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Ling Xiao Academy was powerful, but those aristocratic families werent to be trifled with! If they really made an alliance, Ling Xiao Academy might not be their match!

At times like this, it was normal for people to be very careful.

Only people like this lady who came from outside and didnt have much background would still be in the dark and want to go to Ling Xiao Academy with all their hearts!

“I see…” Mu Hongyu nodded thoughtfully. It is no wonder I felt that the atmosphere here was weird after I came.

So this had happened beforehand However, this wont affect my decision. 

“Thank you, Big Brother.” She smiled brightly and sincerely bowed to the other party.

He reminded her kindly, so she had to thank him.

“But I have a friend whos also in Ling Xiao Academy, so I have to go over and find her!”

“Hey, this kid—” On the opposite side, the big brother saw that she wasnt convinced and wanted to try again.

But meeting the ladys bright smile, he couldnt finish his remaining words.

Suddenly, he chuckled.


Miss, the friend youre in such a hurry to find is a young man, right”

Mu Hongyu wanted to say it wasnt, but an idea popped up in her mind, and she recalled that Diwu Zhangze had mentioned that Liuyue used another identity to go to Ling Xiao Academy.

Hence, she nodded.


The other party smiled in understanding and didnt ask further.

“Okay, hurry over then! If youre any later, you wont make it in time for the assessment, and you will have to wait for tomorrow!”

Mu Hongyu thanked him again and ran in the direction the person pointed.

The person on duty today was Elder Wen Xi.

He was still sitting in his usual spot as he leaned against the chair and looked very bored.

During this period of time, not many people came for the assessment.

He was here every day and basically didnt have much to do, so he was very bored.

He glanced at the sky.

“Hm, I can go back in another hour…”

He wasnt very anxious about nobody coming for the assessment.

In actual fact, the entire Ling Xiao Academy didnt take this incident to heart.

Being able to be established in the God Residence Realm for so many years and not fall after weathering so many ordeals, Ling Xiao Academy naturally had its own strengths and foundation.

They wouldnt be affected in such a short amount of time.

At this point, a young woman walked over.

“Hello, Senior.

May I know if this is where Ling Xiao Academys assessment is held”

Her voice was crisp, and it lightened ones mood instantly.

Elder Wen Xi looked up.

It was a lively and charming young woman bubbling with energy.

Elder Wen Xi looked left and right and couldnt help but laugh.


Do you want to enroll into Ling Xiao Academy”

Mu Hongyu nodded forcefully.

Elder Wen Xis gaze was fiery, and he could tell at one glance that Mu Hongyu was definitely not from a top-tier aristocratic family—not even a third-tier one.

However, she was magnanimous, well-mannered, and cultured.

She wasnt much different from the descendants of those aristocratic families.

A young lady coming here alone proved that she had guts.

Elder Wen Xi had a good impression of her and straightened his body.

“What do you want to be assessed on”

Mu Hongyu said, “Warrior!”

Her physique was special.

To be more specific, it didnt belong to any of the three cultivation aspects—heavenly doctor, warrior, or Xuan Master.

But if she had to choose one, she would be considered a warrior.

After all, she was indeed a stage-nine warrior now.

Elder Wen Xi nodded.

“Okay! You dont look too old.

As long as youre at least a stage-nine warrior, you can be admitted.”

Mu Hongyu walked over and placed her hand on the black jade.

Before she moved, she suddenly thought of something and couldnt help but raise her head to ask, “Elder, do you know Chu Yue”

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