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Chapter 115: Form a Team

“Fiend Tidal” Chu Liuyue was confused.

“You dont know this too Wan Ling Mountain will experience a Fiend Tidal every August, and countless fiends will fight to go there, even the powerful ones.

If youre lucky, you might even meet an advanced fiend.

This is the best time to hunt for fiends, and the academy sends elders to bring us there every year.

Students can form teams on their own, and well take action in teams after we reach Wan Ling Mountain.

The kind of fiends we get to hunt will then be based on our own abilities,” explained Mu Hongyu.

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized what happened.

The original owner seemed to have a blurred impression of this because the Crown Prince, Rong Jin, hunted his fourth-grade fire-eyed leopard during the Fiend Tidal a year ago.

When the news spread, Rong Jin was put in the spotlight for quite a while.

Everyone knew that the Crown Prince was strong and could even personally hunt such a fiend.

One needed to know that a first-grade to third-grade fiend could only be considered as a low-grade one, while fourth-grade to sixth-grade fiends belonged to the middle-grade.

Seventh-grade to ninth-grade fiends were fiends that only existed in rumors.

Even though a fourth-grade fiend was only one grade higher than a third-grade one, both were actually worlds apart.

However, Chu Liuyue had been busy cultivating recently and did not care much about that.

Mu Hongyu is telling me this…

“You want to team with me” asked Chu Liuyue.

“Yeah!” Mu Hongyu nodded magnanimously and did not hide her intentions.

“Youre the top scholar in the warrior assessment and also a Xuan Master.

Thus, you can be considered as one of the most capable people in our cohort.

Who else should I team with Dont worry.

I wont drag you down.

In another half a month, I can likely break through and become a stage-four warrior.”

Chu Liuyue was not worried about this.

Mu Hongyu did lose to Gu Mingfeng in the previous assessment and came in third.

This ability could be considered as one that was stronger than average.

“Okay, lets work together then.” She had no reason to reject Mu Hongyus passionate invitation.

Mu Hongyu was surprised at Chu Liuyue readily agreeing to her request.

“Y-You really agreed”

“Yeah, is there anything wrong”

“Not really.

Its just… Xuan Masters always look down on us warriors, and we dont really like them too.

Thus, we rarely team together.

Wont they say anything if youre teaming with me, now that youre a Xuan Master” asked Mu Hongyu hesitantly.

Chu Liuyue laughed. This fight is really childish.

Why would anyone care about this in a world where abilities are prioritized

“Theres no need for that.”

Upon seeing Chu Liuyues nonchalance, Mu Hongyu smiled, and her almond-like eyes sparkled.

“Okay, this is a deal then! You can pull anyone over if you have any other people in mind.

We need five people to form a team, so we still need three more.”

Chu Liuyue thought for a while before saying, “You can just make the decisions.” She was not familiar with these people, so she would just let Mu Hongyu do the work.

When Mu Hongyu heard that, she instantly felt that Chu Liuyue completely trusted her, giving her an even better impression of Chu Liuyue.


When Chu Liuyue went for the meditation class in the afternoon, she saw Gu Mingzhu standing at the door.

The moment Gu Mingzhu saw her walking over, her face darkened.

Chu Liuyue walked over at normal speed.

“Second Gu Missy, did you bring the two Xuan formation drawings today”

Gu Mingzhu looked even worse as she took out two rolls of Xuan formation drawings from her sleeves and threw them at Chu Liuyue.

“Arent they just two Xuan formation drawings Whats there to rush me about Here they are!”

Chu Liuyue gently took the items and opened them to take a look.

After she confirmed that they were fifth-grade Xuan formation drawings, her lips curled up, and she delightedly said, “Second Gu Missy has said before that my status has degraded after leaving the Chu family.

Therefore, fifth-grade Xuan formation drawings are very valuable to me.

Im not like Second Gu Missy, who can easily wager these items in a bet.”

Gu Mingzhu was so angry that her face turned white.

She did not even dare to tell her family head about this.

Even though she was doted on in the Gu family, the family head would never have let her off if he found out about this.

However, Chu Liuyue rushed Gu Mingzhu every time she saw her, saying that she would go straight to the Gu family and demand for the drawings if Gu Mingzhu didnt give her them.

How would Gu Mingzhu dare to let Chu Liuyue suffer so much She could only beg her mother in private and bring the items over.

She was even badly scolded for this.

After seeing how happy Chu Liuyue was, the resentment in Gu Mingzhus heart was about to burst out.

“Chu Liuyue, Ill remember you for this.

You better pray hard that I wont find fault with you.

If not, youll get it from me!”

Chu Liuyue waved the Xuan formation drawings in her hands.

“Thank you, Second Gu Missy, for remembering me.

If there are more good presents, Ill be more than grateful.”

Gu Mingzhu was furious, but she could only swallow her anger because class was about to start and more people were coming in.

She harshly glared at Chu Liuyue before turning to enter the room.

Chu Liuyue ignored her and walked in as well.

The people in the room had gathered into groups as if they were all discussing something.

Once Chu Liuyue sat down on her seat, she saw Si Yang waving at her.

“Hey, sick perv—Chu Liuyue! Why dont you group with us for the Fiend Tidal”

It turns out that everyone was talking about this. Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“Ive already agreed to group with someone else.

Thanks for asking.”

“What Someone already asked you Who” Si Yang gave up once he heard her words.

“Mu Hongyu.”

Si Yang was stunned and painfully said, “Mu Hongyu That princess Is there something wrong with you You, me, and my brother—the three top Xuan Masters—combined will be unbeatable.

Why did you group with her Besides… shes a warrior!”

“Im also a warrior.” Chu Liuyue glanced at him.

“Is there a rule which states that warriors and Xuan Masters cant group together”

Si Yang was stumped.

“No, but…” I planned it so well at first, but why did Mu Hongyu act so fast

“We already have four people now, and were just missing you.

If you dont join us, what will we do”

When Chu Liuyue heard that, she shook her head silently.

If it was only Si Ting and Si Yang, she could still discuss with Mu Hongyu, but four people meant trouble.

Besides, she originally did not want to interact with Si Ting much, so this was better.

“I already made a deal with Mu Hongyu, so I cant go back on my words.

Sorry.” After she finished her sentence, she took out her chess pieces and had no intentions of continuing the conversation.

Si Yang defeatedly looked at Si Ting.

Si Ting looked nonchalant.

“Since its so, lets find someone else.”

Si Yang sighed in his heart.

He could tell that his brother had feelings for Chu Liuyue and wanted to create an opportunity for him during the Fiend Tidal, but…

“Si Ting, can I join you I havent formed a team yet.” Gu Mingzhu had been eavesdropping on their conversation and immediately spoke when she saw the opportunity.

She looked at Si Ting, filled with hope.


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