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Jiang Zhiyuan still didnt understand.

Earth-shattering changes had happened in the Sky-Cloud Empire during the past few years.

Rong Xiu now held great power and was very formidable.

Even if the clan leader came out of seclusion now, he was no longer as powerful as he was back then.

At this moment, Rong Xiu was the person with the most speaking rights!

Shangguan Yue was the princess consort he personally chose.

Even if those people didnt care about her, they had to give him face, right Not to mention Shangguan Yues shocking talent.

One would have a dent in their head, and they would have to be not thinking straight to go against them.

Baili Chun looked at the scene before him and was a little late in realizing it.

After understanding the issue, he clenched his teeth. When I was in seclusion back then, it wasnt that I didnt think of such problems.

But at that time, Rong Xiu was still green, and I didnt really take him into consideration.

How would I know that everything would change in just a mere few years How could it be so easy to get back the empire Ive lost 

After a temporary silence, Baili Chun took a deep breath in and finally said, “Yuan Yuan is Fairy Water Mounds eldest missy after all.

When shes in trouble, can the Sky-Cloud Empire really sit at the side and not care about her Besides, she has already come.

Whats the use of saying all of this now”

The crowd silently exchanged glances and revealed meaningful expressions. Look, he still protected her! I really dont know what kind of luck that Jiang Zhiyuan has for the clan leader to protect her so much.

But if Jiang Zhiyuan continues to cause trouble, even the Sky-Cloud Empire cant protect her! 

36 Ming was too lazy to continue discussing Jiang Zhiyuan with him.

“Since the Clan Leader insists, well put this matter to the side first.

When His Grace comes back, he can make the decision.”

According to Rong Xius personality, he might not want to have Jiang Zhiyuan around. 

Baili Chuns lips moved, and he still swallowed the words of retaliation in his throat.

After a moment, he appeased himself and stood up.

“Since the princess consort is so busy, Ill meet her personally!”

Harshness flashed across the 36 Respected Elder Mings eyes! He stood up as well and silently blocked Baili Chuns path.

In a seemingly smiling manner, he said, “Clan Leader, Im afraid… This wouldnt be appropriate, right Youre a senior, and shes a junior.

No matter what, she should find you.

If word goes out… wont they say that our Sky-Cloud Empires Princess Consort has no manners”

Without a doubt, she would be scolded yet again.

Besides… if he goes to Jishen Palace now, he cant see her anyway! 

Baili Chun stopped in his tracks and glanced at 36 Respected Elder Ming suspiciously.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but he felt that the latter seemed to be continuously stopping him and didnt want him to go to Jishen Palace, or look for the new princess consort. Could there be something wrong 

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Jiang Zhiyuan didnt cry any longer.

She stood up, wiped her tears, and walked to Baili Chuns side with red eyes.

“…Grandpa Chun, you just came out of seclusion today, and you must have a lot of things to do.

We can just wait for this matter…”

She paused.

“Ever since she became the princess consort, she has been staying in Jishen Palace the entire time and hasnt really come out.

I believe she must be busy cultivating and breaking through, right”

No matter how diligent she is, she should not do this! Does she not even have the time to come out and meet a person! Baili Chuns blood boiled, and he coldly snorted.

“Yuan Yuan, this matter has nothing to do with you.

You dont have to intervene.

I want to see how hard it is to see this princess consort!”

As he spoke, he flung his sleeves and walked forward with big steps!

36 Respected Elder Ming couldnt stop him any further.

After thinking for a moment, he immediately followed them.

Behind him, quite a few people silently followed with varying mindsets.

Walking out of Tongshen Palace, Baili Chun looked up.

On Suming Peak, Jishen Palace stood magnificently.

A strong barrier covered it.

From here, one could only see the white clouds floating across, but they couldnt see its specific appearance clearly.

Jiang Zhiyuan stood behind him and looked at that palace while she secretly clenched her teeth. In the past, I have always casually walked in and out of Jishen Palace.

But today, I have fallen into such circumstances…

Without a word, Baili Chun flew forward!

36 Respected Elder Mings heart was suddenly tightly clutched! Baili Chun is the clan leader.

Even if he doesnt have actual power now, he still has the most distinguished identity in the Sky-Cloud Empire in name.

He has the right to enter Jishen Palace directly! If he discovers that the person he wants to find isnt in Jishen Palace, then… Wont all our efforts during this period of time be wasted! But if I continue to stop him, it would be too obvious and might arouse their suspicions. 

36 Respected Elder Ming held his breath in and stared at the front tightly.

Baili Chun was very quick.

In a few breaths, he reached the lone barrier before Jishen Palace.

A few guards in heavy armor looked over in unison and respectfully bowed.

“Greetings, Clan Leader!”

Baili Chun nodded.

He knew that these people were Rong Xius most trusted confidants, so he had no intentions of playing around with them.

He said in a straightforward manner, “Wheres the princess consort I want to see her.”

This is giving her enough face, right! Anyone who has brains and wants face would have to give in! 

At this point, a figure hurriedly rushed over from behind.

“The clan leader came over, but we couldnt welcome you in time.

Clan Leader, please forgive us.” Yu Mo bowed respectfully and smiled.

Baili Chun knitted his brows and felt dissatisfied.

However, he knew that the people from Jishen Palace never interfered with outside matters, so he couldnt rage.

“Wheres the Princess Consort Is she still cultivating in seclusion”

Yu Mo smiled.

“Clan Leader, youre so wise! The princess consort is indeed at the point of breaking through.

Im afraid its inconvenient to disturb her now…”

Baili Chun had long predicted this answer and was about to walk in.

“Then, Ill just wait here! She can come out to meet me whenever shes free!”

Yu Mos smile froze. This…

A thunderous lions roar filled with murderous intent reverberated throughout the air! The next moment, a fit white figure came through the air! With a few flashes, it appeared in front of Baili Chun!

It was Xue Xue! It stood before the barrier and faced Baili Chun head-on.

Its ice-blue eyes were filled with cold nonchalance in a high and mighty manner.

It raised its head toward the sky and roared—the suppression was aplenty!

Baili Chuns expression changed. Is this beast planning not to let me in! 

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