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Chapter 134: Stage-Four Xuan formation

Gu Mingzhu, who was standing afar and watching the scene coldly, finally felt that something was amiss.

Thus, she put her crossed arms down and knitted her brows tightly. Thats not right! Chu Liuyue is a stage-two Xuan Master.

Logically speaking, she can only control a little more than ten strands of Heaven and Earth Force, so how can she still continue Besides, her movements are very smooth.

Its as if setting up the Xuan formation is very easy for her.

Time trickled past, and the Xuan formation in front of Chu Liuyue gradually became complicated.

Gu Mingfeng watched until his eyelids twitched. It is no wonder I felt that the Xuan formation looked weird.

It turned out to be a general outline.

It only started to look normal after Chu Liuyue filled it in.

From a distance away, Gu Mingfeng could already faintly feel the strength of it, and he was shocked by it. Didnt Chu Liuyue say that she is a stage-two Xuan Master This Xuan formation is obviously stronger than a second-level one! What exactly is Chu Liuyue doing

Compared to Gu Mingfeng, who did not know much about Xuan formations, Gu Mingzhu—who was also a Xuan Master—watched on as her mouth was agape.

She could clearly see that the Xuan formation Chu Liuyue set up had reached the third stage.

However, Chu Liuyue had no intentions of stopping.

Perhaps… Is she going to continue How can she do it

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Mu Hongyu and Cen Hu had already been battling the golden mane bear for quite some time, and both of them gained more and more injuries as their energy began to deplete.

The golden mane bear also became more ferocious than ever after the repeated taunts.

It kept on attacking them violently.

“Liuyue, are you done” In a moment of carelessness, Mu Hongyu was hit by the force wave and roughly fell on the floor, causing abrasions all over her face.

Chu Liuyue stared at the Xuan formation in front of her with all her might.

“Half a minute more!”

Mu Hongyu clenched her teeth.

Actually, half a minute was not long.

However, the point was that their abilities were no match for the golden mane bear.

Every second and minute was torture!

However, Mu Hongyu still agreed without hesitation.


Without caring about the injuries on her body, Mu Hongyu clenched her teeth and stood up.

“Hongyu, move away!” hollered Cen Hu all of a sudden.

Mu Hongyus heart skipped a beat.

When she looked over, Cen Hu was actually running towards the bear.

Mu Hongyus heart stopped.

Cen Hu had a muscular build and was considered one of the bigger students amongst them.

However, he appeared much smaller in front of the golden mane bear.

Does he not want his life Going straight up like that is very dangerous!

When it saw Cen Hu rush up to its side, the bears eyes burned with fire.

It suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a ball of fire.

“Oh my god! This guy still has more moves!” Cen Hu cursed as he bent his body, barely avoiding the fireball.

However, the high heat still made him feel scorching pain on his face.

After this, he pushed himself up with his palm and ran straight for the bear again.

An axe appeared in his hand, and he swung it straight at the golden mane bear.


The axe landed, but the bear remained unharmed.

Cen Hu just felt that the axe landed on a terribly hard platinum stone.

The axe directly broke into two, and half of his arm was numb.

He knew that the situation wasnt good in his heart.

This fiends strength was way higher than what he thought.

However, this move had really angered the golden mane bear.

The golden mane bear roared loudly, and the strong suppression almost burst Cen Hus eardrums.


At the same time, its palm was heading towards his head.

Cen Hu would definitely die if he was hit!

Cen Hu held his breath, circled the golden mane bears thighs half a round, and bent his back to avoid this attack with much difficulty.

The golden mane bear was very fast and strong.

Cen Hu only had a small advantage when he was close to it.

However, this situation did not last for long.

After failing to catch Cen Hu twice, the bear decisively gave up on fighting and turned around to rush for Chu Liuyue.

It had already vaguely felt uneasy and realized that it had to stop Chu Liuyue immediately.

Cen Hu was anxious and actually went forward to hug the bears thigh.

The bear flung him away easily, and he landed on the floor loudly.


Cen Hus organs were about to burst after he was attacked repeatedly.

The old and new injuries made him vomit blood out suddenly, and the atmosphere immediately became dispirited.

The moment the bear took a step toward Chu Liuyue, someone ran forward.

It was Mu Hongyu.

At this point, she had already exhausted all her strength and could only use the most stupid and dangerous method to block the bear, just as Cen Hu had done.

“Liuyue, quick!” yelled Mu Hongyu anxiously, as her throat filled with a bloody smell.

At this point, Chu Liuyue finally finished the last stroke of her Xuan formation.

Her face was as white as a sheet, and her body was trembling.

It looked as if she would crumble any moment since she had forcefully set up a Xuan formation higher than her current cultivation stage.

However, her eyes were still determined as usual.

“Gu Mingfeng, help!”

The moment Chu Liuyue said that, Gu Mingfeng immediately acted.

With a push of his palm, he injected his force into the Xuan formation.


The Xuan formation immediately glowed brightly.

The Xuan formation—which was originally the size of a chessboard—instantly expanded when Gu Mingfeng injected his force into it.

Chu Liuyue stared at it closely and merged both of their force bit by bit.

The Xuan formation was already the size of a human the next moment.

It was very bright, and the suppression was faint.

Chu Liuyue felt like all the energy in her body had vanished since her entire person was very weak, and her vision kept turning black.

From the corner of its eyes, the golden mane bear flung Mu Hongyu away in frustration and raised its legs as if it intended to trample on them directly.

Its stomp would be filled with strength.

Mu Hongyu lay on the floor with blood all over her, and she had lost all the strength to move.

Upon seeing the bear paw coming for her, Mu Hongyu lost all hope and closed her eyes.

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth.



The Xuan formation suddenly activated.

At this moment, the countless shining rays of light within the formation went straight for the bear at lightning speed.

The mighty suppression overwhelmed all of them.

The golden mane bear felt the danger and panicked.

However, the frightening force had already landed on it.

The bears gigantic body looked as if it was drowned by a running wave.

Everyone could only see countless silver lines wrapping around it, tying the bear down in a deadly fashion.

Upon seeing this scene, Gu Mingzhu finally could not help but gasp.

“Stage-four Wood Origin Formation” Chu Liuyue actually knows how to set up a formation of this level


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