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Chapter 143: Perilous Situation

“No! Its very dangerous there.

How can you go with me” Elder Sun rejected him without thinking.

Si Ting was talented and capable, but that did not mean that he was currently strong enough.

If anything happened to him, what would he do as his teacher

Si Yang could not help but close in and softly said, “Big Brother! Are you crazy Thats a seventh-grade black flying python! Dont you want to live”

He looked at his surroundings hesitantly, and his voice became even softer.

“You shouldnt take the risk because of… because of other people! Besides, you might be Elder Suns burden if you go with him!”

However, Si Ting was insistent.

“Teacher, its precisely because its dangerous that I should follow you there.

Youre my teacher, so I have no reason to sit aside and watch the show.

Besides… you know my abilities the clearest.

Perhaps I can even help you later on.”

Si Ting usually did not speak much.

Even though he had good grades, he was usually very humble.

Today was the first time he said such words, and it subconsciously garnered the glances of many other elders and teachers.

Si Yang looked at him and knew that he could not advise him otherwise.

He instantly felt his head hurt. Big Brother always does things decisively and will definitely not change his mind on things he has decided on.

If he wants to go, then… hell definitely go!

Other people might not know why, but I do! Its precisely because that person is there!

“Aish!” Si Yang sighed heavily as he walked to one side because if he could not see something, it would not hurt him.

Elder Sun looked at Si Ting weirdly.

“… You really want to go”

Si Ting nodded.

After keeping quiet for a while, Elder Sun finally agreed when he saw Si Tings serious expression.

“Since its so, follow me then!”

“The exit should be outside this!” Cen Hu knocked on the side of the mountain and wiped off the beads of sweat on his forehead at the same time.

He looked elated.

Mu Hongyu walked forward and knocked on the surface like Cen Hu before leaning in to listen.

“The sound seems different from before,” said Mu Hongyu, somewhat uncertain.

“Cen Hu, are you sure this is the exit”

“Of course! When I lived at home, I loved to follow my father up to the mountains.

Even though Im not super familiar with it, I can tell a thing or two.” Cen Hu patted his chest.

“If we break open this layer and its not an exit, you can deal with me however you want.”

Upon seeing his confidence, Mu Hongyu believed in him even more.

She then turned around to look at Gu Mingfeng.

“Shall you do it”

Gu Mingfeng nodded and indicated to the other two to move backward.

He stood in front of the wall and held the black Xuan formation crystal.

His thoughts changed, and he injected his force into it.

A faint light suddenly glowed—this was the indication that the Xuan formation had been activated.

The surroundings were deadly quiet, and this light became the brightest existence.

The three of them stared straight at the black Xuan formation crystal.

The golden mane bear cub moved uneasily, and Mu Hongyu hurriedly touched its ears before wrapping it even more tightly.

If anything bad happened later, she could still protect it.

Gu Mingfeng kept injecting his force into the black Xuan formation crystal, and the light shone even more brightly.

Very quickly, a Xuan formation outline appeared.

A faint suppression started to spread.

Cen Hu suddenly said softly, “I wonder how Liuyue is doing on her side.”

Mu Hongyus heart skipped a beat.

Actually, even though they were here and could vaguely feel the movements outside, they could not guess what was happening.

Nobody knew what was going on outside.

She suppressed her inner worries and took a deep breath in.

“Liuyue is very capable and super smart.

Shell definitely be alright.

Since she said that well meet outside the mountains, she wont go back on her words.

Lets hurry up and get out of here to meet her!”

Cen Hu nodded with all his might.



A faint buzz suddenly sounded.

The two of them looked over and saw a complete Xuan formation forming on top of the black Xuan formation crystal in Gu Mingfengs hands.

It was shining brightly and exuded strong suppression as it dazzled their eyes.

“Its done!” Cen Hu excitedly waved his fists in the air.

However, the light suddenly dimmed very quickly.

Even the suppression they felt before had suddenly become unstable.

“W-whats wrong” Cen Hus smile stiffened.

Mu Hongyu suddenly realized something.

“Perhaps… Gu Mingfengs strength isnt enough to activate the black Xuan formation crystal”

Since they were not Xuan Masters, they were at a disadvantage because warriors normally wasted more energy to activate the black Xuan formation crystal as compared to Xuan Masters.

“However, the two of us cant help him any longer… I have already used up my force,” said Cen Hu bitterly.

As he spoke, the light grew even dimmer.

Mu Hongyu weakly closed her eyes.

“Itll be great if I became a stage-four warrior.” If I was, this wouldnt have been a problem! Liuyue left her trump card for us and is facing the danger on her own.

Yet, we still cant succeed…

The atmosphere became stiff.

Weng! Weng!

The soft buzz sounded again, and Mu Hongyu and Cen Hu were stunned when they realized that Gu Mingfengs aura was becoming stronger.

The black Xuan formation crystal in front of him shone brightly once again.

Mu Hongyus eyes widened.

Cen Hu could not help but curse.

“Damn! Gu Mingfeng, you freaking became a stage-four warrior already”


A frightening force burst out from the black Xuan formation crystal.

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth, stood up once again, and walked forward.

She walked very slowly as blood kept dripping down.

Every step she made would leave behind frightening bloody footprints.

The black flying python nonchalantly looked down at her, and the murderous intent in its eyes intensified.

Chu Liuyues reluctance to surrender had thoroughly angered it.

The more she behaved this way, the more unwilling it was to kill her directly.

Chu Liuyue finally stopped.

Then, she bent down to pick up the motionless little fellow.

Upon closer inspection, its body seemed to be trembling slightly because of its breathing, so it was clearly still alive.

Chu Liuyue instantly heaved a sigh of relief in her heart.

Even though it was not her fiend, she did not want it to die because of her, especially when it chose to be with her at the most crucial point.

Just as Chu Liuyues hand was about to touch it, a strong wave of force hurled towards her.

Chu Liuyue went flying backward once again!

This time, the black flying python finally moved.

Its wings vibrated as it rapidly flew toward Chu Liuyue.

Then, it opened its mouth, which was extremely big.

It was like it could swallow the ground whole.

Chu Liuyue almost fainted from this impact, but she used her last bit of perseverance to stay awake.

However, when she spat out blood and forcefully opened her eyes, she saw eerily sharp teeth.

The black flying python was right in front of her eyes and planned to swallow her.

Chu Liuyue instinctively wanted to shy away, but discovered that her body was already numb.

She could not move at all.

Mockery flashed across the pair of vertical eyes from above. The weak can be played by anyone.

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth tightly. I cant die here!


The water droplet in her dantian suddenly twirled.


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