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“Isn’t she Evelyn”


“I think that’s right.”


I exchanged eyes with Arsene at the same time.


There was a moment of silence.




“Why is she here”


It was Arsene who opened his mouth first.


“I don’t know.”


I shook my head and answered and looked out the window at Evelyn.


Ethan was strongly blocking Evelyn, who was trying to enter the mansion.


People who appeared to be servants of the Elijah family lined up behind Evelyn.


‘Did she come to apologize to me’


I didn’t accept her apology the last time, so maybe it is. 


“Are you going out”


Arsene asked. 


I looked at the whining Evelyn and shook my head slowly.


“No, I’m not going out.”


I don’t have to accept everything just because she apologized—.


I still broke out in a cold sweat when I heard Evelyn’s name.


I wasn’t scared when I saw Betty as a wolf, but I broke out in a cold sweat when I only heard Evelyn’s name.


The memory of that time seems to have been quite intense.


“I don’t want to go out, Betty—.

Can I do that”


“Of course, Lady.

Ethan will send her back soon.”


Betty looked at Evelyn out the window with her cold eyes.

And then she pulled the curtains.


“It seems that he knows that the Lord is not here and is acting like an ignorant person—.

Do you want some snacks”


Betty sighed and looked into my eyes.

I nodded my head without missing a chance.


“Ugh, snacks.

I want some.

By the way, Kendrick-nim should have come sooner—”


“So, when is Daddy coming” 


“I don’t know either, since he said he’ll be coming soon, won’t he come tomorrow” 


“Tomorrow… I hope he come soon.”


I turned my head toward the stable and muttered.


“I have to tell him about Hector.”


“You mean Sir Aiden’s horse But he says it listens very well to Mr Gilbert.” 


“Really That’s a relief.”


“Yes, he said he was surprised at how obedient and gentle it was.”


Betty laughed.

Soon after, she got up and left the room to bring us snacks.


Knock, knock. 


“Come in.”


A knock was heard.

I turned my head and looked towards the door.


The door slowly opened, and one of the maids smiled and nodded.


“Lady, you have a guest.”


“…A guest” 


Did Evelyn manage to get into the mansion in the end


Betty asked hurriedly, seeing my face darken rapidly.


“Who is it” 


“It’s Ancia Tristan Young Lady.

She asked me to tell you that she had come after being contacted by the butler.”


“Ah, Ancia!”


It was then that I realized that I was too busy to contact Ancia yet.


‘She must have been very worried.’


It happened when I was with Ancia.


In addition, when I disappeared, Ancia quickly informed the mansion’s servants about the situation so that they could find me quickly.


But I forgot about her.


I hurriedly got up from my seat.


“Okay, I’ll go see her now.

Is she down there” 


“Yes, I took her to the drawing room.

Lady, you can prepare slowly and come down~.”


The maid slowly closed the door and disappeared from view.


I grabbed Betty and asked.


“Can I have a snack with Ancia”


“Okay, would you like to go with the Lady, Young Master”




Arsene tilted his head with his glazed eyes as if he didn’t like it at all. 


I grabbed Arsene’s hand and said.


“Let’s meet together! Ung She’s a good kid.”


“How do you know after meeting one day”


“No, she’s a really good kid—if it weren’t for Ancia, everyone wouldn’t have been able to find me quickly when I disappeared.”


“Of course that’s true, but….” 


“Then let’s go together.

You’ll be bored here alone, Arsene.”


Arsene quickly nodded, pretending not to win.


“Then please go out for a while, Young Master.

The Lady has to change clothes.

Would you like to go and change clothes too I’ll call Chloe.”


“Can’t we just meet like this”


“It’s rude to see Tristan Young Lady in pajamas.”


Betty said firmly.


 Not long after, Chloe knocked in and took Arsene in his pajamas. 


“Since it’s in a mansion, I think you can just wear a simple dress.”


Betty took a pale pink dress with a split back and put it on me. 


“Is my back open” 


“I didn’t know when the wings would come out, so I prepared it like this.

Do you want something to wear if you feel uncomfortable”


“Ung, like a shawl.”


“Yes, please wait a minute~!”


Betty found a little white shawl and covered my back.


