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Chapter 30: Catching Xia Yu Red-Handed

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Xia Wan smiled. thats right. Since you went to the hospital yesterday, Ive only just met you. I didnt have the chance to steal your money.

“The only ones who had the chance to steal money were those who were with you yesterday.

“That is, Xia Yus family.”

Hearing Xia Wans conclusion, Li Jin immediately retorted, “Youre talking nonsense! Xia Yu is so obedient. How could she steal my money you must be talking nonsense!”

Xia Ye and Xia He were also a little flustered, and they quickly explained, “We didnt steal any money. Xia Wan, dont talk nonsense!

Xia Wan didnt even look at them and asked Li Jin, “Then, grandma, was the ten yuan note that you threw away a ten yuan note or small change”

Under Xia Wans intense gaze, Li Jin subconsciously told the truth. “Two five-yuan notes.”

“Alright,” she said. Xia Wan agreed and didnt say anything else.

Very soon, they arrived at the convenience store. Xia Yu had brought a few of his friends and was eating crispy noodle snacks at the store entrance and had lollipops in his pocket. He was drooling. Furthermore, Xia Yu was fat, to begin with, so he looked like a pig that was scouring for vegetables.

Li Jin saw Xia Yu eating and immediately walked over. “Xia Yu, eat slowly. No ones snatching it from you. Youre injured, and your body is weak, so you really should eat more.”

She then looked at Xia Yus friends with a loving look in her eyes. She smiled and said, “Did you guys treat Xia Yu to a meal because you knew he was sick”

The few kids looked at each other and nodded in tacit agreement.

Xia Yu, on the other hand, was panicking. One of his arms was bandaged, and he looked a little disheveled. Thus, seeing that many people had gathered behind Li Jin, Xia Yus intuition told her that something was wrong.

Xia Wan chuckled and directly asked the boss of the small shop. “Boss, who paid for the snacks just now”

The boss, Wang Ju, smiled. “Of course, its Xia Yu. This child is very generous. He bought a lot of snacks for his friends.

“How much did he pay” Xia Wan asked again.

“Two five-yuan notes, ” Wang Ju said. I even gave him three yuan of change.

Xia Yu panicked. His face turned pale, and he subconsciously tried to hide.

Li Jins smile disappeared, and he grabbed Xia Yu, feeling both angry and anxious.

She slapped Xia Yus back. “You little brat. Grandmas been so nice to you, but you actually dared to steal my money Have I spoilt you too much You actually dare to steal my money!

Although Li Jin was old, she had been working for a long time and had a lot of strength. In addition, Xia Yu was injured and couldnt move at all, so Xia Yu couldnt dodge at all.

Xia Wan just stood there coldly. Though the misunderstanding had been resolved, she didnt seem to be happy.

Li Jin secretly hated Xia Yu for being such a disappointment. Not only did she steal the money, but she also caused her to lose face in front of Xia Wan. After all, she had previously insisted that Xia Wan and her two brothers were the ones who stole the money.

The truth was out, and the thief turned out not to be the three grandchildren she disliked, but her most valued grandson, Xia Yu.

This enraged Li Jin, and her attacks became much more ruthless.

Normally, even if Xia Yu had stolen money, she wouldnt have been so ruthless.

Not planning to let Li Jin go, Xia Wan continued, “Grandma, didnt you say before that if someone stole your money, you had to make the other party pay ten times the amount Since it was Xia Yu who stole the money, then let his father, Xia He, pay for it.”

“Grandma, youre the justest one around here. You wont go back on your word, right”

Hearing Xia Wans words, Li Jin stopped hitting Xia Yu and started to act shamelessly. Xia Hes salary has all been handed to me. Unlike your family, however, you kept your own. Xia He doesnt have any money to give me.

Xia Wan sneered.

Li Jin had been cruel enough to her family.

However, once it came to Xia Yus family, they would immediately be partial to them.

Xia he and Xia Ye were relieved. It was a good thing that Li Jin was on their side.

They had originally wanted Li Jin to punish Xia Wans family, but now, it was their family who had stolen the money.

This was simply ridiculous!

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Xia Wan stared coldly at Xia Yus friends.



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