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Joshua and Ethan seemed a little surprised when the children arrived at the mansion.


As soon as the two butlers saw Leona and Cain, they left, saying they would contact Fernando and Hezeth.


And what was surprising and tiring was that the escorts of the lion family and the snake family would be the same.


The Young Master and the Lady they were serving suddenly went to the Yekhardt residence, so they would stay overnight in someone else’s mansion.


However, Leona went around the mansion as if she didn’t care about those things.


“Wow, it’s huge.

It’s similar to our mansion.

It looks like our mansion is a little older.

My brothers have ripped off all the wallpaper.”


The servants’ faces turned white for a moment.


I headed for my room, taking Leona wandering around and Cain standing bashfully.


“Lady, would you like some tea and dessert”


“Ung, please.”


I nodded, closed the door, and put Arsene on the bed.






I already felt tired because of Leona was walking around the room excitedly.


While holding Arsene’s hand tightly, I patted the bed.


“Leon, Leon! Come here.

Cain, you too.”




Arsene waved his hand as if not to come up to the bed and soon lay down as if he were tired.


“Let’s do something fun.

What do you think”


“What is it”


“It’s a game where the person who moves first loses.

It’s going to be fun, right”




Leona tilted her head for a moment and then fell down next to Arsene.





Cain also crept up and lay down next to me.


In his unwavering behavior, I remembered again that Cain was a member of the Snake family.


We lay down and stared at the ceiling.


Since I met Leona, it has been noisy, but it has been a long time since it was so quiet. 


I slowly closed my eyes in the momentary peace I had found through my still play.


But that’s also for a while.


“I lost.

Let’s play, Linsy.



“…Why did you lose No, you can win…and lie back, Leon.”


“I lost.”


Leona jumped out of bed, declaring proudly.


Thanks to Leona getting up, the cushion on the bed swayed slightly.


Then, with good timing, the maid served tea and dessert on the tray.


I welcomed the maid with joy.


Because I saw Leona sitting quietly while eating snacks.


The maid put four pieces of cake, snacks, and a teapot with juice on the small tea table.


Then, I frowned at the tea table with only two chairs.


Soon they brought two more chairs from Arsene’s room and let Cain and Leona sit down.


“Enjoy your meal~.”


The maid hurriedly left the room.


Arsene was lying on the bed saying he didn’t want to eat the snacks, and Cain, Leona and me sat around the tea table. 


However, when I saw Leona constantly moving while eating snacks, I finally realized the meaning of Lamont’s smile.


A faint smile passed across Lamont’s mouth when Leona asked to play with us at the temple.


‘…It was a sense of freedom!’


It was a sense of freedom to get away from his daughter.

No wonder he looked so refreshed while sending his daughter away. 


I put the cookie in my mouth and chewed it.

After being tormented by Leona all day, I didn’t even have the energy to chew a cookie. 




Knock, knock.


A knock was heard.

We both looked toward the door at the same time.


“Come in~.”


At the end of the sentence, Joshua came in and bowed his head.




“The Adjutant of the Hezeth family has arrived.

Young Master Cain.” 


“…Adjutant Is Deborah here”


Cain’s pupils shook.

Cain sighed and stood up from his seat, putting down the cookie he was eating.


Cain, who stood up, looked very weak, so Leona and I both stood up together, keeping an eye on each other.


However, Arsene was still lying on the bed.




Leona and I chased after Cain as he walked away.


In the midst of this, Leona glanced at Cain and teased him.


“Cain, are you crying”




“Are you crying”


“Stop it, Leon.”


I stopped Leona.

It was because Cain would really shed tears if she did any more.


As we went down the spiral staircase, I saw a woman standing tall at the entrance of the mansion.


Her hair was neatly tied up high and tucked back, and she was wearing a neatly angled uniform.


“Young Master Cain.”


“Did Dad tell you to bring me” 


“Yes, there was an order to bring you.” 


Then, Leona suddenly asked.


“But why are you taking him Can’t he sleep here”


“Lady Leona, Lady Linsy.

I apologize for the late greetings.

My name is Deborah, the direct adjutant of the head of the Hezeth family.

The Young Master is still in a state where he has not been able to properly handle his ability, and the Lord strictly prohibits contact with people who are not members of the snake family.

I ask for your understanding.”


