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The young mans voice was clear, and he had a genuine expression.

His pair of dark eyes were as deep as black gems that sank into the river, and a faint crystal light covered them.

When others looked at him, they would be unwittingly convinced.

The crowd was dazed, and they faltered a little. Yeah! If Chu Yue really had a treasure and other people knew about it, how could his life be so peaceful for such a long time Anyone who has brains would take advantage of the situation that not many people know about it and snatch it first, right 

After all, Chu Yue is only a stage-nine warrior now.

If the other party really wanted to snatch his treasure, they had many chances, and Chu Yue wouldnt be their match at all. 

But now, this news has spread far and wide.

Everyone is tempted, and everyone wants a share of the loot.

The person who spread this news behind the scenes has clearly targeted Chu Yue! One Chu Yue can use a Heavenly Square Cauldron to lure people This is clearly going for Chu Yue, right 

Elder Bo Yan secretly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. As long as Chu Yues circumstances arent like theyve said in the rumors, everything is much easier.

If not, I really dont know how to handle this mess. 

“Rumors are flying outside, and most aristocratic families believe it, so the situation is very disadvantageous toward you.” Elder Bo Yan loosened his hands and knocked against the chair handle with his index finger.

“You must think of a way to prove your innocence.”

This didnt really make sense.

Someone clearly accused him on purpose, yet Chu Yue had to prove his innocence.

Everyone knew that this wasnt easy, but they didnt have a choice. These aristocratic families have lost some of their people in the Flood-Desert Northern Region, yet they cant find the mastermind.

Thus, it is hard to unleash their anger.

Now that these rumors are spreading everywhere, they have to choose to stand on the same side and vent their anger on Chu Yue.

Hence, all their strife is directed at Chu Yue, and Chu Yue can only withstand it. 

“I know.” Chu Liuyue smiled.

“I caused so much trouble for the academy previously, and I havent had the chance to officially thank and apologize to you and the elders.

I didnt expect such a commotion to happen so soon.

I really feel very bad about it.”

She spoke very sincerely.

Some elders—who originally planned on scolding her—could only shut their mouths.

At the end of the day, Chu Yue was pretty innocent.

He just followed on a trip to the Flood-Desert Northern Region.

As his luck was better, he obtained some twist of fate and was targeted!

What fault did he have Lets not mention that he had helped Elder Hua Feng and the rest quite a bit in between.

On the academys side, most of them didnt have much of an opinion against him. This kid is just unlucky… 

Elder Bo Yan waved his hands.

“That incident is over; you dont have to talk about it again.

Youre from our Ling Xiao Academy.

Whatever the time, nobody can randomly accuse you!”

Not to mention others, even if it was in consideration of the academys reputation, they couldnt casually compromise—unless Chu Yue was really problematic.

However, that could only be done after a thorough investigation and concrete evidence.

Chu Liuyues heart felt warm.

The corner of her lips curled up, and she said genuinely, “Thank you, Elder Bo Yan.”

“But theres something…” Elder Bo Yans brows couldnt relax fully.

“As a compromise, they request you to give everyone a clear explanation after you come out from Fengmin Mountain.”

“Regarding the Flood-Desert Northern Region”

“Im now afraid you have to include Black Demon Hole and the Heavenly Square Cauldron.” Elder Bo Yan felt his head ache. This commotion became increasingly larger.

We havent solved the initial trouble, yet so many other things happened afterward. 

“I understand.” Chu Liuyue nodded lightly. Since the incident started because of me, I naturally have to come out and solve it. 

“Elder Bo Yan, could you do me a favor then”

“Since they want an explanation, Ill give them one.” The corner of Chu Liuyues lips curled up slightly, yet her eyes were crystal clear.

“Could I trouble you to send out an invitation to invite them over Ill go against them face-to-face to explain everything clearly!”

Once Chu Liuyue said that, the crowd was stunned!

“Chu Yue!” Elder Wan Zheng was the first to not hold back.

“You cant be impulsive!”

Whats going on Previously, we finally managed to chase those people away with much difficulty.

In the blink of an eye, this kid actually wants to take the initiative to invite them over Does he think this is not chaotic enough If the incident really blows up… Chu Yues circumstances would be extremely dangerous! 

Chu Liuyue shrugged her shoulders, smiled, and glanced at him rather helplessly.

“Mentor, this is the best option we have now, right”

Ling Xiao Academy can help me once, but not every time.

As long as this incident isnt resolved, it will be a hidden danger.

Besides… I also want to see who is targeting me secretly! I had to investigate who spread the news regarding Black Demon Hole and the Heavenly Square Cauldron! 

Seeing Chu Liuyues determined attitude and fearless gaze, Elder Wan Zheng was stumped.

How would he not know the advantages and disadvantages involved But all these years, he only had this one precious disciple, so he was naturally reluctant!

After a while, Elder Wan Zheng shook his head.

“Forget it… Since youve already made up your mind, then… just do it.”

I can just protect him till the end.

No matter what, nobody could harm my disciple, not even a strand of his hair!

Chu Liuyue smiled gratefully and glanced at Elder Bo Yan.

However, Elder Bo Yan suddenly looked at Rong Xiu.

“Rong Xiu, you think—”

Previously, it was all thanks to Rong Xiu that they could stop those people.

Now that we were making a decision, he wanted to ask for Rong Xius opinion.

Rong Xiu leaned against the couch by the side, and his attitude was relaxed and distinguished.

He smiled slightly.

“He can do whatever he wants.

At most, Ill just indulge him.”

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