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Chapter 133: Stage-Two Xuan Master

When Gu Mingzhu heard that the bear would not stop until she died, her eyelids violently twitched.

She took a deep breath in and forced herself to stand up straight.

“Chu Liuyue, I was never frightened as I grew up.

You dont have to make up these lies to scare me.

Golden mane bears are powerful, but I didnt even take the cub.

Its still safely resting in their cave.

This golden mane bear wont resort to—”

“You should be clearer than any of us if it will resort to doing that!” It was as if Chu Liuyues face had been covered in frost as her cold glare made Gu Mingzhu increasingly nervous.

She opened her mouth to argue but could not utter a single word under Chu Liuyues glaring eyes.

Finally, she turned away in embarrassment.

Actually, she also noticed that something was wrong.

After the golden mane bear discovered her, she knew that something was wrong and hurriedly threw the cub back before turning around to leave.

However, this golden mane bear seemed bent on killing her and continued chasing after her.

It kept on following her, no matter where she went.

This was also why she had nervously called for help.

She knew that the golden mane bear was following behind her and that it would kill her at any moment.

She very clearly knew that Chu Liuyues words had an 80% chance of being true.

Upon seeing Gu Mingzhus guilty appearance, Mu Hongyu and the rest understood everything.

They became so angry that their teeth were itchy.

This is akin to pushing us into a fire.

If it werent for Gu Mingzhu, we wouldnt have met with such a troublesome matter!

Just as the few people confronted each other, the golden mane bear took another step forward.


The ground trembled, and so did their hearts.

Chu Liuyue turned around to take a look.

The golden mane bear stood not far away from them, and the nearby trees were all broken.

The entire ground was messy.

It looked down at the few of them, and its gray eyes—the size of fists—were cold and heartless.

Chu Liuyue could distinctly feel the anger and contempt in its eyes.

It was as if it were looking at ants.

Fiends of this size would usually win with their strength, but they lacked speed.

However, golden mane bears were an exception.

Based on its abilities, killing Gu Mingzhu was as easy as ABC.

However, Gu Mingzhu actually survived till now and had run so far away.

It undoubtedly wanted to use this method to force Gu Mingzhu to break down.

It would only act when she suffered enough pressure and pain.

Chu Liuyue did not expect for them to be so unlucky to meet with the fiend coincidentally.

The golden mane bear would probably kill them as well.

“Liuyue, how should we escape…” asked Mu Hongyu nervously.

Even the courageous Mu Hongyu had noticed the severity of the situation.

“We cant escape.

A mature golden mane bears attacking power is almost similar to that of a stage-five warrior.

Even if we work together, we wont win against it.

Besides, were all injured.”

“What should we do then Are we going to die here today”

Chu Liuyue held her breath.

“Hold it off first.

Ill set up a Xuan formation.”

Once she said that, everyone was shocked.

“Xuan formation Right! Were all injured, so a Xuan formation will be even more powerful than us right now!” Mu Hongyu heaved a sigh of relief in her heart.

Gu Mingfeng suddenly thought of something.

“What stage are you at as a Xuan Master”

Chu Liuyue paused.

“Stage two.”

Once she finished her sentence, the surroundings fell into dead silence.

As if Gu Mingzhu had heard the biggest joke on earth, she let out a mocking “Hah,” before arrogantly saying, “Stage-two Xuan Master Chu Liuyue, are you okay You want to win against the golden mane bear just based on your cultivation level Dream on!”

Chu Liuyue looked calm and collected.

She had only been reborn for two months or so, so she could only control a limited amount of Heaven and Earth Force.

She could only set up stage-two Xuan formations temporarily.

Even Mu Hongyu and the rest showed faces of disappointment.

They really had no chance with a stage-two Xuan Master… Gu Mingzhu had previously become a stage-three Xuan Master, but she was not its match, let alone them.

“Cen Hu, Hongyu, both of you need to think of some ways to hold the bear back later.

Gu Mingfeng, come and help me set up the Xuan formation.” Chu Liuyue cleanly instructed them.

Mu Hongyu and Cen Hu looked at each other and nodded.


No matter what, they had to give it a go!

Gu Mingfeng slightly knitted his brows.

“Im not a Xuan Master.

How can I help you”

Chu Liuyue explained what he had to do.

“When I set up the Xuan formation, circulate force into its core.”

Gu Mingfeng knitted his brows even more tightly.

“How can a Xuan Master use other peoples force when setting up a Xuan formation”

If this worked, Xuan Masters could just casually find a few people to help them when they were battling.

How could a Xuan formation work if the force didnt match, let alone work against this golden mane bear

Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“Ill settle this problem myself.

I just need you to do your best.”

After seeing her nonchalant and confident look, Gu Mingfeng finally agreed after hesitating slightly.

“I still owe you a favor, so Ill do my best.”

Chu Liuyue looked at him in a seemingly smiling manner.

“I hope you can do what you say.”

Gu Mingfengs heart skipped a beat.

For some reason, he always felt that Chu Liuyue had seen through something…

He opened his mouth to say something, but he saw that Chu Liuyue had already held her breath in and focused all her energy as she raised her hands and started setting up the Xuan formation.

Mu Hongyu and Cen Hu went up together and blocked the golden mane bear.

The golden mane bear looked down with contempt and mockery as if it were mocking these few people for not knowing their own abilities.

“Cen Hu! Ill go in front, and youll be at the back,” said Mu Hongyu coyly as she stood up.

“Okay!” Cen Hu immediately answered her and attacked from another direction.

While staring at the petty little human beings in front of it, the golden mane bear mercilessly slapped them.

Mu Hongyu barely avoided it and landed on a tree trunk nearby.

Even though this slap did not hit her, the harsh wind still made Mu Hongyu feel like her face was on fire.

It was not hard to imagine how serious her injuries would be if the bears thick, gigantic palm landed on them.

Mu Hongyu fearfully blinked and did not dare to relax a single bit as she baited the golden mane bear instead.

“Come on!”

The golden mane bears anger burst out and heavily swung its palm at Mu Hongyu.

Mu Hongyu was agile.

Once it saw the figure moving, she used the tree branchs elasticity and jumped across the golden mane bears head to the other side.


The tree she was originally standing in front of was suddenly split into two.

On the other end, Cen Hu was also taunting the golden mane bear.

The two of them angered the bear one after another so that it threw a tantrum.

The surrounding trees were all swept to the ground, and it was very messy.

Chu Liuyue waved her finger in the air.

A silver line came out of her fingertips just like water.

The second and third lines came out very quickly.

Not long later, tens of silver lines appeared in front of Chu Liuyue.

These few lines intersected with each other and formed a weird-looking pattern.

From far away, it looked like the Eight Trigrams, but it looked a little weird with its empty inside.

Gu Mingfeng stood near her and intensely stared at the front as he circulated his force, prepared to act at any moment.

However, Chu Liuyue stared at the Xuan formation in front of her and had no intentions of asking him for help.

Gu Mingfeng knitted his brows and found the Xuan formation a little weird.

He had seen Xuan Masters in action.

In his memory, Xuan Masters didnt take this long to set up a stage-two Xuan formation… Besides, Chu Liuyues Xuan formation looked a little weird, like it was too… spacious.

He soon discovered that Chu Liuyue did not stop in her actions.

Instead, her fingertips continuously drew silver lines as she continued setting up her Xuan formation.


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