I smiled happily, took Betty’s hand, and walked to the drawing room.


Knock, knock. 


When I knocked, I heard something rustling inside.


“Oh, come in!”


I opened the door and poked my head through the crack in the door.


Ancia, who made eye contact with me, smiled brightly like the sun.


“Linsy! I’m so glad you’re safe, how worried I was!”


Ancia jumped out of her seat, ran over to me, and grabbed my hand tightly.


The servants around me seemed a little embarrassed by the reckless appearance, but I smiled as if it was okay.


“Thank you, Ancia.

It’s thanks to you—and I’m sorry.

I should have called you as soon as I woke up.”


“Yes no! Ethan has contacted me.

On the contrary, I came to you out of the blue, so thank you for meeting me.

Outside the front door—there was a carriage of the Elijah family, so I wondered if I should go back if there was a guest who came first.”


“Ah, I said I didn’t want to meet Elijah Young Lady.

It’s just—I’m still a little scared.”


“Good job, Linsy.

Hmph, Evelyn needs to be beaten up a bit.”


Ancia said.


“Haha…Won’t it get better over time… By the way, how did you come all of a sudden Without contacting me”


I asked, looking intently at Ancia.


Ancia said, fiddling with her pigtails as if she was embarrassed.


“Actually, on my way to the downtown area, I suddenly thought of you and stopped by.

I’m sorry I came without an appointment.

This one!”


Ancia pulled a small brooch out of her arms and showed it to me.


“Look at this, a little bird-shaped brooch.

The jewels in the eyes are replaceable, so I asked them to make them a light green color—isn’t it pretty” 


“H, huh” 


I glanced at the brooch Ancia gave me.


A small, sparkling bird-shaped brooch had a yellow-green jewel embedded in its eyes.


After receiving the brooch, I couldn’t speak for a while, then immediately raised my head.


“You’re giving me… All of sudden You dropped by because you wanted to give me a present”


“I thought you were so surprised last time— I thought if you receive a gift, you might feel a little better.


Perhaps— do you not like it” 


Ancia asked cautiously.


I quickly shook my head.


“No no! I really like it.

Thank you so much, it’s my first time getting something like this—” 


I carefully grabbed my little bird brooch.


“Thank you.”


And I thanked her once again with a blushing face.


It was the first time I had received such a gift, so it was very unfamiliar.


Also, it tickled every corner of my chest, and I felt as if a pleasant wind was blowing.


‘I often feel it when I come to the wolf’s mansion—’


It’s a tickling feeling.


At that time,


Knock, knock. 


“Come in~.”


The door opened, and Arsene, with a hardened face, entered the drawing room.




“Young Master Arsene— Hello! My name is Ancia Tristan!”


Ancia hurriedly greeted him.


Arsene nodded his head slightly with a nervous expression on his face.


“…Arsene, Yeckhart.” 


“I’ve heard a lot about you!”


However, Arsene was so nervous that the conversation stopped, and there was only an awkward silence.



Just in time, Betty came in with a tray full of snacks.


She placed three glasses of juice, three slices of cake and a plate of cookies on the table, then left us to enjoy. 


I poked the cake with a fork and cut it into small pieces.


‘Oh, it’s really delicious.’


Akim’s buttercake was the best I’ve ever eaten.

I chewed the cake as carefully as I could.


After eating for a while, Ancia was the first to open her mouth.


“Right, Linsy! There’s a festival coming up, so of course, you’re going too, right”


“Festival Ah!”


When I heard the word ‘festival,’ I turned my head and opened my mouth a little bit.

I also opened my eyes wide.


‘Come to think of it, it’s a festival soon.’


Once a year, a festival held by all clans gathered in the sanctuary with the central shrine to pray for a good harvest under the protection of the Gods.


During this festival, the heads of the blessed clan meet at the temple to check the safety of the relics they hold.


‘I’ve only followed Gale in my previous life.’


Since the festival is enjoyed by all clans, the heads of other clans used to bring their children to attend.


‘You can’t because it’s dangerous.’


My father took only Gale to the festival every time because it was dangerous where the central temple was located.


So I’ve never been to a festival. 


And maybe Arsene—.


“Festival… I want to go, too.”


Arsene said with a sullen face.


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