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Chapter 135: See if you have the good fortune

The streaks of light continued to wind tighter as the golden mane bear struggled in vain.

Before long, its range of movement was reduced.

Its angry cries also quietened down until it finally stopped moving, not making any sound.

Crimson blood spread on the floor, staining it and making it extra bloody and eerie.

Everyone only saw what had happened within the streaks of light when they faded away.

The strong and muscular golden mane bear had shrunk.

It was covered in wounds and had been twisted in an unnatural manner.

The blood on the floor came from it.

Mu Hongyu turned and gagged after she took one look.

Cen Hu barely held on, but his pale face had lost its last signs of blood.

Only Gu Mingfeng fared a little better.

The corners of his eyes just twitched a little when he saw the scene.

His heart was put at ease.

After settling the pressing problem, they could finally be considered safe.

But… more problems were brewing quietly.

He could not help but glance at Chu Liuyue.

The latter was rather calm.

Other than having a pale face from exhausting all her energy, Chu Liuyues eyes were peaceful and calm as if she did not mind the bloody mess before her.

But then again, she was the one who created it.

If she did not create that Xuan formation to kill the golden mane bear, they might be dead there and then.

What kind of person is she She can actually… Gu Mingfeng pursed his lips.

He knew long ago that Chu Liuyue was different.

However, he realized that she was far more complex than he had thought after the battle today.

Chu Liuyue could finally relax after confirming that the golden mane bear was dead.

When she relaxed, the exhaustion caught up with her.

She didnt even have the energy to move a single finger.

She said to Gu Mingfeng, “Its a pity that its body is ruined, but its pearl of essence should still be there.

Go get it.”

The latter shook his head.

“You killed it.

Therefore, it belongs to you.”

If I werent too tired, I would have picked it up myself, Chu Liuyue thought to herself.

The blood ferret from before appeared again and skipped over to the golden mane bears carcass.

It swiped its paw and easily found the pale-red pearl of essence.

It then cleaned the pearl with its tail and returned to Chu Liuyues side.

It presented the pearl of essence to Chu Liuyue with both paws as if presenting her a treasure.

Its big eyes looked at Chu Liuyue without blinking as if waiting for her to praise it.

Chu Liuyue laughed. This little fellow runs faster than anyone when were in trouble and returns to acts coy when the danger is over.

Its definitely smart.

However, it doesnt draw my disdain.

Chu Liuyue took the item and thought about it, planning to give it to Mu Hongyu later.

At this thought, she walked over to Mu Hongyu and helped the latter up.

“Hongyu, are you okay”

Mu Hongyu thought that she was doomed, but Chu Liuyue saved her at the last second.

For that, she was relieved and grateful.

While bearing the pain, she wiped the blood away from her face.

“Im fine! Theyre just superficial injuries.

Ill be fine in no time.

If it werent for you…”

“We could only win because you and Cen Hu held it back.” Chu Liuyue shook her head, and her eyes landed on Mu Hongyus shoulder.

It looked like it was fractured.

“Sit down and have a rest.

Ill set your bone for you later.”

Mu Hongyu only realized then that Chu Liuyue had seen right through her.

She laughed bitterly.

“Your eyes are too formidable.”

Chu Liuyue did not reveal that she had taken Mu Hongyus pulse while she had helped the latter up.

But these external injuries werent the most crucial ones.

Mu Hongyus most serious wounds were her internal injuries.

After helping Mu Hongyu settle down, Chu Liuyue went to check on Cen Hu.

His injuries were worse than Mu Hongyus.

He had been injured before, and things had only become worse.

His left forearm was fractured, and he had broken two ribs.

Things did not look good.

Thankfully, Cen Hu was rather hardy.

He could really put up with the pain.

He did not even make a single sound when Chu Liuyue set his bone.

He even smiled when she dressed his wounds.

“Liuyue, youre amazing.

Even a fourth-grade fiend is not your match! That Xuan formation was not a stage-two one, right To think you said that you were only a stage-two Xuan Master… You wouldve fooled us if we didnt see it with our own eyes!”

Chu Liuyue smiled.

“I really am a stage-two Xuan Master.

I would not have been able to execute it without Gu Mingfengs help.”

Cen Hu felt that something was off, but he could not put his finger on it.

“In any case, youre really strong! I think youre better than those arrogant Xuan Masters on campus!”

The entire Imperial City called her a good-for-nothing.

Little did they know that she was a true prodigy.

Chu Liuyue paused when she heard that.

She turned and looked behind her.

She had almost forgotten about the other person, Gu Mingzhu.

Upon sensing Chu Liuyue looking at her, Gu Mingzhu shuddered as she felt fear build up in her.

The earlier scene was too scary.

Her stomach had churned for a long time, and she had finally managed to calm it down.

However, her emotions were still in a jumble.

Chu Liuyue actually created a fourth-level Xuan formation! Didnt they say that she was still new to this Isnt she a stage-two Xuan Master How does one explain everything that just happened!

“Wh-what do you want” Gu Mingzhu stammered.

“Nothing much.

I just think we should hold you accountable now that weve solved the matter,” said Chu Liuyue as she looked towards Gu Mingfeng with a smile.

“Gu Mingfeng, do you mind watching her for me”

Gu Mingzhu cried out sharply.

“How dare you!”

Gu Mingfeng nodded without saying a word.

He walked towards Gu Mingzhu and tied her up tightly with rope.

Even though Gu Mingfeng was a stage-three Xuan Master, running for her life earlier had exhausted her.

She was no match for a martial artist like Gu Mingfeng in her current state.

Her face was red from anger as she continued yelling.

“Gu Mingfeng, are you crazy! You know what kind of status you have! How dare you raise a hand against me! Ill tell Master what happened when I get home, and hell make you pay for this!”

Gu Mingfeng ignored her as he expressionlessly tied her hands behind her.

“You disrespectful b*stard! You…”


A loud slap cut off her string of insults.

Her face was slanted to the side as her left cheek quickly swelled up.

Gu Mingfeng looked at her coldly.

“I never said that I dont hit women.

Besides, youve got to make sure you live long enough to complain if you want to do it!”

Gu Mingzhu stared at him.

The silent, lowly teenager that she could bully at will had grown up and become a dangerous man!

Chu Liuyue walked over to Mu Hongyu.

She pressed down on the latters shoulder as she carefully set the bone.

Without looking up, she calmly said, “Its not too late to get rid of her after she has repaid what she owes us.”


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