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There was a momentary silence in the venue.

Elder Bo Yans expression didnt change, and he smiled slightly.

“Thats a misunderstanding.

Chu Yue was the one who took the initiative to suggest todays meeting and wanted to give everyone an explanation.

Why wouldnt he come He has probably been delayed by some matters in the academy.

Wen Xi, go and urge him to come faster.”

Elder Wen Xi acknowledged it and turned toward the academy.

The crowd exchanged glances and was rather surprised. Chu Yue… is the one who initiated this 

All along, they thought that this was Ling Xiao Academys idea.

On the one hand, they wanted to clear Chu Yues name.

On the other hand, they wanted to solve this series of troubles.

They didnt expect that it was actually…

Isnt Chu Yue only 17 years old Why is he so gutsy Does he know what kind of people that got invited today are 

“Hah, it seems like the student from the academy is the epitome of youth knowing no fear!” the man—who was stumped—laughed and said weirdly.

Elder Bo Yan looked relaxed.

“The innocent ones have a clear conscience.

What is there to be worried about”

The other partys laughter instantly became more awkward. Isnt this insinuating that they will clear Chu Yues name and accuse us of smearing him 

“Besides, although that young man isnt old, he is responsible.

After he heard about the previous incident, he thought that he had implicated the academy and insisted on standing up to explain the misunderstandings one by one.

Look, he hasnt recovered yet, but he dragged his sick body to beg me and wanted to take responsibility for this no matter what.” Elder Bo Yan shook his head, sighed, and had a cherishing tone.

“I advised him, but he didnt listen.

Hes really stubborn.”

This time, nobody casually replied to him again.

What should they say Say that these aristocratic families collaborated to threaten a child

Even though this was the truth, it wasnt nice to say it out loud.

“It seems like Elder Bo Yan dotes on that Chu Yue very much,” said Baili Chun suddenly.

Elder Bo Yan looked up, and his old face revealed a faint smile.

“Clan Leader Baili, Chu Yue is our academys student.

Shouldnt we protect him and care for him Even if its not Chu Yue and any other student from the academy, we will still stand on the same ground.”

Even though this reply was politically correct and polite, they really couldnt pick on it.

Besides, Ling Xiao Academy indeed protected their members and was quite nice to their students.

But when Baili Chun heard this, he felt even more uncomfortable. The same toward other students Then, why did they expel Jiang Zhiyuan, chase her out of the academy, and cause her to be humiliated If Ling Xiao Academy didnt do things so harshly, she wouldnt have to change her appearance just to make a trip here. 

Baili Chun felt aggrieved for Jiang Zhiyua, but his mind was still clear.

He didnt question the matter of Jiang Zhiyuans expulsion in person.

If it had some complications and the matter was blown up, wouldnt it be hard to handle This could be talked about in private.

Baili Chun didnt ask further.

“The Sky-Cloud Empire actually dares to come!” On the other end, Liang Xiaoxiao—who was sitting on her own seat—couldnt help but curse softly.

“They still have the cheek!”

Liang Yiye glanced at her, and his face was grave.

“Baili Chun is the clan leader.

Why wouldnt he dare to come”

If it were someone else, he might be able to reason with them.

Yet, it was Baili Chun!

“Dont you know how highly he thinks of Jiang Zhiyuan Perhaps hes the one who instructed the Sky-Cloud Empire to help Jiang Zhiyuan.”

Previously, they still found it weird.

But now that they saw Baili Chun, all their doubts were dispelled.

Baili Chun brought Jiang Zhiyuan up like his own granddaughter and doted on her very much.

This was something that many people knew, and this was also the reason why Liang Xiaoxiao was willing to be closer to Jiang Zhiyuan after she entered the academy.

If not, with her identity as the Liang familys eldest daughter, why would she be willing to get close to Jiang Zhiyuan However, she didnt expect Jiang Zhiyuan to be so useless.

Not only was she expelled from Ling Xiao Academy, but she even had some connection to her Third Brothers death!

Now, Liang Xiaoxiao hated her to the core.

“I really dont know if this Clan Leader Baili still thinks so highly of that b*tch after all of this.”

Liang Yiye didnt doubt it.

“Thats enough.

Quieten down.”

There were so many people here.

Some words couldnt be said.

If someone heard them, it would spell trouble.

Liang Xiaoxiao could only clench her teeth and hold it in. When Chu Yue comes out, I must ask him properly! 

Outside Fengmin Mountain, Elder Wan Zheng and Rong Xiu were waiting for Chu Yue to come out.

They had been waiting since morning.

Dong Huang Clock Towers bell had sounded, but there was still no noise in the pagoda.

Logically speaking, even if people were inside, they could still hear the bell.

Elder Wan Zheng glanced at the sky.

“A long time has passed, but Chu Yue hasnt come out yet.

Is he delayed by something”

He felt rather uneasy. Even though Chu Yue is playful, he is always mature in the face of large events.

Why is he late for no reason today… 

On the other hand, Rong Xiu slightly squinted his phoenix eyes as faint light flashed across them.

“Wan Zheng, wheres Chu Yue” Elder Wen Xi rushed over, and his heart became uneasy when he saw the duo waiting.

“Hes still inside”

Elder Wan Zheng nodded.

“For some reason, theres no noise.”

“This… But the people outside are all here!” Elder Wen Xi wiped the sweat on his forehead. Its fine if it is other people, but none of those people are to be trifled with.

How can we let them wait the whole time Besides, Bo Yan has already gone out.

It wont look good if a junior student like Chu Yue—who is even the focus of the crowds argument—fails to show up.

If he goes too late, those people might even talk about this. 

“Didnt you ask Elder Meng”

Elder Meng had been standing guard inside the whole time and should know Chu Yues current situation the best.

Elder Wan Zheng knitted his brows.

“Not yet.”

“Then…” As Elder Wen Xi spoke, he wanted to go forward because this couldnt be dragged on.

“Elder Meng always knows what hes doing.

He should know the importance of todays matters, but even now, he hasnt released Chu Yue.

Therefore, he should have his own reasons.” At the side, Rong Xiu nonchalantly spoke.

His voice was low and melodious, as calm and composed as always.

Elder Wen Xi stopped in his tracks and felt conflicted. Rong Xiu is right.

If there really is something wrong, there is no use urging him.

However… Do we just watch on like this Those people will cause a scene in no time, right! 

Time seemed especially torturous when waiting.

When Elder Wen Xi finally couldnt hold himself back and was about to rush forward, ripples suddenly appeared on the barrier outside Fengmin Mountain.

A thin and tall figure came out from behind the pagoda door—it was Chu Liuyue!

“Hes out!” Elder Wan Zheng was elated and hurriedly waved toward Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue looked up and quickly flashed across when she saw those people.

In no time, her figure instantly appeared before them like a bolt of lightning!

Elder Wen Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

“Chu Yue, youre finally out! If you didnt come out, I wouldve directly barged in!”

Chu Liuyue blinked and smiled.

“Sorry, I spent a little more time breaking through.

I didnt delay too much, right”

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