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Chapter 144: Desperation

The moment the water droplet started twirling, the black flying python—which was very close to Chu Liuyue—suddenly felt life-threatening danger.

It looked at Chu Liuyue in shock, and the mockery and contempt its eyes had disappeared.

It was replaced by unconcealable, deep fear.

The next moment, it anxiously moved backward without even choosing where to go.

It acted as if Chu Liuyue was some formidable existence.

All the surrounding fiends were stunned by the scene.

Whats… going on

I thought it wanted to kill that despicable human Why…

Chu Liuyue suddenly recovered her senses and noticed that the water droplet in her dantian had moved.

The immense strength kept moving, and a small water droplet separated from the main one the next second.

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt her palm itch.

When she looked down, she widened her eyes in shock.

A small water droplet had suddenly appeared on her bloodied palm.

The water droplet was the size of a bean and was completely transparent.

It looked just like a normal water droplet.

However, she could feel the formidable suppressive force inside it when she went near it.

Chu Liuyue looked at it dazedly.

This scene was very similar to the one where she recovered her Yuan meridian.

The only difference was that the previous water droplet was used to recover her Yuan meridian while this was used to attack.

Without waiting for her to react, the water droplet rapidly launched forward and went straight for the black flying python.

The black flying python swiftly retreated, but the water droplet was much faster than it.

In the blink of an eye, the water droplet had already arrived in front of it.

The black flying pythons wings flapped, and an orange fire emerged, forming a barrier in front of it.

However, shock filled its eyes the next moment.

This was because the water droplet had directly flown past the fire barrier and did not even decrease in size.

The water droplet travelled at lightning speed.

Upon closer inspection, it could see a hole in the fire barrier.

Before the fire barrier could even properly form, the water droplet had passed it.

The black flying python was even more stunned.

It had previously already felt that something was amiss, and the scene in front of it had proved its thoughts—Chu Liuyue had an unusual source of formidable strength in her.

Even it was not the strengths match.

As it thought in that way, it rapidly flew backward and wanted to avoid the water droplet.

The large, red fiend crazily spun in the air as its route was very disorganized, making it look very weird.

However, the water droplet kept following closely behind it and decreased the distance between them as if the water droplet had eyes.

“Whats going on”

Elder Sun and Si Ting silently rushed over, but felt that something was wrong.

When they looked up, they coincidentally saw the black flying python crazily spinning in the air.

It seemed like it was avoiding something.

Si Ting quickly looked up and knitted his brows.

His eyes turned and landed on the middle of the mountain.

There was still quite some distance between them and the mountain, but they could roughly see the situation there.

He could vaguely see a familiar figure on the mountain. If it isnt Chu Liuyue, who else can it be

At this time, she leaned against a rock and seemed to be unwell.

Si Tings heart stopped, and he wanted to continue forward.

However, he was stopped by Elder Sun.

“Si Ting, if you move forward any further, itll be the fiends area, which is within the black flying pythons control.

Its not easy to come out if you go in.

You should wait here while I check whats going on.”

Si Tings thin lips moved as if he wanted to say something.

However, he swallowed his words when he saw Elder Suns determined look, which did not allow for any objection.

“… Yes.”

Sun Zhongyan then stepped forward.


A loud sound was heard!

Elder Sun and Si Ting were frightened.

When they looked in the direction of the sound, they saw a hole on the ground nearby.

A hand suddenly stretched out from below.

The both of them were alarmed.

Elder Sun hollered, “Who are you”

The person below seemed to be taken aback as well since they quickly retracted their hand.

However, a figure quickly jumped up from below.

It was a young man of muscular build and dark skin.

He had injuries everywhere, and the blood made him look terrible.

However, he wore Tian Lu Academys uniform.

Elder Sun heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Once the young man came out, he immediately looked at Elder Sun and Si Ting.

When he recognized their faces, he could not help but be dazed.

“Elder Sun”

The worries and hesitations in his heart immediately dissipated as he turned back and yelled into the cave.

“Hongyu! Mingfeng! Quickly, come out! The person outside is Elder Sun!”

Once they heard these two names, Elder Sun and Si Ting immediately understood what was going on—that they were the ones in Chu Liuyues team.

Mu Hongyu and Gu Mingfeng quickly climbed out from the hole, looking equally miserable and bloodied.

Elder Suns eyes quickly swept past the three of them, and he could not help but knit his brows.

“What happened to you guys Why are all of you so severely injured”

When he finished his sentence, he saw Mu Hongyu actually carrying a golden mane bear cub.

“This is…”

“Elder Sun, we were harmed by Gu Mingzhu and suffered a golden mane bear attack.

We barely killed it and managed to survive.” Mu Hongyus simple sentence had summarized the happenings of the previous day and night.

Elder Sun and Si Ting were stunned after they heard her words.

“Golden mane bear”

Thats a fourth-grade fiend!

How did they actually kill it

Mu Hongyu nodded.

“This little fellow is a golden mane bear cub.

I took it to be my fiend.”

Elder Sun wanted to ask further, but Si Ting suddenly questioned them in an indifferent tone.

“Theres only the three of you”

Cen Hu immediately said, “Yeah! We separated from Liuyue.

She said shell meet us outside the mountain.

Where is she”

Cen Hu then realized that Chu Liuyue was nowhere to be seen.

Si Ting clenched his fists even more tightly in his sleeves.

“Shes not here.”

Gu Mingfeng had already discovered that something was wrong on the other end, so he silently surveyed his surroundings.

Finally, he saw a familiar figure on the far away mountain.

“Shes there!”

At this point, she was clearly surrounded by countless fiends.

However, this wasnt the scariest thing!

Gu Mingfeng stared straight at the large figure in the air. Black flying python It is no wonder Chu Liuyue had not appeared yet.

She is obviously in a perilous situation.

Elder Sun could not care about their situation and swiftly gave instructions to Si Ting.

“Wait here.

Immediately take action if anything weird happens.

Protect the three of them first.

Ive already contacted the other teachers to bring them out.”

Si Ting nodded.

“Dont worry, teacher.”

Elder Sun nodded and turned around to leave.

However, the moment he took a step, the black flying python in the sky suddenly roared crazily.

It seemed as though it was suffering excruciating pain.

After it crazily moved in the air, it directly slammed into the middle of the mountain head first.


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