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“The time is here.” Elder Bo Yan stood in Dong Huang Clock Tower and closed the booklet in his hands.

He took a deep breath in, turned around, and walked down.

At this point, someone went to find him.

“Bo Yan!”

The incoming persons steps were hurried, and his brows were tightly furrowed.

It was Elder Hua Feng.

These two days, Elder Bo Yan didnt really see Hua Feng, so he was rather surprised to see him now.

“Hua Feng Why are you here”

Elder Hua Feng walked forward and stared at Elder Bo Yan closely.

His heart was beating much faster than usual.

“I have something to tell you.”

Elder Bo Yan was dazed for a moment.


Dong Huang Clock Towers bell had rung, which meant that the outsiders were all gathered in Fangzhou City.

The time for the meeting had arrived.

As the person currently in control of Ling Xiao Academy, he should go out.

What things had to be said now


Its just a few sentences, and it wont delay much of your time.

However, its very important.” Elder Hua Feng was very insistent.

Elder Bo Yan rarely saw such an expression on him and nodded.

“Go ahead.”

Elder Hua Feng knitted his brows even more tightly and glanced at the surroundings.

Elder Bo Yan smiled.

“All along, only the few of us can come up here, and theres nobody else around.

If theres anything you want to say, you can say it without a worry.”

As he spoke, a few doubts surfaced in his heart. Why is Hua Feng so meticulous 

But very quickly, he knew the answer.

Elder Hua Feng took a step forward and said carefully, “Bo Yan, do you remember that I previously told you we were trapped by a gigantic and complicated Xuan formation in the Flood-Desert Northern Region and that we managed to escape with much difficulty”

Elder Bo Yan nodded.

“Back then, you also said that it was all thanks to Chu Yue”

“Yes.” Elder Hua Fengs throat was dry.

“Back then, he gave me an incomplete Xuan formation.

After repairing it, I managed to open the Xuan formation that trapped us.

During the period of time after we came back, I have been studying the Xuan formation.

In the end… that Xuan formation is related to the first director!”

Elder Bo Yans originally calm gaze instantly became overwhelmed! “What!”

“Initially, it was just a doubt, and I didnt dare to confirm it.

Additionally, youve been quite busy lately, so I didnt tell you about it.

I went to retrieve the Xuan formation left behind by that person back then and did a meticulous observation and comparison…” Elder Hua Feng paused for a moment and spat out the remaining words with much difficulty.

“Its really exactly the same!”

Elder Bo Yan felt that his mind was in a whir.

“W-which scroll were you looking at”

Elder Hua Feng kept quiet for a moment.

“The Sky Scroll!”

Although the first director didnt have any disciples, he left behind quite a few precious objects.

Amongst them, the Xuan formation drawings were split into three scrolls: Sky, Earth, and Human.

The academy students could normally read the Human scroll for free.

If those with outstanding talent performed well, they would have the chance to look at the Earth Scroll.

The Sky Scroll was the highest standard, and it was the most secretive one.

Only a few elders in the academy had the right to study it.

“The Sky Scroll has always been locked in the academy, and outsiders could never see it! That Chu Yue—how does he know” muttered Elder Bo Yan in shock.

Elder Hua Feng laughed bitterly.

“He said he chanced upon it in an abandoned cave.”

In the beginning, he didnt quite care about this saying.

But when he confirmed that the Xuan formation was part of the Sky Scroll, the doubts in his heart instantly exploded! That was because the Xuan formations in the Sky Scroll would never be left outside! They also wouldnt be engraved in some cave!

It was a mystery as to how exactly Chu Yue knew about this Xuan formation! His immediate explanation was that it was a lie!

If it werent because this incident was too shocking, he wouldnt have chosen to speak to Elder Bo Yan at this time.

Elder Bo Yan rubbed his temple.

“C-could it be that Rong Xiu taught him that”

Rong Xiu had seen the Sky Scroll before.

“The Sky Scroll records hundreds of Xuan formations.

When Rong Xiu went in, he would only see a maximum of two or three, right How did he coincidentally see this one” Elder Hua Feng sighed deeply. How could I not think of such a possibility However, this guess is too baseless.

Chu Yue clearly knew that the Xuan formation was extraordinary.

If not, he wouldnt have chosen such a reason. 

If it werent because Elder Hua Feng had coincidentally seen it before, nobody wouldve discovered this!

The duo exchanged glances and fell into deep thought. Chu Yue clearly has a big secret…

Hurried footsteps sounded.

An elder came to urge: “Bo Yan, its time.

We should go out!”

They had been waiting downstairs for some time and didnt see Elder Bo Yan come down, so they had to come up and ask.

His gaze turned, and he saw Elder Hua Feng.

“Hua Feng, youre here too”

Elder Bo Yan nodded, and his expression returned to normal.


As he spoke, he lifted his legs and went down.

When he brushed past Elder Hua Feng, the duo exchanged a glance silently.

“Hua Feng, come along as well.”

Elder Hua Feng restrained the emotions in his heart.


Even if there really was something, they had no time to verify it now.

They could only take it one step at a time!

If that really didnt work, they could only come back and ask Chu Yue properly when the external matters were settled!

There was a gigantic circular plaza in the middle of the city.

The plaza had white and black jade pieces that overlapped each other and a gigantic transportation formation in the middle.

The transportation formation was engraved with Ling Xiao Academys totem.

Without a doubt, this was Ling Xiao Academys totem, and this transportation formation was specially used by Ling Xiao Academys students and elders.

But normally, Ling Xiao Academys people rarely used this transportation formation.

After some time, it gradually became desolate.

People rarely even came to this plaza.

But today, this large plaza was extraordinarily crowded.

Ling Xiao Academy had already separated the plaza into different zones according to the invitations sent out earlier.

The respective aristocratic families each occupied a space, and it finally formed a circle.

Of course, as they were afraid that a misunderstanding would be caused, not many people came from their respective families.

The fewer ones had three or five, and the others only had a maximum of ten or so people.

However, there were nearly 20 families and clans here, so it still looked like quite a lot of people overall.

Under the guidance of Ling Xiao Academys students and elders, the crowd took their seats.

Elder Wen Xi glanced at the empty main seat, and hesitation and worry flashed across his eyes. What time is it Why are Bo Yan and the rest not here

Suddenly, a sound pierced through the air.

At the same time, low and vigorous laughter resounded throughout the plaza.

“Haha! This place is so crowded!”

The crowd looked up and were taken aback when they saw the incoming person. Why is the Sky-Cloud Empires Clan Leader, Baili Chun, here! 

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