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“Ah!!!” Jiang Hetian let out a miserable scream.

Rong Xiu had two holy bodies and was much stronger than Jiang Hetian.

Now that the other party was already a handicapped Jiang Hetian, it was as easy as ABC.

Intense pain came over—a soul being burned was even more painful than the physical body being destroyed!

Jiang Hetian struggled crazily and wanted to escape! But no matter how he tried, he couldnt struggle out of Rong Xius control.

In the end, he could only let the latter do whatever he wanted!

His soul was in this golden fire cage, and it gradually became weak and transparent.

His originally arrogant and wilful face was left with pain and hopelessness. It hurts! It hurts too much! 

He had lived for so many years and had never experienced this kind of terrifying pain and torture!

Seeing his distorted appearance and figure, including his aura that gradually weakened, Jiang Zhiyuan panicked so much that she spat out a few mouthfuls of blood.

As she cried, she kneeled toward Rong Xiu.

“Your Grace, Im begging you! Please let my father off! T-there must be a misunderstanding here! All these years, Fairy Water Mound has been very loyal to you and the Sky-Cloud Empire.

Why would my father do such a thing! There mustve been a mistake!”

She cried while yelling, and she kept kowtowing.

If it werent for Baili Chun holding her back in time, she would have directly fainted.

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly.

“Are you doubting me”

Jiang Zhiyuans heart trembled harshly! “N-no… thats not what I meant.

Im just—”

“The evidence is right here, and the witness is with me.

Originally, I wanted to give Jiang Hetian one last chance if he didnt appear today.

Its a pity…”

Who can be blamed if he has a death wish 

“If you have time, you should cry for yourself,” said Rong Xiu faintly.

This sentence completely pierced Jiang Zhiyuans heart.

The last bit of blood on her face disappeared, and her lips trembled intensely.

Gradually, her entire body started trembling uncontrollably.

She kept thinking that her father was about to die, and she forgot that she was coming right after!

Her tears seemed to have dried up.

“…Your Highness, we were childhood sweethearts.

Do you really not care about me at all” She kneeled on the floor and stared at Rong Xiu helplessly.

Her tears fell, and it caused two streams of bloody water to form on her messy face.

It looked especially contorted.

There had never been a moment where she so clearly realized that Rong Xiu really didnt have her in his heart and that he hated her to the maximum!

In her blurred vision, that mans figure was so precise yet faint.

He was tall and big, with a demonically handsome appearance as if he was a demon and a deity.

If he loved someone, he would give her the entire world just to see her smile.

He wasnt scared of the rain or water, nor the soil or dust.

If he didnt love someone, he wouldnt even give her another gaze.

He was cold, harsh, and ruthless.

She had loved and chased after this man for so many years, but it became a joke in the end. What favor! What bias! Now, he doesnt even hesitate now that he wants to kill my father and me! 

Jiang Zhiyuans heart seemed to be burned.

After the scorching pain, it gradually shriveled up.

All the blood in her body gradually turned cold.

Upon hearing this, Rong Xiu seemed to have heard the most ridiculous joke.

He tilted his head, paused for a moment, and then asked, “You did stay in the God Residence Realm for quite a few years, but Ive not seen you more than ten times.

Does this count as being childhood sweethearts”

This light sentence was like two tight slaps to Jiang Zhiyuans face!

She opened her mouth, and her eyes rolled up as she directly fainted.

“Yuan Yuan!” Baili Chun was extremely anxious.

Previously, he was still cursing in his heart why the heavenly doctor he called for hadnt arrived.

But at this moment, he couldnt care about this. Rong Xiu actually wants her life! 

“Your Grace, have you thought about the consequences of doing this!” said Baili Chun anxiously.

“If Fairy Water Mound knows that Jiang Hetian is dead, they wont take this lying down! You—”

“Clan Leader, you dont have to worry about this,” interrupted Rong Xiu.

The corner of his lips curled up slightly in a nonchalant manner.

“The people from Fairy Water Mound should now be busy preparing the ceremony for the new master and have no time to care about this.

However, Ive already informed them previously to come and collect the body after this ends.”

“He is part of the Jiang family after all; they wont just stand aside.

However… Jiang Hetians behavior let down his ancestors, so he cant be buried with them.”

They would just bring him back and randomly bury him.

Baili Chun was stunned from hearing this. Rong Xiu… has long prepared for this! He supported someone else from the Jiang family to take the seat! 

At that moment, countless incidents connected together and finally formed a complete chain!

Baili Chun instantly understood! Rong Xiu clearly knew that Jiang Hetian was in cahoots with outsiders and found ways to intercept the most recent letter.

On the surface, it seemed like he was in the academy the whole time and didnt care about anything, but in actual fact, he was waiting to reel in the net! Yet, Jiang Hetian had no knowledge of this and ran over excitedly! 

In the end, not only was he unable to drag Shangguan Yue down, he even caused himself to embark on a road of no return! 

The Jiang family seemed to be controlled solely by Jiang Hetian on the surface, but this wasnt the case in reality.

All these years, there had been people in the Jiang family who were tempted to replace him.

But as Jiang Hetian was still too strong, they didnt dare to move hastily.

Now, they actually found Rong Xiu!

Rong Xiu legitimately handled Jiang Hetian first.

Then, they could cause a scene in the Jiang family and directly take away the position of family head.

Due to various reasons, these people would definitely be loyal to Rong Xiu! This way, Rong Xiu could completely make Fairy Water Mound his obedient power without spending too much effort.

To him, Jiang Hetian was like a tumor that was very dangerous.

But starting from today, this problem would cease to exist!

Baili Chun was taken aback and was stunned on the spot for quite some time. Rong Xiu… How harsh! How meticulous! 

At this point, Jiang Hetian—who had his last bit of strength—also heard this.

This became the last straw to break him completely.

His mentality had collapsed, and he had no more will to fight.

Very quickly, he was completely swallowed by that golden fire!

In the end, he could only die with hatred!

His struggling voice finally dissipated in the end.

The golden fire took everything away!

Jiang Hetian died just like that.

The crowd had complicated expressions and didnt know what to say.

Actually, they more or less knew about the conflicts between the Sky-Cloud Empire and Fairy Water Mound.

Depending on Fairy Water Mounds capabilities, Jiang Hetian was very arrogant and did what he pleased.

He was even famous within the God Residence Realm.

Sometimes, everyone would give the Sky-Cloud Empire face and would be polite toward him.

They knew that according to Rong Xius personality, he wouldnt take this lying down.

After all, Rong Xiu had personally executed everyone in the family that previously tried to rebel.

However, the current circumstances were still out of their expectations.

Jiang Hetian is dead.

The next should be Jiang Zhiyuan, right Countless pairs of eyes landed on Jiang Zhiyuan, including Rong Xius.

Baili Chun protected Jiang Zhiyuan behind him and yelled, “Your Grace, you cant kill her!”

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