Deborah said everything, then bowed her head.


Leona and I nodded and listened to Deborah.


“Has Cain ever made a mistake while using his ability”  


Leona asked in an innocent tone.


“Not yet.

But I’m worried…” 


“That’s it! It’s okay because I haven’t done that yet.

I’ll play more and send it to you.



Leona dragged Cain with her stubbornness.

Cain was dragged along as Leona led her with a bewildered expression.


“Huh Lady Leona! No! Young Master…!”


“Even if he uses it wrong… can’t we just heal it Linsy, you know how to use your power, right”


“Ung, I know how to use it.”


I nodded.


Originally, the snake clan’s poison could be cured with the bird clan’s ability.


So, the snake clan was also one of the clans that didn’t get along well with Raniero.


‘No, actually, if I think about it…’


There aren’t many clans that get along well.


Raniero repeatedly refused the requests for treatment from other clans or demanded a huge amount of money for treatment.


Deborah looked at me once, then at Cain, with a confused look.


“Of course, you can heal it, but…The head of the family is not the only one who is worried.” 


“That…If anything happens, I will heal it.

So, just for today, please.” 


I looked at Cain’s face, who was very depressed and talked.


“If there is a problem, I will make sure to tell you.”


Deborah sighed.

And asked me carefully.


“Then can I stay at the mansion today I will return home with the Young Master tomorrow morning.”




Do I have to answer


I looked at Joshua and Ethan standing side by side in panic.

“You are also a member of Yeckhart, so you can give permission for it.”


“Yes, then I will give you permission, Deborah.

Have a good rest…!”


I mimicked the tone of Ethan and Joshua and bowed slightly on my knees.


Deborah laughed slowly and kissed the back of my hand softly.


“Thank you, Lady.”


“…Then, can I sleep here” 


Cain asked cautiously.


“If something happens, I have to deal with it.

Young Master, please play comfortably.

To the Lord, I… will contact him separately.” 


As soon as Deborah’s words finished, Cain’s face brightened.


Leona said, pressing her index finger on Cain’s forehead.


“Hey, I helped.

You can’t forget it, right” 


“…I know, I know! How troublesome…” 


Cain quickly went from being depressed to his usual self—a bit grumpy. 


We went back to my room in a good way.


Meanwhile, Arsene was asleep.


After confirming that Arsene was asleep, I put my index finger on my mouth.


“Shhh…! Arsene is sleeping!”


We sneaked out and moved to the next room, Arsene’s room.


And in the meantime,


Kendrick arrived at the mansion.


* * *


“…What is the situation” 


Kendrick easily guessed the situation when he saw the Lion and Snake clans escort knights standing side by side in front of the mansion.


‘The kids came to sleep.’


Somehow, Lamont’s expression today seemed somewhat relieved.



Kendrick clicks his tongue as he steps into the mansion.


The servants greeted Kendrick.


“How would you like your dinner, my Lord Should I set it up right away” 


“You don’t need to prepare the meal.

I ate outside.

Just take care of the kids.”


Kendrick beckoned.

At that time, Deborah, who was standing outside the mansion, came in and bowed to Kendrick.


“My name is Deborah, the adjutant of Hezeth.

It’s an honor to meet you.” 


“Are you staying here too I went out for a while and while I returned, the mansion became an inn room.”



Kendrick clicked his tongue.

But Kendrick’s mood didn’t look that bad.


“I’m going to be in the study all day, so if anything happens, you can report it.

Then go get some rest.” 


Kendrick slipped past Deborah and went upstairs to where the children were staying.


Then he opened the door to Linsy’s room, confirmed that Arsene was soundly asleep, and closed the door again.


‘He must have been very tired.’


It would be the first time today that he would see so many friends his age, so of course, he was tired.


Kendrick opened the door to Arsene’s room next door.


As expected, Cain, Linsy, and Leona were all asleep.


He shook his hand and gestured at the maid, who followed him.


“Feed them when they wake up because they’re sleeping soundly.

Who cooks”


“Akim, the chef of this mansion, was in charge.

I’m worried that the Lady won’t be able to eat unfamiliar food well….” 


“Yeah, good job.

Feed them later when they wake up.”


Kendrick slowly closed the door and walked to his study.


He has no idea what will happen in the future.


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