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Chu Liuyues heart suddenly tightened!

Rong Xiu turned around and lightly shook his head toward her, indicating to her to calm down.

The sounds below still continuously sounded.

“Whats going on” Elder Meng was clearly confused by this news, and his first reaction was disbelief.

“Chu Yue is Rong Xius person.

How can he be related to Black Demon Hole Besides, the Heavenly Square Cauldron is one of the top ten holy weapons.

It has been missing for thousands of years without any traces.

How can it suddenly be with Chu Yue!”

Who would believe that such a treasure is with that kid! 

“I dont believe it either, but the news has spread far and wide outside! We cant just ignore it!” Elder Wen Xi was extremely anxious.

“This time, they didnt personally come forward, and all used letters to convey their messages harshly.

Their attitudes are clear.

Bo Yan is handling this now, and he asked me to come over and check on Chu Yue.”

No matter what, this couldnt be avoided.

Black Demon Hole had quite a high status in the God Residence Realm, but its reputation was rotten.

That was because their cultivation techniques were unreasonable and evil, and most of the people in the clan were cunning and ruthless.

Their methods were cruel.

The other aristocratic families in the God Residence Realm rarely interacted with them.

Quite a few of them even had deep feuds against them.

It was a pity that Black Demon Hole was quite strong and not one to be trifled with.

Hence, even now, everyones best choice was to keep them a distance away.

Chu Yues name was now connected to the Black Demon Hole.

How could one not mind it!

If they werent solemnly warned by Rong Xiu and Elder Bo Yan previously, and they had more considerations, they wouldve rushed over! Not to mention that the rumors even said that the Heavenly Square Cauldron was with Chu Yue!

If it were an ordinary treasure, it would be fine.

However, this was one of the top ten holy weapons!

In the God Residence Realm, the few family clans with a top ten holy weapon had more speaking rights than anyone else! It wasnt an exaggeration to say that such a treasure was enough to promote a second-tier family to a top-tier one, and it was the type with extremely high status and power!

Who wouldnt be moved In the God Residence Realm, there were many aristocratic families.

If one wanted a strong footing in this intense battle, it would be as hard as ascending the skies!

But if one had one of the top ten holy weapons, all of this would be easy to solve! Hence, this time, it wasnt an interrogation by those top-tier aristocratic families alone.

Even those second-tier ones started to become restless.

The situation was urgent.

If not, Elder Wen Xi wouldnt have directly barged in so recklessly.

“Elder Meng, this situation is serious.

Chu Yue cant avoid it no matter what.

Bo Yan told me to come over and check on how his body is recovering.

If hes much better, then he can go over and discuss how to handle this matter with Bo Yan.” Elder Wen Xi finally stated his motives.

Elder Meng furrowed his brows tightly and had a solemn expression. Being involved with the Heavenly Square Cauldron and Black Demon Hole is indeed great trouble… However, Chu Yue failed in breaking through to become an intermediate stage-nine warrior just a few days ago, and hes now in a crucial period of recovering.

How could he just go out like that Isnt this taking his body and future as a joke! 

“For Chu Yues side… There are still some issues that need time to be handled.

Can Bo Yan wait for a while”

Elder Wen Xi asked, “Then… how long will it take”

“Half a month—no, ten days!” said Elder Meng with some uncertainty.

Actually, if it were an ordinary cultivator facing this situation, they wouldnt recover without two or three months.

Luckily, Chu Yues physique was better, and Rong Xiu rushed over in time.

Later on, he kept helping so Chu Yue could recover quicker.

But no matter how fast he was, he still needed some time!

Elder Wen Xi smiled in a very bitter and difficult manner.

“Ten days… Do you think this is possible”

Those people already wanted to rush over again to take Chu Yue away directly! Waiting for Elder Bo Yan to reply was the only compromise they were willing to make now.

How could they be willing to wait calmly for ten days!

Even if it were five days, they would panic!

“What else can we do then! To what extent do these people want to force Chu Yue! Hes only 17!” Elder Meng was enraged.

Even though he acted very displeased every time Chu Yue came over, in actual fact, he did like the kid.

Fengmin Mountain had a special status.

For all these years, he was the only one quietly guarding it.

Sometimes, the students who committed mistakes were locked here, and they were mostly terrified with pale faces.

They didnt even dare to utter another word.

When their punishment was finished, those scoundrels ran faster than anyone else!

However, Chu Yue was different.

He was talented and intelligent, and the key was that he was active and very interesting.

Elder Meng said he didnt want to see Chu Yue, but he did miss the latter quite a bit.

Now that he had heard all these terrible things, he naturally couldnt help but speak for Chu Yue.

It is already miserable enough that Chu Yue failed to break through.

Now that people suddenly accused him of all of this, what is he supposed to do! 

Elder Wen Xi laughed bitterly.

“They wont care about these things… Last time, we forcefully protected him with Bo Yan and Rong Xiu standing up for him.

But at that time, it was probably because everyone had doubts.

However, nobody had any evidence, so they relented.

Do you think they will be easily appeased this time”

One just had to think with their toes to know that they wouldnt! With absolute benefits involved, who would stand by and watch

There seemed to be a fire in Elder Mengs chest, and it went up bit by bit as if it were going to explode out the next moment.

“Elder Meng.” A clear and calm voice came from upstairs.

Elder Wen Xi and Elder Meng were all taken aback as they looked up collectively.

“Chu Yue!” Elder Wen Xi opened his mouth. Why is he on the second floor And isnt that Rong Xiu beside him! Hes here too! 

“Elder Wen Xi, Ill go with you,” Chu Liuyue said calmly.

“No!” Elder Meng immediately objected to it and furrowed his brows.

“Your health—you must stay here and recuperate for a while!”

If he goes over now, who knows what will happen If things blow up… How could Chu Yues tiny body handle it 

Chu Liuyue smiled and felt grateful toward Elder Meng in her heart. I know that Elder Meng is thinking for me, but now that things have developed to this stage, there isnt much meaning in hiding further.

Everyone has already crawled onto my head.

Why should I continue tolerating it No matter what considerations I have, I know that I have to face it myself. 

She walked down the stairs.

Rong Xiu was a step behind her and followed her.

“Thank you for your kind intentions, Elder Meng, but this started because of me.

Therefore, I have to face it personally.” Chu Liuyue smiled.

Elder Meng and Elder Meng were dazed.

The young man before them had a decent appearance, smiled gently, and wasnt nervous at all.

This aura… changed their impression of him.

Elder Mengs heart faltered again.

“Are you sure Those people arent so easy to deal with…”

Chu Liuyue blinked.

“My conscience is clear.

Why must I be nervous and scared of them”

As she spoke, she looked at Elder Wen Xi.

“Can I daringly ask something Elder Wen Xi, do you know… who spread this news”

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