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Chapter 138: Way Out

Chu Liuyue could not understand why.

She had never been to Wan Ling Mountain, nor had she hunted or provoked any of the fiends.

However, whether it was the livid horse at the beginning or the red wolf pack later, she became increasingly certain that the fiends were targeting her.

“Liuyue, what do we do now” Even the bold Mu Hongyu felt uneasy because of the scene.

Chu Liuyue pondered for a moment before saying, “Mr.

Dongfang once said that Wan Ling Mountains fiends rarely leave the woods.

If we head out, we might be able to shake them off.”

Mu Hongyu nodded.

“Thats right! Lets hurry and get out of here!”

One or two fiends were fine, and a pack of fiends was somewhat manageable.

However, innumerable fiends were heading their way! They were as good as dead if they fought head-on! Even their teachers and elders might not be the fiends match!

Gu Mingfeng suddenly spoke up, his expression tense.

“It might be quite difficult to leave now.”

The others looked towards the foot of the mountain and saw that the golden-eyed demons from the south had stopped moving as well.

They had neatly lined up like an army and looked up in unison.

The fiends eyes were filled with cold cruelty.

Their gazes were also as sharp as knives as they looked at the group.

Within their eyes was the pure and unadulterated desire to kill!

“Th-they have blocked off the path!” Cen Hu cried out.

Gu Mingfeng shook his head.

“No, all our exits have been sealed shut.”

Almost at the same time the golden-eyed demons arrived, the other fiends arrived and sealed off all exits.

As far as their eyes could see, fiends were lined up with murderous intent in their eyes.

The few of them sank into silence.

Anyone could tell that they were in a desperate situation.

Given the strength difference between both parties, the outcome was quite clear.

Mu Hongyus face was a little pale.

“Are we going to die here today” She looked towards Chu Liuyue almost instinctively, but the latters eyebrows were knitted tightly together.

Mu Hongyu then laughed at herself.

I must be crazy.

In this situation, Chu Liuyue would not be able to do anything, no matter how capable she is.

The others kept quiet.

The atmosphere was heavy and somber as if it was frozen.

“Go back,” Chu Liuyue said suddenly.

The others froze.

“Back where Were surrounded now.

Theres no way we can break out…”

“Back into the cave,” Chu Liuyue said as she headed back to the cave.

The first person to react was actually Gu Mingzhu.

She backed away and screamed out loud.

“Im not going back!”

Chu Liuyue looked back with a frown.

Perhaps it was because she had been frightened by the scene at the foot of the mountain, but Gu Mingzhu was a little hysterical.

“Chu Liuyue, dont drag me along with you if you want to die! The entire mountain has been surrounded! Going back to the cave means death! I wont go back with you all!”

Chu Liuyue looked at her like she was looking at a lunatic.

She did not have the energy to deal with Gu Mingzhu right now.

Besides, she did not even intend to bring the burdensome person with her.


With that, she looked towards Mu Hongyu and the others.

“Come on; time waits for no one.”

The others immediately caught up with her when they heard her.

Even though they did not know what Chu Liuyue was thinking, her tone and expression inspired confidence in them.

Besides, after everything they had been through, they saw Chu Liuyue as their leader.

They would follow anything she did at this point.

Their group quickly disappeared into the cave.

Only Gu Mingzhu was left on the mountains midway point.

She only returned to her senses, filled with disbelief, when the others disappeared completely.

Chu Liuyue and the others actually let me off that easily


The roars of the fiends jolted Gu Mingzhu back to reality.

She looked down and felt the murderous intent.

Her legs went soft, and she almost fell to her knees on the ground.

No, no! I cannot die here! I have to make it out alive! Thankfully, I have a trump card…

As the others headed back into the cave, Cen Hu looked back indignantly.

“Liuyue, we have not taken our revenge yet, but were letting her leave like this Thats letting her off too easy!”

“Since shes tired of leaving, why should we stop her” Chu Liuyue said calmly.

Cen Hus eyes brightened up.

“You mean…”

“Weve been surrounded outside, so its impossible for her to escape.

Death is inevitable.” She saw right through Gu Mingzhus plot.

Rather than spend the energy to deal with her, Chu Liuyue would rather Gu Mingzhu send herself to her own doom.

“Whatever, enough of her! Liuyue, lets focus on what we can do! We cant keep hiding in this cave!” said Mu Hongyu worriedly as she hugged the golden mane bear cub.

“Who said were waiting to die here” retorted Chu Liuyue softly.

The trio eyed one another.

“Golden mane bears are strong, but they hibernate every winter.

Normally speaking, they will not hibernate in their usual nest to avoid being disturbed by other fiends.

Instead, they will choose a more secretive location that is usually linked to their original nest for ease of movement,” explained Chu Liuyue patiently as she headed deeper into the cave.

However, the others caught up immediately.

“Are you saying that we can quietly leave from the golden mane bears hibernation spot”

As they spoke, the group arrived at the golden mane bear cubs nest from earlier.

Cen Hu rushed over and looked around, but he was disappointed when he did not find anything.

“Theres nothing here Liuyue, can it be that this doesnt lead to the golden mane bears hibernation spot After all, this entire mountain belongs to it.

Isnt it the same if it just directly leaves from outside”

“If it really were that easy to find, the golden mane bear would not have lived till now.” As Chu Liuyue spoke, she indicated for Mu Hongyu to put the golden mane bear cub down.

The golden mane bear cub was still a little confused about being removed from the warm embrace.

It blinked as it began to crawl towards Mu Hongyu.

Chu Liuyue asked Mu Hongyu to step further away as she stepped forward herself.

She then tapped the cub on its forehead, and it tumbled backward.

It refused to give up and got up to continue forward.

Chu Liuyue stopped it again.

After a few times, it finally stopped.

It glared at Chu Liuyue angrily and indignantly before it turned and left.

It crawled to a certain spot and lay down next to the cave wall.

Chu Liuyues eyes lit up when she stepped forward and found that the walls color was indeed different from that of the rest.

“This is it!”

She placed her hand on the wall and pushed it with force.


A hole appeared in the wall!


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