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The Darkness Rises (Based on Stranger Things and IT) Mr. Miserable

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"She should be back by now," exclaimed a worried Allie. "Im sure shes fine," assured Evan. "What if something happened to her?" Allie questioned. "Shes fine, Im sure she just went home or something. It wouldn be her first time nor her last. "I guess you

e right," said Allie, but telling herself that on the inside though, didn feel right.

"Ok, next time don make me late,\ said Stacy. "Don worry I won ," promised Aidan. "Ok well I have English 11 now so Ill see you after class, right?" Stacy asked, raising her eyebrow. "Yes, I will, jerk," Aidan said, half joking, half not. They both laughed "See ya, asshole," Stacy snapped back as she walked away getting the last laugh. "Ok, now off to cooking," Aidan thought to himself as he walked down the hallway. Then, just out of the corner of his eye he saw a decrepit, dark, shadowy hand reach out of the bathroom and wave at him. Aidan turned around as fast as one could but realized he mustve just had a piece of dust or something in the corner of his eye and kept walking.

Stacy walked into her English 11 class and sat down. "Hello class, this year I will be filling in since the original teacher has now passed on in the afterlife." "However, fear not. I have actually taught English many times before, so this should be a piece of cake." "Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Geoffrey, I am 48 years old and I have been a teacher for 25 years as of now." "I am very old style therefore, you will be taught old style. "Well, look at mister miserable." Stacy thought to herself. But as soon as she thought that it seemed like he looked at her for a second and then continued. "Wow, I can see Im gonna love this guy already," Stacy sarcastically remarked in her head. Then out of nowhere, reality seemed to break and the whole classroom just ripped away into shreds right in front of Stacy. "What the actual **!" Stacy screamed. Then out of nowhere Mr. Geoffrey looked her dead in the eye "Killing your mother was wonderful, you won last long either, oh don freight small one, death is quick, but being forgotten is quicker." Stacy screamed as loud as she could but then reality came back and all of a sudden she was back in the regular classroom and everybody was staring at her. "Wow, whats wrong with you?" asked Selena, Toms bitchy girlfriend. Stacy got up and ran out of the classroom in both shock and embarrassment. "Was that really just all in my head, or was it real?" Stacy questioned herself in her head. "It had to be real, Ive never seen anything like it," she thought to herself.

"But how did he know about mom, nobody has ever known what happened to her, not even dad." she scrambled in her mind trying to find a plausible answer to it, all while sitting at the end of the hallway sobbing. "Ring" "Ring" Ring" went the school bell as everybody barged out of their classrooms.

Meanwhile in Blackheart laboratories…

"Sir Im detecting a lot of energy at both where Jake was found and the school, but most of all at The Old Black Heart Residence," said a frantic Dr. Rennings. "I don believe it, run some more tests, this is catastrophic, so you better be damn sure," stated Dr. Brown. "Will do sir," Promised Dr. Rennings.

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