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I sighed, fiddling with my round, bloated stomach.




I was taught that eating like this is rude behavior.


The food served by the wolves was so delicious that I ate a lot until my stomach swelled up.


What if the wolves see me as a rude child


It was difficult.

I was in a position to look good to wolves.


‘But the cake was so delicious.’


The cake with strawberries on it made my mouth water again.


Yeah, I couldn’t help it.


I hadn’t even had lunch since I was following Kendrick.


When I rationalized it like that, I felt a little relieved.


I dipped my face in the water and looked outside with only my eyes sticking out.


Bubbles bubbled up from the water.


While I was taking a bath in the small washbasin, the maids were standing next to me, holding soft towels.


“Hmm Lady, do you need anything else”




I shook my head.


The maids walked up to me with a white towel that looked fluffy.


“You’ll catch a cold if you stay in the water for too long.

Come on, that’s all for today.”


A maid carefully pulled me out of the water.

I could feel water dripping from my wet fur.


Ugh, it’s cold.




“Yes, I’ll dry your fur right away.”


She said softly and ruffled my fur with her rough hands.




I looked up at her with an unexpected rough touch.


“I’ll dry it for you soon.”


The maid rubbed me lightly, emphasizing whether she interpreted my gaze as ‘Please dry it quickly.’


Of course, if you dry it like this, it dries quickly, but— isn’t it too hard


I was almost becoming a dough in the hands of the maid.


“C, chirp…”


S, save me—.


Then, a maid who knew that I was being crushed scolded the maid who was drying my fur.


“Oh my, Lena! You could damage all of the Lady’s fur!” 


“…Isn’t this how you dry it”


“Of course, you can’t dry it like a wolf.

Lady is a baby bird.

You have to dry it carefully.”


She took the towel from the hand of a maid named Lena and tapped me to dry my hair softly.


“Look, you have to dry it this gently.”


The maid’s touch was warm and soft, so I blinked.




But is it okay to be so carefree—.


I need to meet the head of the family soon and get married. 


All I did today at the wolf house was eat a delicious cake and take a wonderful bath.


It would have been better if he had told me to try using this ability instead. 


‘I am the daughter of a hostile family, and you really treat me like a guest.’


I felt strange.


“You worked hard to come a long way, are you tired”


“Wash up and get some rest.

Then, I’ll take care of your bed.”


The maids said affectionately.

I nodded blankly.


Then the maids carefully dried all my fur and organized the bed.


The maids alternated between a very thick blanket and a small body of mine, and finally spoke with a determined expression.


“No way.

I’ll remove the blanket!”


She looked at me as if I was going to die under the blanket. 


Lena and the two maids carefully looked after my bed.


After removing the huge blanket and bringing me a soft and thin blanket, they carefully closed the white curtains.


I sat on the bed and stared at them as they moved.


“Come on, take a rest now.”


Lena smiled softly and laid me on the bed.


I was led by the touch and lay dimly on a soft blanket.


A while ago, I took a bath with a lot of petals, so my body smelled good.


“Then I’ll be on my way now~.

Take a good rest!”


I was still wide awake, but I nodded.


But then, the lights in the room went black in an instant.




I was startled and jumped up right away.


‘T, they turn off the light.’


The ceiling lamp of the mansion was made of magic stone, and when one was turned off, it turned off all the other lamps.


But Lena turned off the light.

Thanks to this, the ceiling lights and the small lights on the wall were all turned off.


I was startled and hurriedly crawled out of bed.


The maids seemed to be turning around.

The sound of footsteps was getting farther away.


T, this can’t be. 




Then, as the door opened a little, light poured through the crack of the door.


“C, chirp!”


I ran to the maids crying without missing the chance.


I didn’t want to be alone in the dark.


I feel like the strong smoke is squeezing my throat.

It seemed as if a blazing fire was coming at any moment.


It was the same as when I went into Kendrick’s pocket.


As soon as they turned off the light, my mind went blank, and I couldn’t think of anything else.

Only the thought of getting out of here.


