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Upon seeing this scene, Baili Chuns heart jumped to his throat.


Before he could say anything, Chu Liuyues fingertips had already touched the other partys cheeks.

But with this touch, Chu Liuyue immediately understood something, and her lips curled up into a smile. Its really… 

The person on the ground was motionless.

Chu Liuyues hand touched the other partys chin.

Then, she gently moved her fingertips.

As if startled by her actions, that person knitted her brows and struggled to open her eyes forcefully.

Jiang Zhiyuan was originally unconscious and had no feeling.

At some moment, she suddenly felt that her face was itchy, and it made her very uncomfortable.

Her last bit of rationality made her realize the severity of the situation. Who is touching my face!

The moment she opened her eyes, the bright light caused her vision to turn white.

After a few seconds, she then saw the looks of the person before her.

“Ah!!!” Jiang Zhiyuan let out a miserable and horrified scream! Almost instinctively, she raised her hand to push the other party away!

But at this point, many bones in her body were broken, and her organs were squeezed together.

She should be severely injured.

She didnt even have the strength to raise her arm, not to mention pushing people!

Realizing this, vengeance and hatred overwhelmed Jiang Zhiyuans heart!

As if taken aback by this scream, Chu Liuyue moved back slightly, but her hands were still on Jiang Zhiyuans face.

“Dont worry.

The competition is over.

Let me help you wipe the blood—”

“Y-you go away!” Jiang Zhiyuan tried her best to move backward.

It was a pity that almost her entire body was paralyzed.

Such movements only made her seem like a weak worm.

“Didnt you hear what he said You dont have to intervene—” Baili Chun hurriedly rushed over.

Chu Liuyue seemed rather helpless.

“I-I really didnt do anything… I—hm, whats this”

Her wrist turned as she spoke, and a translucent mask—which was as thin as cicada wings—appeared in her hands!

Jiang Zhiyuan felt her face burn in pain! “It hurts!”

In order to make this mask stick even more tightly, she specifically used some tricks to harden it.

If one wanted to take it off, they had to be very careful.

Chu Liuyues sudden tear almost ripped off half her face.

How could she not be in pain

But very quickly, the deadly silent atmosphere made her suddenly realize something! She instinctively looked up and surveyed her surroundings!

Everyone looked at her with various expressions and strange gazes.

My face! Jiang Zhiyuan then recovered her senses, and deep terror overwhelmed her heart.

Her entire body turned cold!

Baili Chun—who was a few steps away—suddenly stopped in his tracks, and his lips trembled slightly. Oh no…

Elder Bo Yan suddenly stood up, and his expression was grave.

“Jiang Zhiyuan! What are you doing here!”

They were very familiar with this face!

Facing this questioning, those people that were still uncertain realized something suddenly.

“So this is Jiang Zhiyuan Wasnt she already expelled from Ling Xiao Academy Why is she here today”

“I heard that she grew up with Baili Chun and that the latter dotes on her very much.

She even has a high status in the Sky-Cloud Empire! Didnt you see She was expelled, and her reputation was tarnished, but the Sky-Cloud Empire still chose to take her in!”

“I really dont know whats so good about her… From the previous competition, it seems like her talent is average, and shes very petty.

She really isnt presentable.”

“In the past, I think Baili Chun planned on letting her get engaged with Rong Xiu, but Rong Xiu directly chose his own princess consort in the end.

He didnt give her any chance at all! Now, it seems like he had long known what Jiang Zhiyuan was like, so he didnt like her, right”


If I were Jiang Zhiyuan and was expelled by Ling Xiao Academy, I would hide myself! I didnt expect her to be so thick-skinned.

She actually relied on Baili Chuns love for her and disguised herself to come over Does she really not know how humiliating this is”

“From today onward, she wont have any reputation left in the God Residence Realm, right”

All sorts of discussions landed in her ears.

Jiang Zhiyuans body trembled, and her tears dropped.

She looked at Baili Chun with red eyes. Now, only the clan leader can save me…

“I was the one who brought her over,” boomed Baili Chun carefully as he closed his eyes.

At this point, he had to face some situations.

Elder Bo Yan sneered.

“We can see this point.

Clan Leader Baili, you clearly know what Im asking!”

Jiang Zhiyuan was already expelled from Ling Xiao Academy.

According to the rules, she wasnt allowed to take another step into Ling Xiao Academys territory! Yet, Baili Chun directly brought her over today

Baili Chun was rarely questioned by people and was enraged now.

“Yuan Yuan is part of the Sky-Cloud Empire.

So what if I brought her here!”

Speaking of this, he became increasingly infuriated.

“Speaking of which, Yuan Yuan has been performing very well in the academy the whole time.

Because she made some small mistake, you expelled her.

Isnt this too much”

Elder Bo Yan was so angry that he laughed.

His gaze was like a sword that swept past Jiang Zhiyuan.

Jiang Zhiyuan guiltily lowered her head.

“A small mistake Clan Leader Baili, it seems like youre not very clear about some things.

Didnt Jiang Zhiyuan tell you why she was expelled”

Baili Chun knitted his brows and instinctively felt that something was wrong. This tone sounds like…

“Ah!” Right at this moment, excruciating pain was felt within Jiang Zhiyuans body! She couldnt hold it in and let out a miserable shriek.

Baili Chun hurriedly rushed over and helped her up.

“Yuan Yuan, whats the matter!”

Jiang Zhiyuan continuously spat out blood and couldnt say a single word.

The blood had a faint black tint to it.

Chu Liuyue glanced at it and kindly reminded, “It seems like… more than half an hour has passed since she used the Delusional Fragrance Pill.

Her Yuan meridian has started to break.”

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