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Chu Liuyues body was like a sponge as it crazily absorbed the energy from the herbs.

The two extreme energies—one as hot as fire and the other as cold as ice—circulated throughout her body and nourished every ounce of her muscle, blood, and bones.

The excruciating waves of pain kept coming one after another.

Chu Liuyue bit her lips tightly until they started to bleed.

However, she did not even make a single painful moan from the start till the end.

She tolerated it forcefully and swallowed all her sufferings.

The lack of a Yuan meridian in her body was like the dry and dehydrated ground that cracked like a tortoiseshell.

All the energy surged into her body like a thunderstorm flooding the ground.

In the past, Chu Liuyues body could not even keep the energy; she could only watch it slip away.

Now, the waves of energy kept surging in her body, and there was finally a change in her bodys Yuan meridian.

The dry and cracked Yuan meridian started getting nourished and grew.

As time passed slowly, the color of the medicinal bath also started to become lighter.

All the energy in it was absorbed by Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue shockingly discovered that some of the energy from the herbs entered her body and nourished her Yuan meridian, causing its lacking part to grow.

The remaining portion of the energy went to a small lake in her dantian.

This lake was very small and had a clear color.

When the energy entered the lake, it magically disappeared as if it was swallowed by something.

Chu Liuyue had observed it for quite some time and discovered that the lake was like a bottomless pit.

Except for a few rippling waves, there were no signs of all the energy it absorbed.

She started to become curious.

That lake was transformed from the torn, transparent page.

The blood-colored symbol that appeared at the start had never shown up again.

What exactly was it How did it get there

She searched through the original Chu Liuyues memories thoroughly but did not find any relevant memories at all.

It was as if it had appeared out of nowhere.

The crucial point was that she had clearly never seen such a thing before, but she felt a sense of familiarity towards it.

It seemed like… she brought it with her when she was reborn.

Chu Liuyue decided not to think about it and focused on her Yuan meridians recovery instead since she could not figure out what exactly was going on in such a short time.

A night quickly passed.

In the morning, Chu Liuyue woke up when the medicinal bath turned transparent.

After briefly packing her items, Chu Liuyue found some wood, made a simple quincuncial pile, carved a wooden statue, and placed it at the side.

She then tied one sandbag to each of her limbs and started training.

The training was very simple, but this was the most convenient and effective method to strengthen her body quickly in this scenario.

The Chu family had their own training ground, but she had always been ostracized.

If she went there, she might cause some unwanted trouble.

Even though she was not scared of trouble, she did not want to waste any time on it.

She wanted to frighten the rest and cause them to tone down on the bullying a little by using Chu Liansheng as a warning to the rest.

She even made use of her marriage agreement with the Crown Prince to shock First Elder, Chu Xianmin, and the rest.

She then had to take advantage of this time to improve her body condition to the best that it could be.

Her forehead started to sweat; her breathing started to intensify, and her entire body was as heavy as a rock after running around the yard for a short period.

Chu Liuyue was helpless.

This body was too weak.

If she did not train it, she would not even be able to absorb the energy from the herbs, let alone from other sources.

Sweat gradually drenched her shirt.

It was currently July, the hottest month of the year.

One could just imagine how hard it would be to train intensely under the ferocious sun.

Her face turned red; her lips were pale as sweat trickled down her neck.

Her black hair was stuck to her face, and she looked terrible.

When she pushed her body out of her comfort zone, her legs turned to jelly, and she literally knelt on the floor.

However, she did not stop.

She went in front of the wooden statue, took a deep breath, and started training her basic moves.

In her previous life, she no longer trained in this aspect after she became a stage three warrior when she was seven.

She focused on higher levels of martial arts and the Xuan symbol.

It was lucky that she knew all the harshest and most accurate moves.

Her experience was very useful to her now that she was picking them up again.




In the quiet yard, one could only hear the sounds of a body hitting a wooden statue.

The atmosphere was very solemn.

Chu Liuyue kept training herself like a maniac as if she did not know what exhaustion was.

Chu Ning worked as the Dragon Tiger Stores second-in-charge.

The Dragon Tiger Store was a weapons store under the Chu family that normally sold knives, swords, and other weapons.

He was sent to work here after he got injured since he was pretty knowledgeable about various weapons.

He was supposed to be the second-in-charge, but his status was still very low since he was trampled on by his younger brother—Chu Xianmins father—Chu Yan.

Furthermore, all the servants also ostracized him.

However, Chu Ning discovered that these people were targeting him even more today.

When he went back to the store, he saw that all the weapons were placed haphazardly.

He knitted his brows.

“Xiao Song, why didnt you clean this place up Everything is in a mess.”

Wu Song continued to sit and not move as he munched on his plum and said lazily, “If its messy, you can clean it up on your own.

Cant you see that Im busy” When he talked, the few people in the store all turned around to look at them.

Chu Nings blood boiled as he saw Wu Song roll his eyes and chuckle.

“Do you still think that youre the Chu familys Eldest Young Master You should pee on the floor and use it to take a look at yourself!”

The crowd laughed in secret and were all waiting to see Chu Nings farce.

Everyone knew that his daughter, Chu Liuyue, had thoroughly offended Third Missy Chu Xianmin.

The father-daughter duo would definitely not have it easy in the future.

Perhaps they would be chased out of the Chu family soon.

Chu Ning took a deep breath and said solemnly, “Does that mean youre not going to clean it up”

Wu Song ignored him, finished his last plum, and clapped his hands as he stood up.

He walked to the side and extended his hands to make a mess out of everything that was arranged nicely.

Cling! Kuang!

All the daggers, swords, and knives dropped all over the floor.

“Isnt it even messier now I think you should clean it up yourself.

Haha!” said Wu Song as he laughed arrogantly.

Once Chu Ning left, it would only be a matter of when he became the second-in-charge as long as he sucked up to the stores first-in-charge, Chu Yan.

Chu Ning clenched his fists tightly.

Wu Song whistled nonchalantly.

“Oh Do you want to fight I think you havent improved much over the years, right Do you want to test your skills” As he was talking, his gaze purposely landed on Chu Nings leg.

His gaze made Chu Nings anger erupt; he sent a flying punch out.

Wu Song moved backward and dodged the punch very quickly.

“Hah, is that all…” Before he could finish his mockery, Chu Ning swiftly moved forward and sent out a second punch.


Wu Song was not prepared at all and was hit square in the face.

He directly fell onto the floor, and his nose and mouth started bleeding.

However, Chu Ning did not let him off and followed closely after.

He grabbed Wu Song by his collar and gave him a good beating.

His punches rained down, and Wu Song quickly became unconscious.

Everyone looked on with their mouths agape.

Wu Song was not weak.

Logically speaking, a half-crippled Chu Ning should not be faster than Wu Song! So how were Chu Nings actions faster than Wu Songs


Chu Ning smashed Wu Songs head on the floor and finally stopped when he saw blood on his hands.

His sharp gaze looked towards the crowd.

“Is there anyone else who wants to fight it out”

Everyone subconsciously took a step back.


The weak and easily bullied Chu Ning… seemed to have changed!

Chu Ning wiped away the blood on his hands and was stunned the moment he turned around. Thats not right It seems like my actions are much faster than before.

The force in my body also seems to be even smoother than before when I rushed over.

He slowly lowered his head and looked at his right shin.

For some reason, he suddenly thought of Yueer passing him that bowl of medicine.

She had said that he would definitely get better.


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