I felt my wings tremble.

I quickly flew up and climbed onto the maid’s shoulder just before they left.


“O, oh my.



The maid looked at me with round eyes in surprise.


“C, chirp…”


I flapped my wings and clung to the maid’s neck.

And I shook my head.


It’s been a long time since I forgot that these maids are wolves that might eat me.


‘D, don’t leave me alone!’


I didn’t want to be alone in the dark anymore.


As I clung to the maid’s neck, I cried uncontrollably.


“C, chirp…”


“Lady, are you afraid of the dark place”


Lena asked cautiously, as if worried.

I nodded frantically without missing a moment. 


“Oh my, you should say it—ah!”



“You can’t speak since you’re in beast form.

Oh my—I’ll turn it on again.”


There was a rushing sound of someone running, and the light quickly turned on.


I was able to calm down a little only then.


I could still feel my heart beating fast.


The maids sat me on a soft blanket and sat around me to check my condition.


“Hey, Betty.

Go and get me a glass of water.”


“Ung, I’ll be right back.”


Betty came back really quickly.

She handed me a glass of water.


I made my way up to the edge of the cup of water and let out a few sniffles before taking a drink of the water.


I repeatedly took a sip and lifted my head.


After repeating it a few times, I felt a little calmed down.


‘I’m afraid of the dark.’


When I was in Kendrick’s pocket, I thought it was just because the pockets were narrow and stuffy.


After going through this situation, I knew.

The fact that I am afraid of ‘dark places’ after returning to the past.


It wasn’t like that in my previous life.


Maybe because the scene where I was burned to death was so clear in my mind


I drank the water while sniffling with tears on my dry face.


“From now on, I’ll ask first and then pull it off.

Will you be okay then”


Nod, nod.




“Okay, if you’re afraid of sleeping alone, we’ll be by your side……”


I shook my head quickly.




‘I don’t need that!’


Because I’m afraid of the dark, not of being alone.


Besides, I was so scared earlier that I forgot for a moment, but these maids in front of me were wolves.


Wait, I think I’ve been through something like this once


After all, these maids were wolves.

A wolf that might eat me while I sleep.


Of course, as long as there is Kendrick’s order, they won’t be rude to me—.


‘Actually, they treated me with respect.’


But I’ve always been taught to be vigilant! So I shook my head two more times quickly.


Then the maid nodded her head with a sad face.


“Then we’ll be on our way.

If there’s anything wrong, call me!”


“Make sure to call me!”


The maids rushed out of the room.


I was then able to close my eyes with peace of mind in a bright room.




Kendrick found me the day after I got to the mansion.


“Hello, baby.” 


He affectionately called me out and held out his hand.


I stretched out my wings and flew vigorously and landed in his hand without hesitation.




“Is the transformation still not working” 


I’ve been trying to get it out all night, but it just doesn’t work for me.


Perhaps he understood my feelings, Kendrick comforted me with familiarity.


“It’s all right, it’ll work out someday.

Don’t be too impatient.”


I sat on Kendrick’s shoulder and smiled at him.


“Do you like your room”


Kendrick asked quite nicely.


I pondered for a moment.


Of course, I didn’t like the room.

First, because the room was so big that there was nothing I could do properly.


That was partly because I was in a beast form—but I could be sure that it wouldn’t be much different in a human form.


I don’t know about the children of the wolf family, but it was definitely a room too big for the children of the bird family.


Besides, my body was a little small.




‘Because they just have to let me be everywhere!’


I could even sleep in the barn as long as they didn’t send me back to Raniero.


Also, I told myself that I would look good for Kendrick yesterday and not be a burden.


I nodded my head in agreement.


“I don’t know how to prepare suddenly.

If there’s something uncomfortable, I’ll fix it anytime.”




I sat next to Kendrick Yekhardt’s face and fluffed up my fur to show that I was okay.


I could feel the soft hair touching his neck.


Then Kendrick asked with a smile.


“If it’s okay with you, I’d like to introduce you to my son at dinner.”




Will I finally get to see him


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