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Chapter 142: Go Forward Together

I dont know this black flying python at all, and its my first time seeing it.

So why is it treating me this way Chu Liuyue could not understand at all.

However, this black flying python seemed like it didnt want to explain as it stared at her with its deadly gaze.

It also kept increasing the strength of the suppression acting on Chu Liuyues body.

Chu Liuyue grunted, and blood spilled from the corner of her mouth.

However, she remained standing straight.

She extended her hands slowly to wipe away the blood from her mouth before looking at the black flying python determinedly.

After a momentary silence, she laughed.

“… If I kneel just because you want me to, wont I lose face”

Anger flashed across the black flying pythons eyes when it heard her words.


With a whip of its tail, a strong wind came hurling towards her.

Chu Liuyues body flew backward, and she landed heavily on the mountain rocks.


A low sound was made, and blood flowed out from her back.

Chu Liuyue coughed and spat out blood.

Her originally pale lips were tainted with blood, making her look especially miserable.

Her shoulder blade was probably crushed.

She used her arms to push herself and forcefully stand up.

Before she could even stand still, another terrible force went straight for her.


Chu Liuyue was flung backward again.

This time, her injuries were even worse than before.

The little fellow tightly clutched onto her clothes and flew along with her.

It nervously looked at Chu Liuyue, and its eyes were filled with tears.

Chu Liuyue took a long time to recover.

She then bore with the excruciating pain as she used a nearby rock to help her stand up once again.

At this time, her body was covered in patches of blood, making her look ghastly.

It was not that she did not want to retaliate, but the other party did not even give her a chance to do so.

A seventh-grade fiends ability was undetermined.

She was also no match for it with her current cultivation level.

But… why The little fellow quickly wiped away its tears with its claws as it angrily looked at the culprit.

It clenched its teeth loudly before it finally jumped forward and went straight for the other party.

It wanted to kill that fellow!

“Come back!” Chu Liuyue was shocked and wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

The black flying pythons eyes turned and looked at the rushing blood ferret like it was looking at something dead. You dont know your own limits.

With another wave of strong suppression, the little fellows body suddenly stiffened, and it collapsed onto the floor.

It lay on the ground motionless, and Chu Liuyue did not know if it was dead or alive.

Chu Liuyues eyes narrowed.

A cold gaze landed on her body.

She looked up.

The black flying python bent down to look at her as if it was looking at an ant uselessly struggling.

After receiving Elder Suns command, the teachers immediately took action.

They very quickly found the remaining students in the woods and brought them out safely.

The process was very smooth.

Before they left, Elder Sun kept reminding them not to enter the depths of the mountains.

Thus, most of the students were still at the borders, which silently made their retreat convenient.

Elder Sun was a little surprised when the teachers came back and said that the majority of the students had been sent out.

“So quickly”


The students did not go in too deep.

Even though they were separated, it was easy to find them.

Perhaps its because of the black flying python, but the fiends in the mountains seemed to have been called over.

Therefore, we didnt meet any obstacles.”

The teachers were also thankful for their luck.

Elder Sun nodded, and his heart felt a little more assured.

“How many students remain inside”

“Other than the three who are dead, our batch of students are all out,” said an elder lowly.

“Four have died, and theres one missing.

The rest have already left.” Another elder looked grim.

Sun Zhongyan kept quiet for a while.

This was the worst battle situation the academy had ever been in.

If he had known it would be like this…

“Bai Chen, what about the freshmen” asked Elder Sun as he suppressed his emotions.

Bai Chen looked terrible.

“Two people died in Gu Mingzhus team, and we found their corpses in the woods.

The other three are missing, and… theres no news from Chu Liuyues team of four.”

Sun Zhongyan was shocked.

“Why is there no news The borders are only so large.

Besides, they have their signal bottles with them.

Why cant you—”

He suddenly thought of something, and his voice faded.

Bai Chen bitterly laughed.

“Ive searched the other areas, but it was to no avail.

Theres only one place I havent gone to.”

Everyone knew the place he was talking about.

They had all avoided the mountain that the black flying python occupied as they acted.

“… Theyre very possibly there!”

Everyone then fell into dead silence.

The black flying python was very dangerous.

If the few of them really were there, it would be hard for them to survive.

Sun Zhongyan tightly knitted his brows.

The next moment, he decisively said, “You guys leave first.

Ill go there on my own!”

“Elder Sun, please think twice.

That black flying python is ferocious! In this situation, we have no idea what its going to do.

If you go now, youll—”

“I cant worry so much.

If theyre not in the other areas, then they can only be there.

Its precisely because the black flying python is too formidable that I have to go there!” The other students most likely cant hold on much longer in front of so many fiends.

“Elder Sun, what if theyre not there Why dont we take…”

“Theres no time.” Sun Zhongyan shook his head.

Bai Chen immediately said, “Ill follow you!”

Si Ting stepped forward, and his handsome face looked very calm.

However, something stirred in his eyes as he said, “Master, let me go with you!”


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