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Chapter 122: Marry Me to Repay My Favor

Of course, Chu Xianmin will return.

With her current miserable state, she can only depend on herself.

However, I dont know how Chu Xianmin will feel when she comes back since the Crown Prince and Lu Yao has gotten into trouble one after another.

“Minmin, why didnt you invite us to your wedding We were all waiting to follow behind the sedan chair and join in the fun.” A familiar voice sounded from around the corner.

Chu Liuyue and Mu Hongyu looked at each other and walked over.

The person talking was indeed Lu Feiyan.

At this point, she surrounded a person with a few other girls.

That person was wearing a face veil, and her figure looked similar to Chu Xianmins.

“Thats right! We didnt receive your invitation card, and we didnt even know the date.

If you asked us to go, we definitely wouldve gone, even if we had to take leave from school.”

“Were on such good terms, so why did you hide it from me” Lu Feiyan was actually furious.

She originally planned to follow Chu Xianmin when she married the Crown Prince, so she could at least meet him.

However, Chu Xianmin did not even invite them.

They had no way of going without an invitation card.

Lu Feiyan could not help but suspect that Chu Xianmin did it on purpose to have the Crown Prince for herself since Lu Feiyan had missed such a good opportunity.

Even though she said that sentence while smiling, her eyes were filled with displeasure.

“It was on very short notice, and we didnt have enough time to do many things.

T-thus, I forgot about you all… I didnt do it on purpose,” said Chu Xianmin while clenching her teeth.

She clearly knew what these few people were thinking. No way will I let you laugh at me.

Lu Feiyan purposely smiled and said, “The Crown Prince has always liked you and even allowed you to come back to the academy for lessons.

Minmin, you must be having a good time at Crown Prince Mansion, right”

Chu Xianmin forcefully agreed and said, “I havent come to school for a few days, soI need to find the teachers.

Ill talk to you later.” She then walked away from the few people to leave.

However, she coincidentally saw the person she hated the most once she looked up.

Chu Liuyue! Chu Xianmins blood boiled as her nails dug deep into her palms.

If looks could kill people, Chu Liuyue would probably have wounds all over her body.

Mu Hongyu alertly glared at her.

“What do you want”

However, Chu Xianmin did not say anything and directly walked past Chu Liuyue and Mu Hongyu.

“That was strange.

If it were last time, she definitely wouldnt have taken it lying.

Why did her personality change after she married the Crown Prince” muttered Mu Hongyu softly.

Chu Liuyue looked at Chu Xianmins departing back view, in deep thought, and smiled.

“The good show is at the end.

Lets go.”

The Imperial City looked calm as usual, but some people had sensitively detected that something was amiss already—the Crown Prince seemed to be in trouble.

The most obvious point was that the books sent to Crown Prince Mansion in the past were all sent back to the palace now.

On the surface, Emperor Jiawen said that the Crown Prince was about to break through to the next level, so he did not want to distract the Crown Prince for the time being.

However, in reality, the smarter ones knew that the Crown Princes authority had been taken away.

Besides, the Crown Prince had been stuck behind closed doors recently and rejected all invitations.

There was obviously a problem.

However, the palace strictly prevented any news from spreading, so the public did not have any way of finding out what happened.

They could only guess the situation secretly, choosing to observe the changes quietly.

Some people were also sitting on the fence and started to make preparations for themselves while acting in secret.

“Third Brother, what exactly is Father planning to do Theres solid evidence that the Crown Prince sent someone to kill you.

How can Father just allow him to reflect on his mistakes in Crown Prince Mansion No matter how highly Father thinks of him, Father shouldnt just casually end the matter like this.” Rong Feng knitted his brows tightly and did not understand his fathers actions.

Rong Jiu and I immediately understood after receiving Seventh Royal Brothersbig present.

We then worked together to gather a lot more evidence over the next few days.

After that, Third Brother presented all of the evidence to Father.

The Crown Prince couldnt even deny them.

However, why did Father get so angry but let him off so easily

Rong Jiu looked calm.

“Those pieces of evidence can severely affect the Crown Prince, but its a little too naive to think that the evidence can destroy him.”

“But this matter cant just end like this.” Rong Feng anxiously stood up and paced back and forth.

“Even though he really didnt attack you, he cant deny what he tried to do to Seventh Brother.

We merely changed the victim to you.

How can Father protect him like this As the Emperor, shouldnt he hate this type of matter the most”

“Its true, but you forgot that the Crown Prince has still kind of hit the right spot, even though Father hates the fact that the Crown Prince attacked me.

Its because of this that the Crown Princes punishment became a lot lighter,” said Rong Jiu as he smiled in a self-deprecating manner.

Doesnt Father want to do this to me as well by making me stay in the Imperial City Now that the Crown Prince has acted for me, it makes me much more relaxed.

Hence, Rong Jins status as the Crown Prince will not waver.

Upon seeing Rong Jius gaze, Rong Feng suddenly understood something.

“Third Brother, are you saying that Father… However, things have already come to this stage.

Isnt it better to just drag the Crown Prince down”

Rong Jiu closed his eyes.

“Theres no rush.”

The outside world was secretly chaotic, but Chu Liuyue had a peaceful life in the academy.

Time flew to the end of August, and with the Fiend Tidal just around the corner, the academys atmosphere became even more exciting and boisterous.

Thrilled chatter could be heard everywhere as the students cultivated even more intensely.

Chu Liuyue could clearly feel that more people were going to Jiuyou Tower.

She did not know that cultivation time in Jiuyou Tower was very hard to earn, so many people could not afford to come every day.

They would only come more often when they were about to break through to the next stage or when key events neared.

Chu Liuyue originally wanted to try to break through to the warriors second stage, but she failed once again and decided not to think about it.

When Chu Liuyue returned to her lodging at night, she saw a familiar figure once she walked in.

No, it was two figures.

Rong Xiu and Xue Xue.

Chu Liuyue found it a little weird.

“Hm, Your Highness, why are you so free today”

Rong Xiu seemed to be very busy during this period.

Even though he came a few times, he always came in the middle of the night and left early in the morning.

Sometimes, she did not even see him and only knew that he had come here when she smelled the faint cold fragrance.

Today was a rare occasion.

Rong Xiu slightly raised his brows, took out a box, and passed it to Chu Liuyue.

“Open it up and take a look.”

Chu Liuyue received the box and opened it with a light flick.

A dagger was quietly lying in there.

She removed it from the black sheath, and a harsh glare instantly flashed in her eyes.

This dagger is very sharp. Chu Liuyue was surprised.

Upon closer inspection, she could see two very thin, leaf-sized flying blades.

One look at them, and Chu Liuyue could feel the immense suppression inside.

She looked up in confusion.

“This is…”

“The toys you have arent usable.

I specifically prepared this for you.”

Chu Liuyue then remembered that Rong Xiu had said similar words before.

However, she thought that he was kidding and did not expect him to be serious.

Her heart tingled.

“Your Highness, youve been going out early and coming back late at night recently.

Could it be because of this”

Rong Xiu inched in closer, and his eyes sparkled like the night sky filled with stars.

In a low and enticing voice, he said, “Then… how are you going to repay me Why dont you marry me to repay the favor…”

He suddenly paused and looked down to see the blade in front of his chest.

“… I can also marry you to repay the favor instead.”


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