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Arrogant and preposterous, yet it was so domineering that one couldnt say anything!

During the previous stalemate with the crowd, Elder Bo Yan realized how highly Rong Xiu thought of Chu Yue.

Hence, he wasnt surprised when he said that.

However, the others present were all taken aback until they were dizzy. He indulged… He indulged! The other party isnt one or two factions, but an entire group of them! Rong Xiu is actually willing to take such a big risk for Chu Yue… These two people indeed have an extraordinary relationship! 

As these two people hadnt formally explained it, everyone could only guess on their own.

Originally, they didnt quite believe it.

However, it seemed like they were true biological brothers!

The crowd gasped in shock and finally had an understanding of the various situations earlier. No wonder… Rong Xiu has taken special care of him ever since he came.

Now, he is no longer hiding it. 

However, this was still a matter between Rong Xiu and Chu Yue, so others couldnt say much.

Besides, with Rong Xius help, the academy could be relieved of some of the pressure.

Elder Bo Yan surveyed the surroundings.

“Since this is so, well settle it like this! Hua Feng, send the invitations immediately.

Three days later…”

Speaking of this, Elder Bo Yan paused and was rather hesitant. It is fine to invite the people over, and three days is definitely enough time.

After all, that group of people wants to appear here immediately.

However, the key is where the venue should be.

If the venue is outside, Ling Xiao Academy will definitely be disadvantaged as it will be the minority against the majority. 

But if it were the academy… If the incident spreads, it would have a huge influence on Chu Yues reputation.

How would the people in the academy look at him then At that time, if some accident happens, Chu Yue will definitely be ostracized and become the target of countless peoples revenge. 

Chu Liuyue looked up, and her gaze lightly swept across Elder Bo Yan, who had a conflicted expression.

She naturally knew what Elder Bo Yan was worried about, so she smiled slightly and said, “Elder, lets set it at Fangzhou City.”

That place was near the academy, but it wasnt considered as actually barging into the academy.

They could defend and also attack.

It was the most suitable place for the academy.

“Are… you sure” Elder Bo Yan was rather hesitant.

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“It has been hard on you and the elders.

This time, Ill definitely solve all of these problems!”

The elders went their own ways and started to prepare for the meeting three days later.

This incident might be another hard battle.

Hence, no matter what, they had to make full preparations and couldnt be lacking in anything at all.

Finally, only a few people were left in the room.

Chu Liuyue bowed toward Elder Bo Yan again.

“Elder, Im very grateful that youre willing to help.”

The entire academy had to be risked just because of her life or death.

She knew that it wasnt an easy task.

“Dont worry.

Youre innocent, so you just have to make things clear then! Its not good to drag these troubles, so you must take this chance and settle everything!” Elder Bo Yan smiled. Im also sick of these peoples intrusions.

This time, we definitely have to give them a few tight slaps! Lets see if they dare to be this arrogant in the future! 

Chu Liuyues gaze flickered slightly.

“Youre right.”

“Actually, you still have to thank Rong Xiu for this.

If it werent for him… the other elders wouldnt be so easy-going.

Of course, your situation will also be much better than expected at that time.

As long as they dont have any evidence, those people wouldnt dare to do anything to you,” said Elder Bo Yan with a smile.

“And… Among all those aristocratic families, not all of them want to cause trouble for you.

Some of them are standing on our side, like the Flying Star Sect.”

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized it, and the corner of her lips curled up slightly. Among them, Shi Ruier mustve eased the tension quite a bit.

I could be considered to have saved Shi Ruiers life, but I never expected the other party to return the favor.

I didnt expect Shi Ruier to mind this matter so much.

With the current situation, she mustve spent a lot of effort convincing Flying Star Sect to stand on our side… This is definitely not an easy matter. 

“So you dont have to be too worried either.

At that time, just say whatever you have to say!” Elder Bo Yan was much more confident.

“Lets see who dares to accuse you!”

Chu Liuyue smiled and nodded. Oh yeah.

Could they tear me apart and check me bit by bit I want to see how big this commotion will be! 

Ling Xiao Academys invitations were sent out very quickly.

The families that were originally wavering were dazed when they received the news and later excited. Ling Xiao Academy actually did this! They are so daring.

How much confidence do they have! However, all of this doesnt matter.

What is important is that the center of everyones attention, Chu Yue, will meet everyone head-on this time! 

Black Demon Hole, the Flood-Desert Northern Region, and… the Heavenly Square Cauldron! All the mysteries will be solved one by one.

In no time, the entire God Residence Realm will be taken by the storm! 

“What Ling Xiao Academy is gathering all of them at Fangzhou City”

Baili Chun looked at the message he had just received in his hands and didnt dare to believe his eyes.

“What exactly is Ling Xiao Academy doing!”

All these years, the aristocratic families didnt have close relations with each other, and they all maintained a peculiar balance.

Today, Ling Xiao Academy actually wanted to take the initiative to break this balance!

Even if they had a deep foundation, this was too daring!

Respected Elder Yu Jing stood below respectfully.

“Clan Leader, you might not know, but recently, there have been many rumors about Chu Yue in the God Residence Realm.

Ling Xiao Academy mustve been forced to the corner to do this, right”

Baili Chun knitted his brows.

“Chu Yue Who”

At the side, Jiang Zhiyuan—who was pouring tea—glanced up slightly and felt jealous. The academy expelled me, but it could do so much for Chu Yue the next minute! The difference in treatment is outrageous! 

She suppressed the jealousy and anger in her heart and lightly said, “Chu Yue is a new student that just came to the academy a few months ago, and hes quite talented.

Also… he seems to be on pretty good terms with Brother Rong Xiu.”

This sentence immediately attracted Baili Chuns attention.

“Oh What do you mean bypretty good\'”

Hasnt Rong Xiu always been alone in the academy 

Jiang Zhiyuan bit her lips.

“He… Brother Rong Xiu personally brought him around to cultivate, and they live on Jiuheng Peak together.

Its really… He really takes good care of him.

The last time Chu Yue made a mistake, Brother Rong Xiu was the one who put in a good word for him—”

Baili Chun slammed the cup down harshly, and it let out a low sound!

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