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Chu Liuyue raised her brows.

“Cheating Are you saying that I peeked at Si Tings method, and thats why I can solve the Xuan formation Gu Mingzhu, both Si Ting and I are right under Mr.

Dongfangs nose.

We can be clearly seen if we attempted to do anything.

Are you suspecting that Mr.

Dongfang is protecting me”

Dongfang Qing knitted his brows and looked at Gu Mingzhu.

“Gu Mingzhu, this isnt a place for you to play around.”

“Im not playing!” Once Gu Mingzhu said that, she regretted it in her heart.

Saying such things in front of Mr.

Dongfang meant stirring up trouble for herself.

However, she had already said it.

What else could she do

She clenched her teeth decisively and hardened her heart.


Dongfang, dont you find it weird Why did Chu Liuyue solve it so soon after Si Ting Isnt this too weird”

The spectators looked at each other and cast their doubts on the matter.

Dongfang Qing was so angry that he laughed.

“Gu Mingzhu, this isnt the first time youve had lessons here.

Dont you clearly know whether one can cheat and look at how the people around solve the Xuan formation”

The room fell into silence.

This was true.

Even though everybody sat beside each other, there was some distance between the seats, and one could not see the other partys situation that easily.

The most important thing was that this chessboard was used to train ones abilities to solve Xuan formations.

So, usually, only the person sitting right in front of the board could see it clearly.

One would just see a blurred figure when viewing it from anywhere else.

Although Chu Liuyue and Si Ting sat right beside each other, logically speaking, Chu Liuyue should not have seen anything from her seat.

Si Yang broke into a smile and mocked, “Gu Mingzhu, youre pretty near my brothers seat as well.

You can also look up and see how he solved the formation.

Why didnt you solve the second one Hm”

Gu Mingzhus face flushed red, and she could not say a word.

“Even though I dont want to admit it, this pervert is actually pretty talented.

Did you think that Elder Sun and the rest could be so easily tricked” Si Yang very clearly remembered how Elder Suns attitude towards Chu Liuyue that day was filled with admiration.

Initially, he could not believe it as well.

However, he realized Chu Liuyue really wasnt an average person after that.

He could not win against her, but he was willing to admit her excellence, unlike Gu Mingzhu.

“Gu Mingzhu, could it be that you cant afford to lose”

Gu Mingzhu glared at Si Yang harshly.

“Shut up!”

Chu Liuyue smiled harmoniously.

“Second Gu Missy, youre so distinguished, so youre definitely not someone who will go back on their words.

Previously, you talked about how the two scrolls of Xuan formations are clearly in front of everyone else.

If you go back on your words, then it would be very shameless—”

“Who are you calling shameless” Gu Mingzhu could tell that Chu Liuyue was scolding her and instantly became anxious.

Chu Liuyue blinked in shock.

“Second Gu Missy, what do you mean by that Do you really not plan to carry out your end of the deal”

Gu Mingzhu was very indignant. Chu Liuyue has said everything.

What else can I say

She could not help but look at Dongfang Qing and noticed his annoyed expression.

She knew that if she continued making a ruckus, it would do no good for herself.

“Its just two scrolls of Xuan formations.

Ill just give them to you.” She pressed her hands against the chessboard and forcefully curbed the anger in her heart as she thought of how she would explain to her family later on.

If it were anything else, it would be easier to talk about it.

However, if her family head knew that she lost them because of a bet…

“Second Gu Missy, youre truly generous.

Thank you so much.” Even though Chu Liuyue did not care for those Xuan formation drawings, she had no reason to reject them when the other party had offered them herself.

After Chu Liuyue finished her sentence, she looked at Dongfang Qing.


Dongfang, can I end my lesson now”

Dongfang Qing originally wanted to keep her behind and talk to her, but he didnt force her to stay after seeing that she looked like she wanted to leave a long time ago.

He laughed.

“Of course.”

“Thank you, Mr.

Dongfang,” said Chu Liuyue as she briefly packed her items and walked out.

Almost at the same time, Si Ting bade Dongfang Qing farewell and followed Chu Liuyue out.

While looking at the duos disappearing back views, Gu Mingzhu bit her lower lip and slammed the chessboard in frustration.


“If you walk out with me, youll just get me into more trouble.” After walking out of the room, Chu Liuyue turned around to look at Si Ting, who was behind her.

Si Ting knitted his brows slightly.

“Sorry for causing you trouble, but theres nothing between Gu Mingzhu and me.”

He knew that Gu Mingzhu was interested in him, but they did not talk privately on normal days, so he did not know that Gu Mingzhu would purposely cause trouble for Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue was obviously intelligent as she had already guessed the reason.

For some reason, he was nervous because he was afraid that Chu Liuyue would misunderstand, but he seemingly had a strange expectation.

“That has nothing to do with me.” Chu Liuyue shook her head.

It was normal for a young and handsome man like him to attract all sorts of love.

Initially, she did not really care about it.

It would not be good if it affected her.

“However, I hope nothing of this sort will happen in the future.

So, lets not meet if theres nothing important.”

Si Ting felt as if a whole bucket of cold water was poured over him when he heard the young girls distant and polite tone.

His lips moved as if he wanted to explain, but a thought flashed across his mind. What right did I have to explain

Chu Liuyue walked forward and gently said, “But thanks for today.”

Si Ting hesitated for a while and hurriedly went forward to block her path.

“I promise that this wont happen again, but I have a question that I hope you can answer.”

Chu Liuyue nodded, indicating for him to ask his question.

Si Ting paused for a while and stared at Chu Liuyues dark and clear eyes.

He enunciated every word carefully as he asked, “You solved the second formation long before, right”

Chu Liuyue looked at him with much interest and retorted, “Didnt you as well”

Si Ting was suddenly stumped.

He had always hidden it very well.

Even Dongfang Qing did not discover it, but… Chu Liuyue noticed it instantly.

Chu Liuyue had long noticed that something was amiss with Si Ting.

She finally noticed the problem when they came to class together today—he was also hiding his talent and abilities.

Even though Chu Liuyue did not know the reason, she had no interest in probing.

“Then… how long did you take” Si Ting did not deny it and looked at Chu Liuyue with a more investigative gaze.

Chu Liuyues lips curved up, and she walked past him.

“Ive answered your question.

I have nothing else to say about the rest.”

Si Ting turned around but only saw the young girls slim figure gradually disappear.

When she returned to her lodgings, the sky had already turned dark.

The moment she walked in, she alertly stopped in her tracks and quickly brandished a dagger towards her behind.

“Who are you”

Her wrist was held by a lukewarm, strong hand.

With a forceful pull, she easily fell into the persons arms.

Chu Liuyue was shocked and turned her wrist as a silver light flashed across her eyes.

At this time, a familiar cold fragrance attacked her nose, which made her stop in her tracks.

“Yueer, are you trying to kill your husband” The lazy voice sounded beside her ear.

Chu Liuyue looked up and saw a handsome face that one could not get mad at.

“Rong Xiu”


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