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36 Respected Elder Ming lazily said, “Clan Leader, the princess consort is cultivating in seclusion at Jishen Palace.

Im afraid it wont be too good to invite her over suddenly, right It wont be good if it delays her cultivation.”

This sentence stopped the people who were planning to rush over.

They stood rooted to the spot and paced back and forth.

On the one hand, it was the clan leader.

On the other hand, it was the head of the venerables.

Who should they listen to

Normally, they should listen to the clan leader.

But these few years, the clan leader had been in seclusion and didnt really come out.

Many matters were left to His Grace and 36 Respected Elder Ming to handle.

Now that His Grace wasnt around, 36 Respected Elder Ming represented the power on this side.

Even the clan leader had to be polite to him.

Upon seeing this, Baili Chun was so angry that he laughed. How many years has it been So the sky has changed in the Sky-Cloud Empire! 

“What, do you not understand what the clan leader is saying” Baili Chun spoke deeply, and his expression was harsh.

The two wordsclan leader were emphasized even more.

The subordinates faces paled, and they trembled.

Just as they were about to leave, 36 Respected Elder Ming stopped them again.

“His Grace has already commanded that without his permission, nobody is allowed near Jishen Palace to disturb the princess consort.

What, did you all forget about His Graces instructions”

When 36 Respected Elder Ming spoke, he didnt look at Baili Chun.

His formidable gaze only swept across the subordinates one by one, and it was enough to terrify them.

At the same time, he retaliated against Baili Chun from the side. The clan leaders status is distinguished, but dont forget who holds the power in the Sky-Cloud Empire now.

Besides, Jishen Palace has always been His Graces territory.

Even if the clan leader wants to intervene, he has to think about it! 

“We wouldnt dare!” The subordinates—who were originally wavering—were fearful and respectful when they heard the wordsHis Grace. They moved back respectively and stood in their places obediently.

Baili Chun was dazed for a moment.

What kind of situation is this! As the clan leader, I have commanded the Sky-Cloud Empire for many years.

Now, I cant even summon a single person! 

36 Respected Elder Ming touched his teacup and found it rather boring. Times have changed.

Does he still think he is the top character that nobody can defy If it really were so, then His Highness and I wouldve done nothing in the past few years. 

The hall fell into dead silence.


Jiang Zhiyuan didnt quite expect this.

Originally, she thought that the clan leader could stand up for her after he came out and take revenge for the humiliation she received.

But now, it seemed like it wasnt the case.

The Sky-Cloud Empire… had long changed its owner! Even Respected Elder Yu Jing and the others had hesitant expressions and didnt really speak.

They either didnt want to offend 36 Respected Elder Ming, or they didnt want His Grace to take revenge on them later!

36 Respected Elder Ming nodded in satisfaction as he smiled gently.

“Clan Leader, the princess consort has actually always been elegant, mature, and well-mannered.

The reason why she couldnt come here in time today is definitely that shes still focusing on her cultivation.

If not… If she knew that youve come out of seclusion, she wouldve long come to welcome you.

Why wouldnt she be here”

All the important people in the Sky-Cloud Empire had come, and only she did not.

Who would be so stupid to cause trouble for themselves There must be a reason!

Baili Chun snorted in disdain.

“Seclusion Cultivation Is she an absolute genius and cant even afford this little time out”

His words were filled with mockery.

However, 36 Respected Elder Ming laughed out loud, and he looked elated.

“Clan Leader, youre really intelligent! How did you know that our princess consort is an absolute talent Back then, the Extreme God Sundial tested her bloodline power, and it reached the same 11 as His Grace!”

Baili Chuns smile suddenly froze. E-eleven! The Extreme God Sundial had tested her bloodline power Yeah… Since she is the princess consort, she definitely had to pass this test… Why would it be so high! 

At that point, countless thoughts flashed across Baili Chuns mind.

His original expression filled with mockery and insults seemed frozen.

“Is this true That woman… Whats her background The tested result is indeed an 11\'”

One had to know that in such a big family clan like the Sky-Cloud Empire, there was only one standard 11 like Rong Xiu in a thousand years.

Why was this woman—who suddenly popped up—coincidentally an 11 as well

Jiang Zhiyuan lowered her voice, and she clasped her fingers tightly.

“She… Elder Sister Princess Consort was tested in public, and the Extreme God Sundial did show an 11. Even though shes from outside the realm, with such talent, we cant—”

“Wait a minute!” Baili Chun suddenly interrupted her and was in disbelief.

“Outside the realm Youre saying… shes from outside the realm!”

How can this be Baili Chun was about to go insane.

“Rong Xiu… Rong Xiu is really wreaking havoc!”

The Sky-Cloud Empire is a top-tier aristocratic family in the God Residence Realm.

Those who can be the princess consort… Even if they arent of similar status, they should at least have a decent background, right In the end, she is someone from outside the realm! 

“Isnt this completely humiliating my Sky-Cloud Empires face! No—I will never agree!”

36 Respected Elder Ming scratched his ears and wasnt so agitated.

He even wanted to laugh.

“Clan Leader, are you serious This princess consort has talent that doesnt lose out to His Highness.

In days to come, her future will definitely be bright! If word goes out, many aristocratic families would be envious.

Why is it a humiliation to you”

“You—” Baili Chun was stumped, and his expression changed. I really cant argue against this point. 

“As for Jiang Zhiyuan…” 36 Respected Elder Ming raised his chin and snorted.

“Being expelled from Ling Xiao Academy, being chased by the Liang family over thousands of miles… She got into so much trouble, yet we have to clean up her mess… This is the real utter humiliation, right”

All these years, this was the first time the Sky-Cloud Empire had someone suddenly expelled from Ling Xiao Academy for no reason!

“Do you know that our Sky-Cloud Empires reputation has hit rock bottom because we allowed her back and protected her Do you want to hear how the people from outside mock us”

Baili Chun was so angry that his face turned pale.


Jiang Zhiyuan softly whimpered.

“I-its all my fault…”

Baili Chun sat back down, depressed. Why must that so-called princess consort be such a top genius Even I dont have a reason to find trouble with her! In the God Residence Realm, at any point in time, being strong is the best defense! 

“Besides… Jiang Zhiyuan, if I havent recalled wrongly, the princess consort is only 17 this year.

Shes much younger than you, so I think you shouldnt continue calling herelder sister, right” reminded 36 Respected Elder Ming very leisurely.

Jiang Zhiyuan felt as though she was slapped by someone harshly, and she wasnt even in the mood to cry.

She just wanted to disappear from the spot! I dont understand.

The clan leader has already come out of seclusion.

Logically speaking, I should be able to make a comeback.

But why… is everything not right! 

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