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“Call the child.” 


Arthur Raniero commanded in a low voice.

His aide, Chester, nodded. 


“Yes, Lord.”


“Call it right now.

Right now!”


Bang! Arthur banged the wooden desk with his fist. 


Next to it were piles of papers that had been reported so far.


Arthur Raniero put a spy inside Yeckhart’s mansion with great care.


It was originally intended to be used only to report the situation, but—.


‘I can’t.’


Arthur struggled to crumple the letters he had received.

The letters were wrinkled badly.

A vein stuck out from the back of his hand.


He can’t delay it any longer. 


Now that the temple allowed Yeckhart to protect Linsy, there were not many ways to take her out. 


In addition, Yeckhart had the strongest military power among the clan, and the security around the territory was strict, so he could not cross over it.

So he cannot forcefully kidnap Linsi within the territory of Yeckhart.


There is no other way.


‘When Linsy comes out of Yeckhart’s territory, I have to take her.’


For that, now was the right time.


Once a year, during a festival held at the Sanctuary.


Although the festival takes place inside the sanctuary, it is not possible to stay inside the sanctuary, so those who participate in the festival go to an inn or private residence near the sanctuary at night.


‘I have to aim for that moment.’


There is no other way except then.

If he misses this festival, he has to wait another year.


Arthur Raniero gritted his teeth. 


Linsy Raniero is his own daughter, and he doesn’t understand why he has to go through so much trouble to get her back. 


‘It would have been nice if Schville went as planned.’


If he had, he would have been able to get rid of that trouble with Schville.


‘I have to finish it before it happens.’


Linsy was essential for Arthur’s grand plans.


Because Linsy was one of the strongest of Raniero’s children.


Besides, it is said that she continues to heal Arsene Yeckhart’s disease—.


He couldn’t let that happen.


He can’t let this power be used carelessly in such a trifling place.


Because Raniero’s children only had to use their powers for Arthur’s plan. 


So, none of Raniero’s children could be given away.

On the other hand—.


‘Schville needs to be removed quickly.’


He has to get rid of her before the plans start.

Arthur clicked his tongue.


“By the way, who is the boy’s siblings”


It wasn’t possible to plant another clan’s spy in the Yeckhart mansion.


Because of the tight security, it was almost impossible to plant a spy without being caught.




‘Isn’t it enough to just bribe the person who used to work for me’


Among the workers who worked in Yeckhart’s mansion, there was a worker who had a sick sister.


Apparently, he was seriously ill and would die before he came of age.


Arthur ordered his servant to become Raniero’s limb in return for healing his sister.


He accepted Arthur’s suggestion without any hesitation.


So now his sister was being held hostage in Raniero.


But he’s worried he won’t be able to handle him how he wants to when he’s fully cured.


‘Just hold his breath.’


Arthur Raniero ordered his children to do so.


Chester, who was taking care of Arthur’s crumpled letter, looked up.


The neatly tied hair fell down to the side of the glasses.


“The child currently receiving treatment in Raniero’s annex.

Young Master Gale visits once a week for treatment.”


Arthur rolled his eyes.


“He hasn’t healed him completely, right” 


“Of course.

The Young Master is adjusting it moderately.

However, the Young Master’s ability is strong, so gradually— he’s showing signs of improvement.”


Chester said with a slight frown as if in trouble.


“We can’t see the improvement.

Bring Schville in.”


“If Lady Schville uses her ability, he might die—”


“Don’t you think she can do it so that he won’t die Bring her in with Gale and keep him breathing.”


Arthur said firmly.


Chester hesitated as if to say something for a moment, and then nodded.


“I accept orders.”


Chester left the office.

Arthur remained alone, wheezing and holding her breath.


* * *




The sound of the door opening slowly broke the silence in a room enveloped in silence.




Chester called slowly, and the girl who was looking out of her window slowly turned her head.


“Mister, are you here”


The brown wolf’s ears perked over the girl’s ears.


Its droopy tail was waving softly.


