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Jiang Zhiyuan shuddered, and her lips turned pale as she immediately put down the teapot.

“Grandpa Chun, I shouldnt have spoken—”

“Yuan Yuan, this has nothing to do with you.” Baili Chun glanced at her and saw that she was very pitiful.

His heart ached, and he immediately used a gentler tone, but his gaze still contained anger that hadnt subsided! “I just feel that Rong Xiu is too outrageous for doing this!”

“Back then, you followed him into the academy.

Not only did he not take care of you at all, but he even left directly, and you were left all alone in Ling Xiao Academy! He didnt even consider how much trouble a girl like you would get into in that foreign place!”

“Originally, I thought that his personality was cold and nonchalant, so it was fine.

But what does this count He even helped other people to train their disciples!”

He even personally cultivated with him, and they are living at Jiuheng Peak together! Even Jiang Zhiyuan didnt have such treatment.

What right does Chu Yue—who came out of nowhere—have!

“Even if he didnt like you, the difference in treatment shouldnt be this big! How would—”

How will the others view Jiang Zhiyuan 

Jiang Zhiyuan lowered her head, and her voice was soft.

“Brother Rong Xiu must have his own considerations… Dont blame him…”

When Baili Chun saw this, he felt even more terrible. Jiang Zhiyuan has grown up by my side since she was young.

Since when did she suffer so many grievances Now, she has been expelled from Ling Xiao Academy, yet Chu Yue can convince the entire Ling Xiao Academy to stand up for him… How could she feel good about it

“Yuan Yuan, dont worry.

This time, I will definitely stand up for you!” As Baili Chun spoke, he stood up.

Jiang Zhiyuan was taken aback and looked up at him strangely.

The corner of her eyes still had two teardrops that were about to fall.

“Grandpa Chun, what are you doing”

Baili Chun snorted coldly.

“Going to Ling Xiao Academy!”

Jiang Zhiyuans heart skipped a beat.

Even Respected Elder Yu Jing—who was standing below—was slightly dazed and thought that he had misheard the clan leader.

“Clan Leader, i-is what you said true”

Baili Chun walked outside and coldly glanced at him.

“Do I look like Im joking with you”

How can this be T-this isnt right! Respected Elder Yu Jing broke out into a cold sweat.

“B-but Clan Leader, Ling Xiao Academy didnt give our Sky-Cloud Empire an invitation.

We—” Cant go! 

Yet, Baili Chun didnt care at all.

He snorted.

“What I was in seclusion for a few years, and I dont even have the right to go to Ling Xiao Academy now”

“No—thats not what I meant!” All the blood in Respected Elder Yu Jings body was about to freeze as he hurriedly explained, “Its just that this matter has great implications, and many top-tier aristocratic families will definitely go to Fangzhou City.

When everyone is gathered together at that time, who knows what will happen… You just came out of seclusion, and there are many matters in the Sky-Cloud Empire that you have to attend to!”

One just had to think with their toes to know that that place would become a Shura Arena! At this point in time, why would he go and join in the commotion!

However, Baili Chun didnt take his objections to heart, and he waved his hands.

“These few years, Ive been in seclusion the entire time and didnt participate in the Sky-Cloud Empires matters, yet nothing much happened.

Now that I want to leave for a few days, how big of an impact will it cause You dont have to follow me.

Ill just go there myself!”

Even though he had come out not too long ago, Baili Chun had already accumulated too much dissatisfaction and vengeance against Rong Xiu.

Everything that once belonged to him had been stolen by Rong Xiu! Not only did he want to stand up for Jiang Zhiyuan, but he even wanted to directly knock some sense into Rong Xiu! I have to let Rong Xiu understand that I—Baili Chun—am not dead yet! 

Seeing that he was determined, Respected Elder Yu Jing was stumped and didnt know what to do.

“Grandpa Chun, Ill go with you!” At this point, Jiang Zhiyuan finally recovered her senses and hurriedly followed.

Baili Chun glanced at her in disagreement.

“That place will be very chaotic.

Why would you go there Besides, your injuries havent fully healed.

During this period of time time, just stay at the Sky-Cloud Empire!”

On the one hand, he was worried about Jiang Zhiyuans health and didnt want her to be tired from the journey.

On the other hand, Jiang Zhiyuan had already been expelled from Ling Xiao Academy.

Although he could ignore this incident, it didnt represent that others could.

One just had to think to know what kind of situation would arise if Jiang Zhiyuan appeared there again.

She would be the center of all sorts of mockery and ridicule!

Jiang Zhiyuan sharply captured Baili Chuns expression.

She had been by his side for so many years, and she could guess his intentions the best! Hence, she directly guessed the many thoughts in Baili Chuns heart at this moment.

This instantly caused her to feel uncomfortable. Expelled… Im no longer part of Ling Xiao Academy, and I was directly chased out in such a humiliating manner! It was very difficult for me to escape from the Liang familys pursuit and escape from those mocking gazes.

Going back now is indeed a very stupid decision.

However… I really dont want to miss this good show! 

After some thinking, Jiang Zhiyuans eyes lit up.

“Then… Grandpa Chun, what if I go with you under another identity”

“Im afraid thats not very suitable—” Respected Elder Yu Jing knitted his brows. If she is discovered, it is nothing if Jiang Zhiyuan loses face.

But if it implicates the entire Sky-Cloud Empire… How should we conclude it 

Although Respected Elder Yu Jing had deep ties with Fairy Water Mound, he wasnt completely brainless.

No matter what, the Sky-Cloud Empire was their foundation.

If the Sky-Cloud Empires reputation was harmed or an even more severe commotion happened to it… As the venerable, he would be the first to be impacted!

But at this moment, Baili Chun spoke.

“That can be done, but you have to guarantee that you wont expose yourself then!”

Jiang Zhiyuan immediately agreed with elation.


“Clan Leader, this—” Respected Elder Yu Jing wanted to convince him further, but Baili Chun glared at him.

“Then… please be very careful.”

Baili Chun flicked his sleeves, and his expression was nonchalant, yet he had the arrogance of being high and mighty.

“Of course.”

With my current abilities, it is very easy to protect Jiang Zhiyuan. 

Jiang Zhiyuan went forward, hugged his arm, and acted cute.

“I knew that Grandpa Chun loved me the most!”

Baili Chun smiled and tapped her forehead.

“Go and change quickly!”

“Okay! Ill be done right away!”

All the elders started to busy themselves.

The news regarding all the factions gathering in Fangzhou City and going against Chu Yue had also silently spread amongst the students.

Perhaps because this matter had great implications, the elders still decided to publicize it after much thinking.

After all, even if they didnt say it now, the students would still know about it when everyone arrived outside Fangzhou City a few days later.

The entire academys atmosphere became intense and cold.

One rarely saw anyone casually going about during schooling hours.

As the meeting time got increasingly nearer, everyone seemed to become nervous as well.

However, the center of the thunderstorm was still peacefully cultivating at Fengmin Mountains pagoda.

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