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Chapter 140: Black flying python!

It was a blood-red python.

Its scales gave off a cold shine and aura under the sunlight.

When it spread its black skeletal wings, they almost covered up the sun.

The strong but terrifying aura was stifling.

Everyone was stunned by the scene.

Bai Chen widened his eyes as if he had been hallucinating.

“Thats… a seventh-grade fiend! Its a black flying python!”

Si Ting and the others were stunned. Seventh-grade fiend A creature that only existed in legends and rumors

“Hurry! Leave! Wen Yan cried out with a pale face as he returned to his senses.

“Send the message to everyone from the academy.

Tell them to Leave Wan Ling Mountain now!”


All the fiends in Wan Ling Mountain roared the instant the black flying python appeared.

This was their way of expressing their respect.

The black flying python flapped its wings and quickly flew towards the mountain where Chu Liuyue and the others were.

All the fiends received it respectfully since fiends had a strict hierarchy.

As a seventh-grade fiend, the black flying python was the ruler.

As a matter of fact, Wan Ling Mountain was its territory.

It moved fast and arrived at the mountain in a matter of seconds.

Its green eyes were filled with murderous intent when a strange sound tore out from its throat.

The fiends at the foot of the mountain called out in response.

All of them then rushed towards the mountain!

How did it disappear The family head gave it to me as a reward back then because he was afraid I would run into trouble.

Gu Mingzhu could not even bear to use the trump card when she was chased by the golden mane bear, but she knew she had to use it now. However, why cant I find it now

Gu Mingzhu quickly looked through her clothes and began to panic when she did not find it. How am I to leave this place safely without it!

She could not help but glance at the fiend in the sky.

Even though she did not recognize what type of fiend it was, she was certain that it was a highly-dangerous advanced fiend!

It seems ready to strike! What should I do! Gu Mingzhus heart began beating wildly.

Her face was pale, and her limbs were cold.

Hong! Long! Long!

Just as she was worrying, she heard a loud sound.

She stared at it in surprise, only to see numerous fiends rushing towards the mountain peak.

The mountain shook because of the sheer number of fiends moving.

Fear grew in Gu Mingzhus heart as she blindly ran in one direction.

Just as Chu Liuyue and the others started searching for an exit, they felt a powerful force.

A few pieces of stone fell from the wall.

Mu Hongyu was stunned.

“Whats going on! Whats happening outside”

Cen Hu said, “I think someone is attacking… No! It should be the fiends!”

What else could it be but the fiends

“Why are they attacking the mountain Are they trying to force us out” Mu Hongyu knitted her brows together.

“Why are they targeting us”

Chu Liuyue looked down.

Gu Mingfeng narrowed his eyes when he saw her expression.

“Are we going to continue” Gu Mingfeng looked at Chu Liuyue.

Staying here and making an exit didnt hold much meaning any longer.

They might not even have that much time to do so.

Given how aggressive the fiends were, they were as good as dead if they remained here.

Chu Liuyue pondered for a moment before saying, “You guys continue.

Ill head back.”

“What” Mu Hongyu was stunned and grabbed Chu Liuyue.

“Are you crazy Arent you looking for death by going back”

“The entire mountain has been surrounded.

Even if I dont go, itll be hard for us to get out.

If I go back, I can buy some time.

You guys should use the time to move forward and make a new exit.

It should be safer to leave from there.” Chu Liuyue spoke as she took something out from her sleeve.

The object was a palm-sized black crystal plate.

It was round and seemed to have a pattern engraved on it.

It seemed mysterious, and it gave off a sense of authority.

Gu Mingfeng stared at Chu Liuyue in shock when he saw the item.

“This is… a black Xuan formation crystal”

Mu Hongyu cried out when she recognized the item.

“Why do you have something like this”

Black Xuan formation crystals were Xuan formations carved into black crystals to seal the force within.

Black Xuan formation crystals were extremely precious items because even low-level Xuan Masters could activate the Xuan formations beyond their level with just a little energy.

Black Xuan formation crystals naturally had greater attacking power.

However, black Xuan formation crystals were extremely hard to carve.

Therefore, they were a rare treasure even among the noble families.

Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“Its not mine; its Gu Mingzhus.”

“Gu…” Mu Hongyu was stunned but immediately came to her senses.

“You stole it When”

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows nonchalantly.

“Thats not important.

She owes us, so well just take this as interest.”

Cen Hu raised his thumb in awe.

“No wonder you let her off that easily! I did think that you were too easy on her, but it turns out that you had something else in mind! No wonder Gu Mingzhu refused to come with us and dared to remain up there when all the fiends were at the foot of the mountain.

She intended to leave by herself since she had this trump card!”

“This Xuan formation carved on the black crystal is a fifth-level one.

Its extremely powerful and can help you all quite a bit.” Chu Liuyue handed the black Xuan formation crystal to Gu Mingfeng after she spoke.

“Ive activated about half of the formation carved into the black crystal.

You can activate it if you just infuse a little more force.

Im leaving Hongyu and Cen Hu in your hands.”

Gu Mingfeng paused because he did not expect Chu Liuyue to say something like this. Handing the two of them to me..

She trusts me

Chu Liuyue curled her lips and looked at Gu Mingfeng with conviction as if she could read his mind.

“Ill see you guys on the outside.”

Gu Mingfeng did not know how to describe how he felt.

He had never been so trusted by anyone.

Even though he was talented, people looked down on him because of his low status.

Everyone in the Gu family called him cold and heartless.

They shared the same blood, but they hurt him the most.

However, Chu Liuyue… They had only known each other for a few days, but she was willing to trust Gu Mingfeng this much.

Gu Minfeng looked into her eyes.

Her eyes were clear, without despise, sarcasm, or mocking.

Her gaze was calming.

She is serious. Gu Mingfeng felt something move at the bottom of his heart before he reached for the black Xuan formation crystal.


Chu Liuyue smiled.

Since Gu Mingfeng had agreed, it meant that he would put in his best.

Mu Hongyu and Cen Hu were both injured, so they could only rely on him.

She returned the luminous pearl without saying much.

She then turned and disappeared into the darkness.

“Liuyue…” Mu Hongyu stepped forward and wanted to stop her.

Gu Mingfeng walked over.

“Since she said that shed meet us outside, shell fulfill her promise.

Rather than worry, lets move fast and meet up with her.

We dont have much time.

The longer we take, the more danger she is in.”

Mu Hongyu bit her lip.

She struggled internally before she finally nodded.

“Lets go!”


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