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Xue Xue snorted from its nose. Isnt it very obvious Is there a need to ask 

Seeing Xue Xue arrive, Yu Mo instantly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

However, he still had to do perfunctory work.

“Xue Xue, the clan leader wants to go into Jishen Palace and meet the princess consort.

Dont cause trouble.”

Xue Xue licked its claws and bared its white teeth.

It looked nonchalant and didnt care about this.

It was clearly bent on blocking the door this time!

Baili Chun felt that it was extremely ridiculous! I am the Sky-Cloud Empires clan leader and could originally come and go from Jishen Palace freely.

But today, I was actually stopped by a beast! The world has changed! 

An idea popped up in Baili Chuns mind, and his gaze turned much colder. Anyone can tell who intended this.

Rong Xiu clearly doesnt want to let me in, and he even did it so openly—publicly! There are so many people watching below! Rong Xius actions dont give me any face at all! 

Baili Chuns face darkened, and he said, “Move.”

Xue Xue stretched and nonchalantly glanced at Baili Chun, not moving at all.

Its meaning was more obvious than ever.

Yu Mo rushed up and looked like he was in a difficult spot.

He looked at Xue Xue and then glanced at Baili Chun.

“Clan Leader, this… You also know that Xue Xue has always had a stubborn temperament and wont listen to anyone.

Ill apologize to you first! Why dont you come back another day You came out of seclusion today, and you should celebrate it grandly! Dont be unhappy because of such a small matter!”

Yu Mo looked sincere. Even if he doesnt consider us, he should consider the whole group of people at Tongshen Palaces square that is looking at this scene in unison from below.

Does he still want his face If a commotion is caused, it wont be good for anyone. 

Naturally, Baili Chun didnt want to make a big fuss about it.

Whats there to fight with a beast about! However, it was also very difficult for him to take this lying down!

“Clan Leader, why calculate it against Xue Xue” 36 Respected Elder Ming heaved a sigh of relief.

He leisurely strolled up, smiled, and said, “The princess consort is in Jishen Palace.

Can she escape If you want to see her, therell be plenty of chances in the future! Youve been in seclusion for a few years, and you finally came out today! Its a happy matter! Yu Mo is right.

No matter what, you must celebrate it properly! If not, let us tell you about the situation in the Sky-Cloud Empire and the God Residence Realm these few years so that the subordinates can prepare”

He spoke personally in a sincere manner, which was akin to giving Baili Chun an out.

Hearing the sentence at the back, Baili Chun was tempted.

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In such a short period of time, he did notice that the Sky-Cloud Empire had changed greatly.

He desperately wanted to understand the current situation so that he could prepare himself mentally.

“His Grace hasnt been around lately.

There are many things awaiting your opinion.” 36 Respected Elder Ming smiled genuinely.

Baili Chun was determined, and his expression became much better.

“Then… Ill settle these matters first.

As for…”

“As for the other things, we can talk about them another day!” He glanced at Jishen Palace. I dont believe that this Shangguan Yue can be arrogant forever! 

Seeing them retreat, Jiang Zhiyuan almost smashed her teeth. Were already at the door, but we still cant go in! There must be something wrong with that Shangguan Yue! 

At this point, someone rapidly flew in from afar.

“Big Missy Jiang, Fairy Water Mound has sent you a letter.”

Ling Xiao Academy, Fengmin Mountain.

Chu Liuyue was sitting on the thousand-year cold jade bed and silently flipped through the medicinal books in her hand.

A strange commotion suddenly came from outside.

“Elder Meng! Elder Meng!”

Chu Liuyue recognized this anxious voice to be Elder Wen Xis. Why is he here!

Chu Liuyue was curious and planned on getting up to take a look.

However, she suddenly recalled that she waslocked up here, so it wasnt appropriate for her to go out suddenly.

Hence, she sat back down obediently.

Rong Xiu coincidentally came down from upstairs.

Hearing footsteps, she turned around and looked up.

The two of them stared at each other.

Chu Liuyue carefully sized Rong Xiu up and didnt notice anything amiss.

She felt more at ease and pointed outside.

“Elder Wen Xi is here.

He seems to be looking for Elder Meng urgently.”

Rong Xiu walked to her side and smiled slightly.

“Dont worry.

Elder Meng will handle it.”

As expected, Elder Mengs voice sounded from upstairs.

“Wen Xi, whats so urgent”

“Let me in first! I have to tell you this in person!” Hearing that the voice was amiss, Elder Meng opened the barrier and let Elder Wen Xi in.

Elder Wen Xis steps were hurried, and he looked anxious.

“Elder Meng, its not good!”

He walked to the hall on the first floor and searched around.

Then, he suddenly stopped.

“Wheres Chu Yue!”

At this point, Elder Mengs figure flashed, and he had already appeared before Elder Wen Xi.

“Hes gone to rest, and he isnt here now.

What issues do you have Say it.”

Elder Wen Xi smacked his palm.

“Aish! This kid is in big trouble!”

Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyues brows moved slightly.

Rong Xiu turned around and looked down.

“Why do you suddenly say this” Elder Meng found it weird.

“That kid has been in my place recently, and hes fine.

He didnt do anything—”

“Its the Flood-Desert Northern Region!” Elder Wen Xi furrowed his brows tightly.

“I dont know who is spreading news outside, but they say that the Flood-Desert Northern Regions matters are done by Chu Yue in cahoots with Black Demon Hole.

They even said that the true Heavenly Square Cauldron has long been with Chu Yue! Everything was just a scheme between him and Black Demon Hole!”

“This news has spread far and wide outside.

Now, all the aristocratic families are requesting to investigate Chu Yue properly!”

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