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Yao Bin stared at Chu Liuyue closely as if he wanted to see through all the thoughts in her heart. Currently, there are two possibilities.

One, Chu Yue has long known about this wooden plaques significance to the people in Black Demon Hole, so he purposely said those words previously to pave the way for himself. 

Two, Chu Yue really doesnt know all of this.

He just coincidentally met someone who left Black Demon Hole and obtained this wooden plaque under some twist of fate. 

But in such a short time, I cant ascertain which situation it is. 

“We cant believe your words based on you alone.

Do you have any evidence, or was there anyone who fought with you then”

Chu Liuyue honestly said, “Back then, there were only the two of us and nobody else present.”

Quite a few people glanced at each other awkwardly. Alone Thats even more ridiculous! If someone helped, it would be possible for Chu Yue to win this battle.

But he has now admitted it himself that he was the only one… It is really hard to convince others! 

Yao Bins expression turned colder, and he clutched the wooden plaque tightly.

“Since this is so, Im afraid we have to investigate this properly!”

“Hold on.” Chu Liuyue spoke and interrupted his words.

The corner of her lips curled up slightly as she smiled slightly and said, “Even though I fought alone back then, I have witnesses for this issue.”

Including Yao Bin, everyone present was stunned. He clearly battled alone, so why would there be witnesses 

Just when everyone was filled with doubts, Chu Liuyue half-turned her body and waved her hands toward Luo Yanming and Zhuo Sheng, who were standing behind Elder Wen Xi.

“Yanming, Zhuo Sheng, could I trouble you two to be my witnesses”

The two that were suddenly called were dazed.

Zhuo Sheng directly pointed at himself and asked in much disbelief, “Us”

Why didnt I know that this was related to us 

At the side, Luo Yanming stared at that wooden plaque and suddenly thought of something.

He made up his mind and walked forward.

“Hey, wait for me!” Zhuo Sheng saw that Luo Yanming went forward and hurriedly chased after the latter.

No matter what, if Chu Yue needed their help, they had to go up.

They quickly stood beside Chu Liuyue.

Countless gazes landed on the duo, causing them to be unwittingly nervous.

Even though both of them were disciples brought up by aristocratic families and were considered experienced, they hadnt experienced being stared at by so many big shots in the God Residence Realm.

Those gazes seemed to materialize as they landed on them and caused their bodies to stiffen.

Even Zhuo Sheng—who was usually loud and active—became much more obedient.

Luo Yanmings heart beat rather quickly, and he tightly clenched his hands in his sleeves.

He then instinctively glanced at Chu Liuyue and saw that the young man at the side was calm and carefree, with a smile on his lips.

It was as if he wasnt affected by this invisible suppression.

This kid… has such a strong mentality… Luo Yanming silently thought to himself. He is actually so calm and composed in such a situation! However… I heard that this meeting was originally suggested by him.

Someone who can do such a thing naturally has to be very gutsy! 

“We can testify for Chu Yue,” said Luo Yanming carefully after taking a deep breath.

He raised his hand and pointed at the wooden plaque in Yao Bins hands.

“On the day he got this wooden plaque, we were accompanying him, and we know very clearly how he got it.

All in all, what he said earlier is true.”

Once he said this, Zhuo Sheng finally reacted and hurriedly nodded.

“Thats right, thats right! We can testify! This wooden plaque was bought from a businessman when we were leisurely walking in Fangzhou City! We even asked for a 50 percent discount!”

The corner of Yao Bins eyes twitched.

Chu Liuyue felt grateful and amused.

In such circumstances, anyone standing up for her had to take a huge risk.

Yet, they still did it.

Seeing that the crowd still seemed confused, Luo Yanming recounted that days entire incident.

Of course, he directly skipped the part where Chu Liuyue chased the person out of the city to kill them.

This was because he and Zhuo Sheng didnt participate in it.

But overall, it did coincide with what Chu Liuyue said previously.

At the side, Zhuo Sheng added in from time to time.

“…That was what happened.” Luo Yanming sighed deeply.

“Everyone, if you dont believe us, there are also a few elders and students who followed us to look for Chu Yue.

They can testify as well.”

They were all real events, so it was especially convincing when they talked about them.

After a while, Yao Bin knitted his brows and looked at Chu Liuyue.

“So that means that guy purposely used this wooden plaque to lure you out of the city.

Then, you fought”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“To be honest, I had a grudge against that person previously, and I knew that he was from Black Demon Hole.

Hence, after seeing his wooden plaque, I chased after him without hesitation.

But after fighting, I found out that he had long left Black Demon Hole.”

“Actually, its not accurate to say that I killed him.

Thats because hes only a soul without a physical body.

Based on the ones I know, he has already stolen two peoples bodies.

That day, I just attacked him until he retreated and didnt completely kill him.

This is also the reason why I kept the wooden plaque as I wanted to investigate him when I had the chance in the future.”

Yao Bins expression changed slightly. This series of explanations is too perfect! 

He kept quiet for a moment.

“Since this is so, I still have one last question.

If you can answer it, Ill believe what you said today and totally dispel all doubts I have toward you.”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Go ahead.”

Yao Bin stared at her deeply.

“If that person only has a soul, his abilities would be greatly reduced.

But even so, if he could steal someone elses body, he would at least be a demigod.

According to what you said, you shouldve been only a stage-eight warrior back then, right How did you win”

Even if the situation didnt really match what he predicted earlier, there was still a huge difference between a stage-eight warrior and a demigod! Their combat skills were worlds apart, and one couldnt even close the gap.

Chu Yue fought alone and even won.

How exactly did he do it!

In actual fact, this was what everyone present was curious about.

During this period of time, Chu Yues name had spread far and wide in the God Residence Realm.

Quite a few of the rumors were guesses about his talent and skills.

The one thing they could confirm was that Chu Yue was indeed a genius, and he seemed to be talented as a Xuan Master and a heavenly doctor.

But a genius was a genius, and it didnt mean that he was a strong warrior!

That battle was impossible to imagine!

Upon hearing this, the corner of Chu Liuyues lips curled up, and she smiled.

Her eyes also curved up, and they were like stars.

Her appearance—which could initially only be considered decent—became charming with this smile.

She said very seriously and sincerely, “Thats because… I have a trump card!”

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