She had neither the energy to unravel nor the energy to maintain, so she was in a state of vaguely transformed.

Chester sighed. 


“Why aren’t you sleeping yet”


“I want to see my brother.”


The girl said calmly.

It had already been a year since the girl came to Raniero’s mansion.


Arthur Raniero promised the girl’s brother that he would heal her, but after a year, the girl couldn’t be healed.


Because Arthur had no intention of treating the girl completely.




Now she was only fourteen years old.


Like children in her age, she likes to laugh, she likes sweet things, and she likes to talk.


But if he sees her sitting on the bed helplessly—.


Chester sighed and shook his head at a useless thought.


“Tomorrow, Schville will come in.”




The girl nodded obediently.

She didn’t know what kind of powers Schville had.


‘Lady Schville’s ability is—’


It was because she was pulling out her life force without her even knowing it.


After several attempts with Schville, Arthur discovers that her power is to drain the life force without her opponent’s knowledge. 


So, even Sophia wouldn’t know that Schville’s ability was consuming her life force.


She just thinks that it’s less healing than Gale.


His mouth ached at the thought of it.


Chester left the room without any further conversations with Sophia.


The Chester family has been serving as a direct aide to the Raniero family from generation to generation.


He can’t betray Raniero, swayed by his pity.


Power entered his tightly closed mouth.


* * *


“Don’t use your ability during the festival if possible.”


Kendrick said firmly. 


I chewed the food in my mouth and nodded.




After swallowing it, I asked Kendrick clearly.


“But wouldn’t everyone know I’m from a bird clan” 


“I was talking about not revealing the size of your powers, Linsy.”


Kendrick nodded his head lightly and asked me to try to use my power.


Without hesitation, I spread my palms out.


A light green sphere floated on the slightly oiled palm of my hand.


“I told you, there is no one in Raniero who has such a talent.

Even if they search all the bloodlines of the past Raniero.”




“So, the moment they realize just how strong your powers are, they will try to take you with all their power.”


Kendrick waved his hand as if it was okay to stop.


I popped the light green sphere into my palm. 


As the light green sphere burst, the glittering light spread all over the place.


“I can’t do that….” 


Arsene muttered as if envious.

Kendrick put down the knife he was holding and pressed his hand against Arsene’s head.


“You should focus more on your body getting better.

When you’re all well, you’ll be able to do like Linsy.”


“Ung, okay…” 


Arsene answered with a sullen tone. 


Perhaps if Arsene was capable of transformation, it was clear that his ears and tail would have drooped.


“Did you enjoy seeing the streets” 


“Yes Yes, ah! I’ve got to tell you something.

Can I come to your study later”


“Study Why aren’t you talking here”


Kendrick asked curiously.


I glanced at the servants standing around and Arsene and continued.


“I want to speak quietly….” 


“Yes, come to the study after dinner, Linsy.

I’ll be waiting.”


Kendrick answered meekly.

I smiled and nodded.


“Yes, thank you!”


“And, during the festival, we will stay in a mansion outside Sanctuary.”


Kendrick said that in the forest near the sanctuary, there was another Yeckhart mansion.


It’s also said that it’s only used once a year, but the servants always live there and manage it.


“There is a stream in the mansion, so you can practice hunting if you want.” 




“Yeah, don’t Raniero teach things like fish hunting”


I nodded at Kendrick’s question.


‘Fish—hunt You catch fish by fishing.’


I blinked as if I didn’t understand what Kendrick said.


“I think you can learn together with Arsene this time.

Arsene is also weak, so he hasn’t been able to learn.”


I looked at Arsene.


Arsene’s cheeks, which had grown plump, were red and flushed.


For some reason, Arsene’s illness and my abilities didn’t match, so I couldn’t always cure him completely—.


‘But I’m glad he’s getting better.’


At this rate, I believed that Arsene could be completely cured.




‘I need to treat you harder.’


As I watched Arsene eat hard with a fork across from me, I made up my mind. 


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