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“Did you bring the holy relic well” 




When Kendrick saw the familiar face, he raised his head and smiled.


“Did you bring the kids Leon was bothering me so much because of you talking nonsense… She’s crazy about making friends.

You know, the other kids don’t play with Leon.”


Lamont said as if he was in trouble.


Lamont’s daughter, Leona Fernando, was seven years old this year. 


However, she was stronger and more playful than her older brothers, and the children of the other clan heads avoided playing with Leona. 


‘I didn’t expect her to have better stamina than her older brothers.’ 


Leona’s two older brothers, Aslan and Theovalt, were 15 and 14 years old this year and currently attending the academy. 


Aslan and Theovalt were both stronger than kids from other families, which was to be expected since they were from the Fernando family. 


But Leona’s physical strength is more outstanding and stronger than her two older brothers.


‘It’s not unreasonable to avoid it.’


Lamont nodded slowly as if to admit.


There were also things that didn’t match the age.


Except for Leona, Arsene, and the snake clan’s heir, Cain, everyone was attending the academy.


So it was no wonder that Leona’s eyes lit up when she talked about her friend. 


“Does the lion clan have no friends”


“She said she wouldn’t be able to play with the Lion Clan’s kids because they weren’t on the same level.

She didn’t even think that she was a lion…”


What will she do when she grows up Lamont clicks his tongue. 


“What do you mean you have a kid who looks just like you when you were young”


“I wasn’t like that when I was young.

I’m already afraid of the first transformation.

His brothers ate the entire window on the first floor of the mansion during their first transformation—I think Leon will eat the whole mansion.” 


A shadow fell over Lamont’s face.

Seeing this, Kendrick laughed lightly. 


“You have to take responsibility.

What can you do when all of your bloodlines are like that And, of course, I brought the holy relic.

Yeckhart’s knights are escorting them with three layers.” 


“Are there any problems with the holy relic”


“Lamont, didn’t you decide not to talk about it”


Kendrick growled in discomfort.


Seven years ago. 


There was a time when there was a problem with the holy relic kept by Yeckhart, the head of the wolf clan.


The very day Arsene was born.


At the same time as Arsene was born, the blue sapphire kept by Yeckhart turned black.


And at the same time, Kendrick’s wife and Arsene’s mother, Irene Yeckhart, died.


Kendrick decided to keep it a strict secret.


So Kendrick silenced the knights guarding the relic that day with a word and buried the matter. 


Of course, he has to take care of the relics, so he has no choice but to tell some people.


The Pope and the High Priest at the time, several priests, and even Lamont, his friend and head of the Lion Clan.


Except for them, no one knew what had happened seven years ago.


‘If it had been known….’


Arsene would not have become Yeckhart’s successor.


There were many people who opposed making Arsene as the successor because he was born weak with a curse.


That is why the appointment of Arsene’s successor has been delayed until now.


But if the wolf clan had even known that Arsene’s illness was a curse and that the holy relics were cursed with Arsene’s birth—.


‘Arsene’s very existence must have been denied.’


Fortunately, the relic returned to normal shortly after.

After that, there was no case that the holy relics turned black.


However, Lamont often asked if the relic was safe. 


Despite knowing that it was a question that was purely concerned with no intention of making fun of him, Kendrick always responded sharply.


That’s because seven years ago, that accident was nothing short of a deep trauma to Kendrick.


“I see.

I’m sorry.

By the way, I’ll see you tomorrow anyway, so why did you suddenly come here today”


Lamont quickly changed the topic.


“It’s nothing special, it’s what I asked for last time.

What Yeckhart’s knights are investigating…there’s no result.” 


“The prohibition Kendrick, Ethan already got rid of them decades ago.

Didn’t your father exterminate it But what…” 


“I know it, but I lost it.” (t/n: I’m not really sure what this means;;) 


Kendrick asked annoyedly, narrowing his brows, and throwing away his elegant tone.


“You know it, but you couldn’t find it even after washing my eyes.

I think it’s just that the baby bird got it wrong—” 


“Can you see the prohibition wrong”


“I don’t know what prohibition is, so I can say anything prohibition.”


Lamont said firmly.

Kendrick clicked his tongue and stood up.


“As expected, you didn’t know anything.

That’s not helpful.

See you at the festival tomorrow.”


“Yes, I’ll see your son for the first time in seven years.

Did he grow up a lot” 


A light flickered in Kendrick’s eyes, which were blinded by the story of his son. 


“He grows a lot, but is still small.

Linsy too.” 


“Linsy Oh, that baby bird.

Raniero’s children are all small.

