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Chu Liuyue naturally didnt know about Elder Mengs nagging.

Even if she did, she wouldnt care.

At the very least, she had lived two lifetimes and even broke through into the Apotheosis Realm in her previous life to become a legendary warrior.

She naturally understood how big of a risk it was for her to do this now.

Even if her memories stopped at the time she was a peak stage-nine warrior, she had no better choice now.

So many people were going for her.

If she had no ability to protect herself, she would just be trampled all over by then.

Even if Ling Xiao Academy and Rong Xiu backed her up, it might not truly be flawless.

Hence, she had to improve her cultivation level as soon as possible!

Additionally, it was because she was stunned by her fathers incident at a crucial moment that her mindset was messed up, and she failed.

However, that had no direct relation to her abilities.

Hence, she was still quite confident in herself.

Time slowly trickled past.

After some time, that door finally surfaced in Chu Liuyues mind again.

Different from the previous time, she seemed to be sharper in her feelings toward it.

She could even see the intricate pattern engraved on that door.

Those lines faintly appeared, and she could only see an outline but not the specifics.

However, this didnt have much impact on Chu Liuyue.

She opened the door and walked in again.

The lines on the four walls started moving and showcased an elegant posture.

The tremendous strength surrounded her and entered her body later on.

Chu Liuyue felt that she seemed to have submerged herself in a warm and comfortable sauna.

Silently, her aura was strengthening.

Elder Meng watched from upstairs and felt conflicted for quite some time, but he still decided to quietly observe the changes first. If I go over to disturb him at this point, it will only bring about harm and no benefits.

I should just wait and see! Perhaps… 

Elder Meng squinted his deep eyes slightly, but he didnt quite dare to continue thinking.

He was afraid that the more optimistic he thought it would be, the greater the hurt from the fall.

The only thing he could do now was watch from here.

Once anything happened, he could immediately take action, and perhaps the situation wouldnt reach the worst.

“This kids personality and that girls is really…”

Very similar.

Not only their eyes, but even their character is this bold and outrageous! Yet, one cant hate them. Elder Meng sighed. What sin have I committed Why are the kids I meet even more difficult to handle than the previous When this ends, Ill never cause so much trouble for myself again! Whoever wants to do it can do it! 

Elder Bo Yan sat above, and there were a few elders below reporting the various preparations in the academy.

“The barrier outside the academy has been completely checked, and theres no problem.”

“All the students have been informed.

In the next half a month, theyre not allowed to leave the academy on their own.

Weve also urgently called back the ones outside and sent the elders to receive them.”

“We have already contacted a few clans, and they will come to support us at that time.”

“Oh right, there are also some graduated students who are rushing over from all places.

At that time, they will stand on guard outside Fangzhou City.

If everything goes smoothly, they will stay in their positions.

Once a conflict arises… they will immediately rush into the city.”

Ling Xiao Academy had been established for thousands of years, and it had an extraordinary status in the God Residence Realm.

After news of this incident spread, quite a few aristocratic families and clans that had a close relationship with them immediately expressed their willingness to help.

Students who had graduated for many years were all rushing back as well.

Quite a few of them were already famous strong warriors in the God Residence Realm, and some of them had even become masters in their own right.

Hence, although Ling Xiao Academy looked like it was on the losing end on the surface… In actual fact, Ling Xiao Academy wasnt so easy to be bullied.

The other party had many people and much power, but Ling Xiao Academy wasnt one to be trifled with.

Even among the many aristocratic families that were coming to question Chu Yue, quite a few of them had disciples and descendants that were once or currently cultivating in the academy.

At that time, they had to give them some face to a certain extent.

Now, everyone treated it sternly to prevent the worst scenario from happening.

It was best if everything was under control.

Elder Bo Yan nodded lightly.

“Everyone, its been hard on you.”

The crowd shook their heads.

They all had to help protect the academy.

Those people seemed to be targeting Chu Yue, yet many of them had the mindset of testing Ling Xiao Academy.

“Actually, this time, its a danger for the academy but also an opportunity.” An elder said lightly, “All these years, the academy has been discreet and didnt interfere in many matters.

But to some people, its a cowardly act.

This is especially so after the director went missing a few years ago… Quite a few people have been eyeing us.”

To the public, the director had left the academy and went outside to train.

But in actual fact, only the people in the academy knew that the director was actually missing, and his traces werent known even now.

For the past few years, Elder Bo Yan and the rest had never given up on their search for the director.

That was because the directors name had never disappeared from the booklet.

This meant that the director was still alive.

But for some reason, he didnt come back and didnt even send a message.

A lot of time had passed, and the people outside naturally suspected something.

And clearly, a part of the reason they dared to be so outrageous this time was because of this.

The director wasnt around, so they became more arrogant.

“If we can take this chance to give them a setback, well be able to spend some of the days ahead peacefully.”

This time, Ling Xiao Academy had invited so many aristocratic families and clans.

To many people, this was courting death.

But in actual fact, they had their own considerations. These people clearly dont care about Ling Xiao Academy, so why should we care so much If someone really tramples all over us, and we dont retaliate, wont we be stomped to death At that time, everyone will know that Ling Xiao Academy can be easily bullied and that we are weak and useless.

That is the scariest thing! 

Elder Bo Yan nodded, and his expression was grave.

“Anyway, Chu Yue doesnt have much of a problem.

They wont dare to actually try anything.

Itll be for the best if we can solve this matter harmoniously.

But if they continue to pursue it relentlessly… we wont compromise any longer!”

The few elders hearts shook.


In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

Inside Fangzhou City, it was quiet and desolate.

The streets and alleyways were empty.

Ling Xiao Academy had advised all the irrelevant personnel to leave.

Those people also knew that this place would be chaotic soon, so they hurriedly left without hesitation.

Even though they were curious, their lives mattered more.

They could always watch a show, so they didnt have to seek death at this time.

Any of the people gathered here was someone influential in the God Residence Realm!

Additionally, this time was different from the previous.

It was at most a threat previously, but those people didnt really think about taking action.

But this time… It might not be the case!

The distant and low sound of the bells reverberated throughout Ling Xiao Academy!

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