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Chapter 161: Sorry

Elder Sun spoke his words with much determination and sounded as if thunder had sounded beside ones ears.

It wasnt only Yue Zhenling who was shocked beyond words; the surrounding crowd was also dumbfounded.

This means…

“Elder Sun, what are you saying” Yue Zhenling instinctively retorted, “The person alive now is Chu Liuyue, and the one dead is my Mingzhu! How can it be—”

“Back then, both Chu Liuyue and Gu Mingzhu were stuck on the mountain.

The black flying python had led many fiends to surround the mountain completely.

At the start, the flying python wanted to kill Liuyue, but it was trapped for some unknown reason.

Liuyue then took the chance to escape.”

“However, when Chu Liuyue was about to escape, Gu Mingzhu suddenly stopped her.

Not only did Gu Mingzhu attack Liuyue, but she also hugged Chu Liuyues leg, not allowing her to leave.

Even though I was some distance away, I clearly saw her holding Liuyue back and talking to the python.

In spite of this, the python didnt seem to care about her, and it directly swallowed her into the black hole.

Since Liuyue was held back by Gu Mingzhu, she could not withstand the black holes suction force for long and was sucked in as well.”

Every word Elder Sun said made Yue Zhenlings face turn a shade paler.

In the end, she was as pale as a ghost.

It was as if the strength in her body had been sucked away at that moment.

Yue Zhenling abruptly collapsed to the ground.

The people beside her hurriedly went forward and held her up.

“… Impossible… This is impossible! Mingzhu isnt like that! She definitely wouldnt do such a thing!” Yue Zhenling looked fierce as if she was holding up strongly on the surface, but she already felt guilty.

Gu Mingzhu was her daughter, and she knew her personality best.

When Gu Mingzhu was home, she repeatedly expressed her displeasure for Chu Liuyue.

Also, due to the bet—where Gu Mingzhu lost two fifth-level Xuan formation drawings to Chu Liuyue—she hated Chu Liuyue even more.

If the two of them were trapped together, Gu Mingzhu really wouldve…

Elder Sun coldly asked, “Madam Gu, do you mean that Im lying”

Yue Zhenling could not say a word, and her forehead had broken out into a cold sweat.

How could she possibly dare say that Elder Sun was lying Besides, even if Yue Zhenling did not believe him, Elder Sun was highly respected.

Thus, others would think that he was speaking the truth.

When she received Lu Yaos letter the day before, anger got the better of her, and she wanted to take Chu Liuyues life.

However, even Elder Sun had stepped up to speak for Chu Liuyue at this point.

The verdict was out, so it would be of no use if Yue Zhenling continued to make a commotion.


When the crowd saw Yue Zhenlings behavior, they recovered their senses as well.

Yue Zhenling wanted to cause trouble for Chu Liuyue, but she could not continue with her actions since Elder Sun had spoken.

When some people realized that the situation was not right, they silently left.

Chu Liuyue watched them leave but did not stop them.

Since she had already guessed the mastermind, there was no point in caring about those minor characters.

Just when Yue Zhenling did not know what to do, hurried footsteps could be heard from afar.

The crowd quickly made way, and a middle-aged man rushed over, looking very anxious.

When he saw Yue Zhenling, his face darkened.

“What are you doing here”

Upon hearing this holler, Yue Zhenling trembled as she turned around to look.

“… Master”

The person had a normal build and a square face—which looked authoritative but not angry.

It was the Gu family head—Gu Yunfei.

He harshly glared at Yue Zhenling.

“Did you forget everything I told you yesterday”

Yue Zhenlings entire body trembled as she lowered her head, not daring to look at him.

“I-I… was just thinking of Mingzhu…”

Gu Yunfei was about to explode from anger.

Everything was going well yesterday when Yue Zhenling suddenly ran up to him and told him that Chu Liuyue had definitely done something to Mingzhu, which allowed her to come back alive.

Thus, Yue Zhenling demanded that he capture and interrogate Chu Liuyue.

Gu Yunfei only half-believed her words.

He had always doted on Gu Mingzhu, and he was devastated when she died.

However, he did not lose his mind.

On the one hand, this was just their conjecture; they had no evidence to prove that Chu Liuyue did something to Gu Mingzhu.

On the other hand, Chu Ning had a different status from before, and Chu Liuyue was respected in Tian Lu Academy.

Therefore, it wouldnt be easy to teach Chu Liuyue a lesson.

Hence, he told Yue Zhenling not to act rashly and to think about it when they found solid evidence.

Yue Zhenling agreed then.

However, Gu Yunfei did not expect that she would still cause a scene.

She had even brought people along to storm Tian Lu Academy.

When Gu Yunfei saw Yue Zhenlings unkempt look, he knew that their Gu family and his reputation were all tarnished.

“Shut up!”

Yue Zhenling was frightened and did not say a word as she knew that she was in the wrong.

Gu Yunfei took a deep breath in and hurriedly walked to Elder Sun.

His face was very apologetic.

“Im really sorry, Elder Sun.

I didnt discipline her properly, which resulted in such a commotion.

Youve always been very magnanimous, so could you please let this incident pass, in consideration of us just losing our daughter”

Elder Sun waved his hands.

“You dont need to say this; you dont have to apologize to me.

This matter tarnished Liuyues reputation, so you should ask her.”

Gu Yunfei was taken aback and surprised by how Elder Sun seemed to take extra care of Chu Liuyue.

At the end of the day, Chu Liuyue was a student at the academy, and this commotion had also ruined Tian Lu Academys reputation.

However, Chu Liuyue was the first thing Elder Sun was concerned about.

Gu Yunfei suppressed his shock and grunted at Yue Zhenling, “Did you hear what Elder Sun said Come over here and apologize to Liuyue.”

“Master, you want me to apologize to her” Yue Zhenling widened her eyes. Im the Gu familys Mistress! How can Chu Liuyue compare to me

Gu Yunfei sneered.

“Do you want me to apologize for you”

Yue Zhenling was shocked and immediately calmed down. Without Mingzhu, Im about to lose my current position in the Gu family.

If I offend the family head…

Yue Zhenling clenched her teeth and walked towards Chu Liuyue as if her feet were packed with iron.

She squeezed out a tiny voice from her throat and said, “… Sorry.”

Chu Liuyue blinked.

“Madam Gu, what did you say I couldnt hear you properly.”

Yue Zhenling was so furious that her body trembled. How can she not hear me Shes purposely making it difficult for me!

Gu Yunfei looked at her warningly.

Yue Zhenling had no choice but to do it.

She shut her eyes resentfully and shouted, “Sorry!”


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