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Chapter 6

Translated by Tam


It pointed its big snout at me carelessly.


I felt the heavy breathing throughout my body.


I, I’m going to die.


I could feel the sharp teeth touching the tip of the wing.


The monster’s rough breath brushed my wings every time they trembled.


“Stop it, Degon.

It’s rude.”


A hand that looked like a savior was suddenly stretched at that time.


I jumped on the palm without hesitation.


Then the black wolf took a step back, as if embarrassed.


The wolf raised its heavy paws and shook its body wildly.


I had to hold Kendrick Yeckhart’s hand tightly so the wind wouldn’t blow me away.


After brushing its fur a few times, a puff of black smoke rose from beneath his feet, and a young knight appeared.


“What the hell is this”


A knight named Degon looked down at me with curious eyes.


Kendrick stopped him from putting out his long fingers and touching my hair.


“I picked it up in Raniero.”


“From those little chicks Did they give up their child that easily”


Degon asked in disbelief.


“No, I just picked it up.”


Kendrick replied indifferently as if he had no intention of answering any further, then left Degon behind and moved on to his steps.


Well, he did pick it up.


Because he picks me up after I beg him to take me to Yeckhart.


He hurried his steps and walked quickly as if Degon was bothering him.


Of course, he held me tightly in his arms so that I wouldn’t be surprised.


Thanks to this, only the knight Degon, who was following him, shook his head as if he was frustrated.


“Picked it up What do you mean, picked it up”


“You’re noisy, Degon.” 


I took a deep breath, putting my head down in Kendrick Yeckhart’s warm arms.


‘I thought I was going to die.’


I could still feel my little heart beating.


I looked around me with my eyes wide open.


Wolves were seen swarming behind a knight called Degon.


I closed my eyes and thought.


‘Maybe they just followed him for no reason’


An old man with one-piece glasses stood upright at the front door of the wolf mansion.


Seeing several other maids standing behind him, he seemed to be the butler of the wolf mansion.


“Master, you’re…back”


The old butler looked at me and widened his eyes.

Through the transparent one-piece glasses, I could see the inside of the wall that seemed to protrude.


There was a brief silence between the butler and Kendrick.


He looked at me in disbelief and at Kendrick one after another.


The old butler looked as if he had something to say to Kendrick.


Kendrick sighed and laid me down on the butler’s palm.


“Master, what is this…”


“Take care of her, Ethan, she doesn’t seem to know how to lift the transformation.

Wash and feed her.

I think she’s too skinny.”


“Master, wait.”


No, hold on.


The butler and I turned at the same time and looked at Kendrick.


Kendrick shrugged, then turned with Degon.


When he left, the butler looked at the figure in a hurry.


And soon, he looked as if he had made up his mind.


He grabbed the other maid’s shoulder and said,


“I have something to talk about with my Master, so you can take care of him for a while.”




He quickly put me on the other maid’s palm.


Then he hurried after Kendrick, who was walking far away.




I crept up my head and looked at the wolf maid’s face.


She grinned wickedly.

The sharp fangs were exposed.


I hurriedly lowered my head, avoiding her gaze, and wrapped my head with two wings.


‘No, how can you leave me like this!’


I roared silently among the swarming wolf servants.


A wolf here, a wolf there.


And I was a little bird that might become their prey.


“C, chirp! Chirp!” 


I screamed at the back of his head as he walked away, but he left me with no regrets.


Thanks to this, I was thrown without any weapons into the wolves’ den that looked at me curiously.






A dozen pairs of eyes were staring at me.


No wolf opened its mouth first.




Only my hiccups rang out loud in the quiet lobby.




“Master, please talk for…Ugh, just a moment.”


Ethan, who ran in a hurry, breathed in and said.


Kendrick said this while standing in front of his office door.


“Come in and talk.”




Ethan followed Kendrick into the office without a word.


The office is neatly organized according to the master’s wishes.


