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“We need to get a new dress for the festival.

What color do you prefer, Lady”




“Yeah, it’s a festival, so of course we have to get a new dress.

The already famous dressing room was fully booked in the first half of last year, but—you’re a member of Yeckhart!”


Betty said proudly.


“So you can call the designer of the famous dressing room directly to the mansion.

Like last time.

Should I call Serina again”


“Then… Can I go to the dressing room and fit the dress myself”


I looked at Betty with sparkling eyes.


“Are you going to go by yourself”


“Ung, I want to go with Arsene in person.

I also looked around the streets… because I couldn’t do it last time…” 


“Then, I’ll tell the Lord.

He will probably say yes.”


Betty said confidently.




“Yes, you should bring a lot of escorts instead.”


“It doesn’t matter.

I know what Kendrick-nim is worried about, too.”


The wolf clan had bad feelings for me.


It was so obvious that I didn’t have to mention it myself anymore.


‘The problem is….’


Not long ago, Young Lady Elijah was placed on probation for insulting me.


I heard that the same disposition was made throughout the Elijah family.


So to the other wolves who follow the Elijah family, I will be like a thorn in the eye.


‘Of course, there are wolves who are friendly like Ancia, but—.’


I was confident that the number would be extremely rare.


So there may be wolves who want to take revenge on me.


‘Or maybe there are wolves who just want to harm me—’


Clan discrimination has often happened, and there is a deeper gap between the wolf and bird clans.


So I understood Kendrick’s concerns.


“I want to buy another dessert at the shop like the last time.

Can’t I go without Kendrick-nim…” 


“Perhaps Sir Ethan will accompany you when you go out.

Or I will accompany you.

So you can stop by.” 


Betty smiled and brushed my hair hard.


I closed my eyes at Betty’s touch and left my hair comfortably.


“Oh, the color of the ribbon and accessories is probably blue, so when you match the dress in the dressing room, can you have to say that” 


“Blue Is there a reason”


“Yes, it’s a Yeckhart tradition.

When there is an event, a husband and wife match each other’s eye color to their jewelry.

Of course, you’re not married yet, but hoo-hoo.”


“Ung, I see.

That’s right, I’m not married yet.

I thought Kendrick-nim would take care of it as soon as possible….” 


These days, Kendrick has been looking very crazy.


He was away from the mansion almost every day, and there were many cases where he disappeared for about three days and returned. 


‘Are you looking for a prohibition’


After talking to Kendrick about the taboo that day, we never discussed it again. 


I was unconsciously avoiding it. 


Because Ester was such a bad memory for me.


“Anyway, I hope we get married soon.”


“Of course, when you get married, I’ll have to call you Little Madam.



“I prefer Betty call me Lady.” 


“Hoho, then I’ll call you Lady.

If you wish.” 


Betty got my hair done in no time. 


“Okay, it’s done.” 


“Thank you, Betty.”


I twisted my hair in two ponytails for no reason.


My hair was longer than when I first arrived at the wolf mansion, and now it reached my waist.


“Okay then, please take a rest.

I will go to the Lord.” 


“Ung, please!”


Betty left to ask Kendrick if I could go outside.


* * *


“Lady, have a good trip!” 


Betty said as she lifted me and put me in the carriage. 


“Yes, thank you, Betty.

I’ll be back!”


I smiled brightly and waved to say goodbye to Betty.


Kendrick immediately allowed us to go out when he heard Betty.


Instead, as expected, five knights escorted our carriage.




“Please take care of me, Lady, Young Master.” 


The old butler, Ethan, accompanied us on this outing.


Arsene nodded.


“Then are we going to the dressing room first”


“Yes, I think it would be better to stop by the dressing room first and then take a look around the streets.”


As soon as Ethan finished speaking, the carriage started slowly.


The sound of horseshoes sprinting to the ground continued for a long time.

I looked out the window.


After passing the site of Yeckhart’s mansion, a well-maintained road spread out.


Huge houses lined the streets, and people smiled as they walked along the roadside.


“The house of the wolf clan is huge.”


As I felt when I first saw the Yeckhart mansion, the wolf clan’s mansion was really big.


