On what basis!

“Thank you, Senior Brother.

Ill wait here then,” said Chu Liuyue with a smile.

Cui Yao looked away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Mo Liang had many questions, but he chose to keep quiet when he saw how Cui Yaos expression did not look right.

The place sank into an awkward silence.

The door finally opened again after a few minutes.

A plump man walked out briskly.

His eyes lit up when he saw Chu Liuyue at the door.

“Youre Chu Liuyue”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Greetings, Mr.

Zuo Rong.”

Zuo Rong laughed and waved the gold bag in his hands.

“Dont stand on ceremony! Everything you want is here!”

Chu Liuyue was a little surprised.

“Cosmic Bag”

“You know about this thing” Zuo Rong did not expect Chu Liuyue to know about Cosmic Bags.

However, then again, she was the Chu familys Big Missy previously.

Hence, it was not surprising either.

“Yes, this is a Cosmic Bag! You requested too many things, so I placed all of them in here for convenience! You can just return it to me after you head back and take everything out!”

Zuo Rongs magnanimous words surprised the pair standing next to him.


Zuo Rong is actually this generous towards Chu Liuyue Cosmic Bags are invaluable treasures.

Not even the academys teachers can afford one.


Zuo Rong only received the Cosmic Bag when he saved a person of great importance a few years ago.

He drew a lot of envy because of it!

We usually cant even catch a glimpse of the Cosmic Bag, but now Mr.

Zuo Rong is loaning it to Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue was surprised too.

It wasnt considered a rare item when she was the Tianling Dynastys Crown Princess in her previous life.

However, this was Country Yao Chen, and this item was probably rather rare here.

This is Mr.

Zuo Rongs first time meeting me, yet he is being so kind. The smile on Chu Liuyues face deepened as she stepped forward and took the Cosmic Bag from Zuo Rong with both hands.

“Thank you, Mr.

Zuo Rong! Ill return it as soon as I can!”

There was no reason not to take Zuo Rong up on his offer!

“No rush! But I have a few questions that I would like to ask you.

You have to answer me honestly!”

When she saw his expression, Chu Liuyue knew what he wanted to ask.

Hence, she nodded and said, “Please ask.

Ill tell you everything I know.”

Zuo Rong chuckled.

“Okay! Tell me, did you write that prescription yourself”


Zuo Rongs eyes lit up.

“Why did you write this prescription Is this medicine for someone”

Chu Liuyue did not keep it from him.

“Yes, this is for a friend.”

“Is that person Liao Zhongshu” Zuo Rong asked urgently.

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly.

“Yes, its him.”

“I knew it!” Zuo Rong slapped his thighs.

He had checked on Liao Zhongshus condition before.

He had an inkling that Liao Zhongshu was poisoned, but he did not know what type of poison it was.

Even discussing Liao Zhongshus situation with other teachers did not yield much result.

However, when Zuo Rong saw Chu Liuyues prescription, he suddenly realized that a few herbs seemed able to treat Liao Zhongshus condition.

This was also why he wanted to prepare the herbs himself.

He wanted to meet Chu Liuyue and get to the bottom of things!

“You… You know about his condition” Zuo Rong asked subtly.

Chu Liuyues eyes flickered a little.

“Ive seen a similar case before.”

Zuo Rong took a deep breath.

“So… this prescription…”

“I learned of it by chance, and I also dont remember it very clearly.

However, I thought of trying it since we dont have any other way now.”

Disappointment appeared on Zuo Rongs face the instant Chu Liuyue spoke.

“I see.

I thought…”

He had thought that Chu Liuyue had come up with the prescription herself.

However, he knew that it was a ludicrous thought after thinking deeply.

Even the academys teachers did not know what to do.

Chu Liuyue was just a student, so how could she have come up with something like this Even the director might not be capable of this!

His excitement slowly faded, but he was still heartened by the fact that Chu Liuyue had a solution to Liao Zhongshus problem.

“You should head back first.

Ill head over with the other teachers later.”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Ill take my leave first then.”

With that, she left with the Cosmic Bag.

Zuo Rong turned and looked at the pair in front of him.

“If she wants to take any herbs in the future, give her whatever she wants.

Dont let there be a repeat of today, understand”

Cui Yao and Mo Liang were still a little confused, but they had a feeling that Chu Liuyue had talent as a heavenly doctor.

Zuo Rong also seemed to value Chu Liuyue, so they dared not say anything and could only agree.

“Yes, of course! Well keep this in mind!”

When Zuo Rong saw the indignance on the pairs faces, he shook his head to himself.

“Dont think that youre better than the others just because youre heavenly doctors.

There are people out there who are better than you!”

Mo Liang could not hold it in any longer.


Zuo Rong, do you mean that… shes more talented than us”

Zuo Rong looked at the two of them pitifully.

“Shes keeping a low profile, yet you think shes incapable.

Dont say such childish things in the future.

People will only laugh at you, understand”


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