Kendrick Yekhardt sat right in the middle of it and said with his hands together.


“So, Ethan, what do you have to say”


Ethan, who lost his words due to Kendrick Yekhart’s shameless attitude, dropped his jaw.


“No, are you asking me what I have to say, master Master.

Isn’t that baby bird Raniero’s daughter!”


When Ethan saw the baby bird in Kendrick’s hand, he immediately recognized that it was Raniero’s daughter.


He couldn’t help but notice because she had wheat-colored hair that was a symbol of the baby bird young Raniero.


“That’s right, but it’s not what you think…”


“Master, Sneaking a child with parents is the same as kidnapping! If this fact is known, it will not escape criticism.

No, it won’t matter anymore.” 


“It’s not a kidnapping, so calm down and talk to me.”


“—Did you bring her by force Did you scare her To that little baby bird—”


“Excuse me.” 


“We have to put it back right now! I don’t know how you brought her here, but I’ll get Degon to do it now!”



“Calm down and listen to me.”


Kendrick, who barely calmed Ethan, pulled a crumpled note from his pocket.


It was the same note that Linsy had brought in with her little beak earlier.


Seeing the small, dirty note, Ethan raised his eyebrows.


“Read it.”


Kendrick handed the note to Ethan.


He quickly took over the note and quickly scanned the contents.


And looked up in disbelief.


“…What did I just see”


“It’s exactly what the note says.”


“Did the Master forge it” 


“What do you think of me, Ethan”


Kendrick said with a smirk.

Ethan asked, nevertheless, in disbelief. 


“Did you hear the reason why she asked you to take her to Yeckhart”


“No, I couldn’t hear it through words.

I have to listen now.”


Kendrick said calmly.


“You should have asked that first! If it’s Raniero’s spy—”


“She doesn’t seem to be able to complete her transformation, so how do I ask And, if I ask hastily and she runs away, will you take responsibility”


Kendrick asked sharply.


“Let’s admit it, Ethan.

Even if she’s a spy, it’s good for us.”


He spoke slowly.


“First of all, Raniero’s daughter is in our hands.”


In any case, the wolves achieved their purpose.


Ethan nodded his head in agreement.


“That’s true, but—”


“Take care of her for now.

When the transformation is resolved, then we will talk again.

Until then, take care of her as seriously as possible.

So that she doesn’t want to go back—”


“Then I’ll get going.

I will report her condition once an hour.”


Kendrick beckoned.

Ethan bowed his head and stepped out of Kendrick’s office.




The butler, who had rushed after Kendrick, returned with an expression on his face as if he had gone insane.


But as soon as he stood in front of me, he smiled broadly.


“My name is Ethan.

You’re the Lady of Raniero, right”


I took a sip of the water the maid had brought me and nodded my head.


Then came the hiccups, which seemed to stop.






I sipped the water again while holding the glass of water with my two wings.


After calming down a bit.


“Did the Master bring you by force”


The old butler whispered with a very serious expression.


“…I will never tell him.”


He had a pretty grim attitude as if he was ready to hear anything.


Force Of course not. 


‘Rather, I beg him to allow me to follow him.’




I shook my head, and the butler asked again with a suspicious look.


“He’s really not” 


That’s what I’m saying!




Then Ethan swept his chest as if he was relieved. 


“That’s a relief.

I thought he was using force—”


His expression brightened noticeably.

He reached out to me with a smile.


“I’ll show you the room.



I jumped over the old butler’s wrinkled hands.




“I’ll take you to the room I’ve prepared for you.

There are some things to worry about, but—have you finished cleaning”


“Yes, I’ve worked it out.”



Shall we go, Lady”


Ethan moved slowly.


To ensure that I could remain stable on Ethan’s hand, he moved slowly.


A large, hanging door appeared at the end of the long and colorful hallway as we walked through it.


The maids opened the door.


Just then—.


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