It was probably because of the large average build of the clan because wild beasts such as wolves and lions were large even if they weren’t transformed.


“Yes, there are many bigger buildings in the downtown area.”


“Right, it was.

Last time, I was so distracted that I couldn’t see properly—.” 


“This time, you can take your time and take a look.

You also match the clothes.” 


Ethan laughed.


Shortly after the carriage, they quickly entered the downtown area.


After passing through a crowded street, the carriage that was entering the alley stopped tall in front of the huge dressing room.


“The Lord just called and told them to empty the dressing room, so I don’t think you need to worry about running into other people.

Let’s go in.”


Ethan opened the carriage door and dropped Arsene down first.


Soon after, he helped me get out of the carriage and go into the dressing room.


The knights seemed to be standing in front of the door without entering the dressing room.


“Lady! Young Master! It’s an honor to see you again.

Do you remember me My name is Serina.”


“Serina, hello!”


“Hello, Serina.”


Serina smiled brightly, ran and brought Arsene and me inside.


I grabbed Arsene’s hand and walked into the dressing room, where all kinds of dresses were lined up.


“Wow, there are so many dresses.”


“Of course, of course.

It’s a lot.

Please sit down first.

Gina! Give me some refreshments.”


Shortly after Serina’s words were over, her assistant returned with refreshments.


She was the one who accompanied her to the mansion before.


Gina placed a plate full of cookies and two cups of cocoa next to Arsene and me.


“I bought it from the Roselle Bakery next door.

It’s really good, try it.”


“If it’s Roselle Bakery, is that where we went last time”


“I think it’s right”


“That’s right, it’s the place where the Lord bought dessert last time.”


Arsene and I took each cookie and ate it one by one.


Serina, who was watching us happily, clapped her hands.


“Now, shall we get to the business ou said you were going to make a festival dress.”




“Ung, we need something to wear to the festival.”


The former was me, the latter was Arsene.


Serina narrowed her eyes as if thinking for a moment, and then she asked me.


“How was the dress I made last time Were there any inconveniences”


I shook my head.


“It was very comfortable and it was beautiful.

I really like it.”


“How about Young Master Were there any inconveniences”


“…Bow tie.” 


Arsene grunted.


“The bow tie is uncomfortable.

It’s too tight on my neck.”


“But, Young Master, that was the loosest size.

If you make it looser there, it will become a necklace, not a tie.”


Serina explains the reason to Arsene well. 


“But it was uncomfortable, I hope I don’t have a bow tie this time.”


Arsene said stubbornly.


Serina and Ethan exchanged glances for a moment, then whispered carefully. 


“But this bow tie is important.

A jewel of the same color as Lady Linsy’s eyes will be embedded in the middle—” 


“Linsy’s eyes Ah…” 


Arsene’s mouth was slightly wide open as if it was only then that he recalled the traditions of Yeckhart.




“…Then, I’ll just do it.” 


He said with a low voice. 




The people in the dressing room couldn’t stand it anymore and burst out laughing at the same time.


I chuckled and grabbed Arsene’s hand.


“Ung, don’t be uncomfortable.

You know it’s a tradition.

I’m going to get a hairpin that’s the same color as your eyes too.”


“…You can’t just say you knew.”


Arsene grunted and folded his arms. 


Serina showed her clothes design to me and Arsene in earnest.


“But, Lady, should I make something with an open back like last time Actually, it’s a rule not to open the back on a child’s dress, but—” 


Serina said anxiously.


I understood Serina’s concern.


Most members of the family didn’t dress children in open-back dresses.

So it was like a rule.


But if I wear a dress with an open back and attend a festival. 


‘…Am I going to tarnish Yeckhart’s reputation’


Kendrick has given me a dress with an open back in the meantime, but that’s because I can’t control the wings very well.


‘But now that I’m in good control, wouldn’t it be okay’


I pondered for a moment, then opened my eyes.


“No, I don’t think I should leave my back open.”


“Then, instead of making an open back dress, please make two pairs of the same design.

We must be prepared for any unexpected circumstances.” 


After finishing his words, Ethan squinted his eyes at me.


After choosing Arsene’s robe design, we lightly left the dressing room.


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