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Demonstrate again Even if he had the strength to wield the sword, Xiao Liu might not have the life to endure the second sword!

“Chu Yue, dont be such a bully!” Before Yao Bin could say anything, Baili Chun scolded her first!

Chu Liuyue turned around and blinked when she saw Baili Chun with a grave and angry expression.

“Clan Leader Baili, I was just explaining to everyone.

How am I being a bully”

Suddenly, she revealed a look of realization.

“Oh… Are you talking about me injuring this person But… We were originally competing, and we have to see who is the winner, right Besides… we just exchanged one move.”

She looked innocent with some hints of confusion and helplessness.

“Pfft—” A low chuckle came from the silent crowd, but it was quickly suppressed.

However, this laughter seemed to flick some switch.

The originally quiet and solemn atmosphere became peculiar, and quite a few people couldnt help but laugh.

They also exchanged secret glances. One move! Isnt it exactly one move! From start to end, Chu Yue just slashed one time! He didnt even do anything else! At the end of the day, its just Xiao Liu who is useless! He couldnt win after relying on Baili Chuns two holy pearls and was even beaten up in a tragic manner! Not only did Baili Chun find it humiliating, but he even has the cheek to rage here What a hilarious matter! 

Originally, everyone thought that the person he brought over definitely had outstanding talent.

Now, it seemed like he was clearly a bumpkin that couldnt survive in important scenes!

I really dont know what Baili Chun is thinking. 

The crowd didnt speak, and the venue was very silent.

However, everyones thoughts were mostly expressed on their faces.

How could Baili Chun not see it At his age, he wouldnt be unable to see everyones mockery and ridicule, and he could definitely feel it!

Those people looked at Jiang Zhiyuan on the ground, then at Baili Chun with deep, meaningful gazes.

Baili Chun felt as if he were sitting on needles! His face flushed red, and his throat tightened.

He didnt know how to react in such a short time!

It was a competition! It was a fight, and it was an extremely crucial one! He couldnt tell the other party not to take action!

Blood surged in Baili Chuns body as his heart beat rapidly and his temples thumped.

He was about to explode out of anger.

He glanced at Jiang Zhiyuan in anger and heartache.

“Quickly get up!”

If it werent for so many people watching, he wouldve personally gone up to help her up.

However, Rong Xius words made him alert, and he didnt dare to be too outrageous.

Jiang Zhiyuan felt aggrieved as well!

She didnt know how terrifying Chu Yue was! Once that supreme Yuan instrument came out, it was an ace out of all the trump cards.

How could they talk about losing or winning

In front of so many people, she lost to the other party—who was a stage-eight warrior—with her demigod cultivation level.

It made her feel even worse than being killed!

The extent of her pride and delight at the beginning was equal to how frustrated she was now!

She struggled to get up.

Tugging at her wounds, it was so painful that her vision turned into patches of black.

Seeing the puddles of blood on the ground, she was taken aback and hated that young man before her even more. This Chu Yue… Did he purposely come to jinx me 

But at this moment, Chu Liuyue suddenly took a step forward.

Jiang Zhiyuan was frightened and instinctively took a few steps back.

When she didnt notice, she fell to the ground again.

More blood seeped out of her wounds in a messy manner, causing her to look very disheveled.

“You! What else do you want!” As she was nervous and scared, Jiang Zhiyuans voice became shrill and loud.

Chu Liuyue glanced at her strangely.

“I just wanted to ask if you were going to surrender.

Why are you so nervous”

“I…”Jiang Zhiyuans expression flashed white and red, and she felt that she was utterly humiliated!

Baili Chun had also averted his gaze.

It couldnt hurt him if he didnt know!

He hated to see Jiang Zhiyuan being such a useless coward!

In the past, Jiang Zhiyuan was confident, magnanimous, and likable.

Why did she suddenly become like this There are so many top elites of the God Residence Realm present, and each of them has quite a high status.

After seeing this, they will definitely mock me behind my back! There is also the Sky-Cloud Empire! Thinking of this, he couldnt help but look at Rong Xiu.

However, he saw that man leaning against the chair in a leisurely and relaxed manner.

His thin lips curled up slightly as if he were smiling.

Smiling At this point, Rong Xiu can actually smile Does he not feel that this has damaged the Sky-Cloud Empires reputation! 

“Your Grace, say something!” Baili Chun couldnt hold back and spoke with knitted brows.

Rong Xiu tilted his head and looked over.

His expression was gentle, yet his gaze was cold and harsh as he said in a seemingly smiling manner, “Clan Leader, what else do you want me to say”

What should he say Of course, its to help Jiang Zhiyuan put in a good word! Baili Chun was furious. Rong Xiu clearly did it on purpose! 

“Of course, i-its related to this competition!” Baili Chun held it in and reminded him. As long as Rong Xiu speaks, it represents the Sky-Cloud Empires stance.

I believe that Chu Yue wont be too out of line! 

As if understanding his hint, Rong Xiu revealed a look of realization.

His gaze turned, and he looked to the arena.

“Chu Yue—” He spoke lazily, and his voice was low yet magnetic as he silently charmed everyone.

The crowd instantly pricked their ears up.

Following this, they heard Rong Xiu say with a faint smile, “You did great.”

Baili Chuns expression instantly collapsed.

Jiang Zhiyuan felt as if she were struck by lightning, and her entire person was going to go crazy. Originally, I thought that Rong Xiu would put in a good word for us, b-but—

He actually spoke to praise Chu Yue! 

“Your Grace!” Baili Chun tried his best to suppress his anger, but his eyes seemed to burn with two balls of fire.

“Xiao Liu is my Sky-Cloud Empires person.


“Clan Leader, you just came out of seclusion, and Im afraid there are many things you might not know yet.” Rong Xiu interrupted him and slowly said with a faint smile, “From start to end, Ive been standing on Junior Brother Chu Yues side like the academy.

Now that he has won and even proved his capabilities and innocence, am I… not supposed to praise him”

Baili Chun was suddenly stumped. I know that.

Of course, I know that. 

Jiang Zhiyuan had previously told him that Rong Xiu took great care of Chu Yue! After listening to this, he naturally had a bad impression of Chu Yue.

He came here this time with the intent of reducing the other partys suppression.

He was filled with thoughts of how to avenge Jiang Zhiyuan and basically forgot about this! It was only now that he realized Rong Xiu had drawn a line between them from the beginning.

They were the ones humiliated.

What did it have to do with him

Chu Liuyue smiled, and her eyes curved up.

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

Then, she looked at Jiang Zhiyuan and raised her brows slightly.

“It seems like you dont want to surrender”

As she spoke, she took another step forward.

This foot seemed to harshly step on Jiang Zhiyuans heart.

Her breathing stopped, and she yelled almost instinctively, “I surrender!”

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