You should feed her a lot, Kendrick.”


Lamont chuckled.

Kendrick left Lamont’s office with a smile. 


The Lion Clan’s mansion was busy preparing for the festival starting tomorrow.

Kendrick glanced at the busy workers and greeted them.


“See you tomorrow.”




* * *






As soon as I saw Betty, I ran to her and hugged her.


“Oh, did you sleep Your face is swollen….”


“Ung Ung… I slept with Arsene.” 


I put my cheeks on Betty’s skirt and squirmed.


“You should go to bed early today, this is problem…You can’t stay awake at night.

You have to go to the festival tomorrow.”


Betty naturally soothed me.

I nodded.


“Yes, I should…” 


“That’s right, lady.

I’ve got a letter in Lady Ansia’s name”




Oh, right.


I took a deep breath.


‘I didn’t tell Ansia that I was going to the festival!’


In the meantime, I was busy preparing for the festival, so I forgot about it for a while.


Ancia asked me to play with her when I go to the festival.


‘Look at my mind.’


I can’t believe I forgot twice already.


Wouldn’t she hate me now


Terrified, I grabbed the hem of Betty’s skirt and looked up at her.


“Where is the letter Ung”


“I have it.

Here you go.”


Betty casually pulled the letter out of her front pocket and handed it to me.


On the spot, I opened the envelope sealed with wax and opened the letter.


[Dear Lady Linsy.


Lady, I decided to go to the festival with grandfather on the day the festival starts.

I wore a rich pink dress.

What about you, Linsy My grandfather told me that Lady Linsy was busy with the event.

After the event, play with me.

I’ll just shorten this, Lady Linsy.

see you again later.


Ansia Tristan.]


Maybe it’s because she’s eight years old, but her spelling and handwriting are still inaccurate.


I quickly read Ancia’s letter and asked Betty.


“Ansia wants to play with me after the event, can I play with her”


“You should ask the Lord…wouldn’t it work”


Betty laughed.

I nodded.


‘I’ll have to ask Kendrick.’


The last time I heard, the event was held during the morning of the first day.


In the morning, the heads of clans blessed by God gather in one place to take out the holy relics they have kept and check the safety of the relics to open the curtain on the festival. 


Of course, since each clan’s special ability creates a thick barrier, there is no need to worry about losing the holy relic in the middle.


‘I thought it was really cool.’


I was already looking forward to it.

Since the event was said to be over in the morning, I would probably be able to meet Ansia in the afternoon.


“Have you look around the mansion You have to stay for a week now, are there any inconveniences”


“Ung, no.

It’s really comfortable.

The staff are friendly too…” 


I smiled and glanced back at the maids who were looking this way.


“And the room is pretty and comfortable.

They said there is a lake inside the mansion, but I haven’t been to it yet.”


“You should be able to visit soon.”


Betty smiled and held my hand.

I nodded.


‘I look forward to it, the festival.’


My heart was pounding already.


I also felt like butterflies were flying in my stomach.


…For some reason, I suddenly felt like I couldn’t sleep well because I was excited today.


* * *


“My Lady~ raise your arm.”


Betty easily managed to dress me in a long dress.


The length of the dress was not long like a child’s dress, so the lace at the end reached the shin area.


And, as Ethan had requested, the back wasn’t even hollowed out.


I thought while fiddling with the pretty light blue dress.


‘I have to be careful not to let the wings come out.’


It seemed like there was no need to worry, as there was no need to take out the wings unless I were surprised and couldn’t control my transformation or used a lot of my ability.


Betty tied my hair up with a pretty dark blue ribbon.


The rest of my hair was laid down beautifully, combed meticulously, and a blue flower was attached to my hair. 


“My Lady, you are very pretty.

There will be no one prettier and cuter than the Lady at today’s festival!”


Betty smiled brightly and held a mirror in front of me.


I stared blankly into the mirror.


Unlike when I first came here, my cheeks were plump, and I had a red flush.


It was definitely in better shape than when I first came.


“Ung, thank you Betty… I’m not sure yet…” 


“What are you talking about Lady, it’s true.

Don’t you believe me My Lady will be prettier when you grows up.

Look at this fine, pretty wheat-colored hair.”


Betty said, stroking my hair carefully.


Stunned by Betty’s words, I lowered my head for no reason.


“Yes…Wheat-colored hair…” 


And I couldn’t say that I wouldn’t have wheat-colored hair by the time I came of age, so I just mumbled.


“Now, if you’re ready, shall we go I heard that Lord and Young Master are all ready.”


“Are they waiting”


“Yes, they wait downstairs.” 


Betty replied with a smile.


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