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Tuan Zis extremely sharp claws directly pierced through Jiang Zhiyuans skin and deeply clenched into her blood and muscles!

The sharp pain instantly made Jiang Zhiyuans face flush white! It hurts! 

The red-golden fire burned as if it were about to swallow her!

Jiang Zhiyuan was stunned and frightened as she tried her best to struggle.

However, her force was nothing in front of the red-gold heavenly phoenix.

She did break through to become a true god, but the other party was an ancient legendary fiend! The two parties werent even on the same standard.

How could they fight

This was a total suppression!

Jiang Zhiyuan endured the pain and glanced below.

She shockingly realized that she was being brought away! W-where is this beast bringing me to! If I cant struggle free after half an hour, then… Ill be finished! 

Deep fear overwhelmed Jiang Zhiyuans heart as she hurriedly circulated all the force in her body and struggled to get out.

“Put me down! This beast, let me go—”

Tuan Zis gaze turned cold. You dont know your own limits. 

Tuan Zi flew even faster and used force on its claws as it directly squeezed Jiang Zhiyuans ribs!

“Si—” Jiang Zhiyuan gasped, and her entire body trembled.

She could even vaguely feel that the sharp claws seemed to dig her organs out!

Great terror overwhelmed Jiang Zhiyuan as her pale lips trembled.

I cant rely on myself.

I can only…

Tuan Zi slapped its wing down and hurriedly hit Jiang Zhiyuans forehead.

Jiang Zhiyuans vision turned black, and she directly fainted.

Tuan Zi continued with its behavior and flew to an even further place with the stiffened Jiang Zhiyuan in its claws. Master said that I had to spin two rounds. 

In the venue, everyone was taken aback by this sudden scene.

Nobody spoke for quite a while. I-it just left What does that mean! 

Seeing that Jiang Zhiyuan was brought away, Baili Chun was the first to react.

He suddenly stood up and stared at Chu Liuyue tightly.

“Chu Yue, what exactly are you doing!”

His stern voice was filled with anger.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes and suddenly laughed.

“Clan Leader Baili, cant everyone see very clearly what Im doing Im competing!”

“What kind of competition is this! That red-gold heavenly phoenix—”

“That red-gold heavenly phoenix is my legendary fiend.

It doesnt seem to be inappropriate that I summoned it out to fight, right” The corner of Chu Liuyues lips curled up, but her eyes were filled with cold nonchalance.

“Ive already promised not to use that Yuan instrument.

Am I also not allowed to summon my legendary fiend”

Baili Chun was suddenly stumped.

There naturally wasnt such a rule in the world.

Fiends contracted to cultivators were acknowledged to be one with the owner.

Chu Yues behavior was undeniable.

However, the fiend he summoned was too shocking!

Ancient legendary fiend… Probably only a few people present had seen one before, let alone make an agreement with one!

“If you feel that its against the rules for me to summon Tuan Zi, then… You shouldve said it in advance, right Isnt it a little too late to mention it now” said Chu Liuyue slowly.

Baili Chuns face turned white. Say in advance… How would I know that this seemingly ordinary young man had hidden such a trump card! If I had known, I wouldnt even let Jiang Zhiyuan compete! However, it is too late to say anything now. 

He looked up, and Jiang Zhiyuan was already brought even further.

That red-gold heavenly phoenix had no intention of returning!

Half an hour will quickly pass.

If Jiang Zhiyuan cant receive timely treatment, then—

“Immediately get your red-gold heavenly phoenix to bring Yuan—Xiao Liu back! If anything happens to him, I wont let you off!”

Chu Liuyue blinked.

“But… arent we competing now”

What competition! Baili Chun was so furious that he was fuming with anger.

“I command you to stop the competition immediately!”

Chu Liuyue smiled politely but also distantly.

“Clan Leader Baili, it seems like… you dont have the right to say that now, right”

Baili Chun had been the Sky-Cloud Empires clan leader for hundreds of years, and he had always been high and mighty.

Since when was he talked back to, and it was even in front of so many people!

Chu Liuyues sentence instantly ignited the fire he had suppressed in his heart for a long time.

“Youre insolent!”

Before he could finish his sentence, he raised his hand, and a wave of force flew out!

The force turned into a sword and went for Chu Liuyues chest!

An air-piercing sound was heard!

The crowds expressions changed! Nobody expected Baili Chun to suddenly take action!

Elder Wan Zheng and Elder Bo Yan took action at the same time! “Chu Yue, be careful!”

However, one person was faster than them!

A golden ray of light cut through the air and instantly turned into a giant net before it surrounded that sword! Then, it quickly wrapped it tight!

A crisp sound was heard—that sword suddenly broke into pieces!

Terrifying force spread in all directions, but it was quickly absorbed and extinguished by that golden net.

Then, that golden net rapidly gathered and formed a small butterfly.

After stopping on Chu Liuyues shoulders for a moment, it silently disappeared.

Chu Liuyues gaze flickered slightly.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

From start to end, Baili Chuns force didnt even touch Chu Liuyue.

Everyone fell silent, and their gazes bounced between Baili Chun and Rong Xiu, each with their own thoughts.

The person who took action was… actually Rong Xiu!

Even though they could long tell that these two were on bad terms, they always thought that Rong Xiu and Baili Chun wouldnt go for each others throats in consideration of the Sky-Cloud Empires various aspects.

However, they didnt expect everything to happen so quickly!

Rong Xiu intervening was equivalent to slapping Baili Chuns face in public!

If they caused a scene in front of so many people, there would be no turning back!

Rong Xiu was always meticulous and planned far ahead.

He definitely knew how the current situation would turn out after making this move.

However, he still did it, and… it was without hesitation!

Even Elder Wan Zheng and the rest were slower by a step!

The atmosphere turned cold, and the air froze.

Baili Chuns expression was extremely ugly! He stared at Rong Xiu.

“Your Grace, what does this mean”

I was just in seclusion for a few years, and the moment I came out, the world changed! Now, Rong Xiu is increasingly insolent and even publicly exchanged blows with me! Where does this put me! 

What Baili Chun didnt know was that Rong Xiu didnt even care about his face.

The reason for him intervening was very simple.

“I naturally have to protect my own people.” His expression was honest and straightforward, and his voice was low and melodious.

He leaned against the chair in a relaxed and calm manner.

It was as if he didnt even care about what just happened.

“The match is still in progress.

Clan Leader, you suddenly taking action will cause other people to think that my Sky-Cloud Empire cant afford to lose.” Without waiting for Baili Chun to rage, Rong Xiu spoke first.

A smile flashed across his lips as he reminded, “Everyone is still watching.”

You can be humiliated, but dont drag the Sky-Cloud Empire down with you!

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