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“Is it dangerous What are you talking about”




Glenne left without saying anything more.

Then I stared blankly at the place where Glenne had left.


‘Is the prohibition dangerous’


Or is it Esther, the one who put prohibition, who is a dangerous man


I stared at the place where she had left for a long time, then came to my senses.


‘This is not the time.’


I had to tell Kendrick about the prohibition.


It’s because I don’t know when I’ll see Ester again and get the prohibition again. 


I took the lamp off of the side table.


And with a lamp in my hand, I crept down the dark hallway, relying on the light from the lamp.


Then I carefully knocked on Kendrick’s door as I stood in front of his office.


Knock, knock.


‘Is he sleeping’


Even after knocking, there was no sound in the office for a long time.


‘He must be sleeping.’


I took a step back.


When the sun comes up tomorrow morning, I would run right up to him and talk to him.


But then. 




I heard the door open and immediately looked back.




Kendrick called my name slowly.


“Oh, hello, Kendrick-nim.

Sorry for coming to you late.

I ruined today’s banquet, but I have something to tell you—”


I glanced up at Kendrick, talking back and forth.


Just then, Kendrick walked over and put his hand on my forehead.


“Are you hurt somewhere”


“Yes Yes, of course—ah!” 


I finally realized why Kendrick was looking at me with that expression.


‘I was knocked down.’


Strange things happened one after another, so I forgot for a while.


I nodded quickly.


“It doesn’t hurt at all.


I ruined the banquet— I’m sorry.” 


I, the main character of the banquet, disappeared somewhere before the banquet was over.


Yeckhart’s honor must have been tarnished.

I shut my eyes tightly.


Then, a soft hand touched my head.


“Even though the banquet was ruined, you did great, so don’t worry.

And…I gave that kid a reasonable punishment.”


“That kid…” 


“The wolf that threatened you.

Evelyn Elijah.”




I opened my mouth slightly.


That was Evelyn.


I nodded slowly, and Kendrick grabbed me in a flash.


Then he took me into the office and laid me down on the sofa with a careful hand.


“Linsy, it seems like I’m just apologizing to you every time.”




“I’m sorry I made you go through this.”


Kendrick murmured.


“It’s my fault.

I should have stayed with you, but I stopped because I heard that there was an abnormal reaction to the holy relic.” 


“What do you mean, abnormal reaction to a holy relic”


I asked with my eyes wide open. 


Holy relic. 


Nine jewels blessed by God.


The central temple and each of the blessed clans divided these relics and kept them in their respective territories.


The bird clan keeps a huge green emerald,


But what the wolf clan kept was a giant blue sapphire.


Managing this ‘holy relic’ was one of the most important tasks for each clan leader.


Each clan used to gather in the temple once a year during the festival to check the safety of the holy relic.


But what about an abnormal reaction to holy things


Kendrick waved his hand.


“It’s nothing.

It’s back to normal soon.

Anyway, that’s why I was away for a while, but I didn’t know it was going to turn out like this.

I apologize to you, Linsy.”


“I’m glad it’s back, I’m really fine.”


I nodded. 


“Really, I know that the wolf clan and the bird clan don’t get along well.

I mean…that’s a natural reaction.

Of course, I think it’s wrong to surprise me by becoming a wolf, but….” 


“That’s not natural.

From now on, I will thoroughly manage so that no one does this to you.

You are now a member of Yeckhart.” 


Saying that, Kendrick’s face was extremely serious.


I swallowed my saliva and nodded.


“And I have something to ask you…you said you hate the dark.”




I nodded.


“Then why did you go into the basement”


I blinked a couple of times at Kendrick’s question.


“I was surprised…I ran into an empty place and went into the basement by mistake.

It was too dark to come out, but a light flashed in a certain room, so I followed the light.” 


“Yes, but when I went in, the lights went out and the door was locked when I tried to leave….” 


I trembled.


“That’s what happened…Right, are you okay now” 


“Yeah, I’m fine now.

Thank you for your concern.

Oh, and I have something to tell you—!” 


Kendrick looked at me. 


“Uhm, by any chance…are there still people using the prohibition”


“Prohibition…How do you know that”


Kendrick asked in wonder.


“That’s, of course…ah.” 


It was then that I realized that I was a seven-year-old child.


Also, no one talks about ‘prohibition’ to a seven-year-old child.


‘I think I learned it when I was about 10 years old…’


Kendrick looked at me with a really puzzled look.


Ey, never mind. 


“I learned from Raniero.

Once upon a time, there was an organization that used something called prohibition.”


“Yeah, there was.

But why all of a sudden”


“I have something to tell you…but can you believe me for sure” 


“Yes, just say it.



Kendrick put his hands on his knees and said.


“There was a prohibition on my neck.”




“No, I don’t know exactly whether it’s a prohibition or not, but…is prohibition something like using a technique that restricts the ability to perform certain actions”


“Yes, that’s prohibition.” 


“Every time I talked about prohibition, my throat was stuffy and it hurt here.”


I said, pointing my finger at the neck, chest, and middle of it.


“I had a black spot on my neck…but it’s gone now…” 


“…Neck How did that happen to you”


“That’s when the great elder comes to the mansion, Kendrick-nim.

It’s Ester-nim.” 




“At that time, I met Ester-nim in front of the office… and then I saw something strange.”


“Tell me more, Linsy.” 


Kendrick’s expression became serious.


Then I swallowed my saliva and continued. 


“Behind Ester-nim… There was something like a dark red air current.

He saw me and just came over to me.”


“A dark red air current is coming”


I nodded.


“It’s right in front of me….the light suddenly flashed, and the air current was pressed by the light and entered Ester-nim.

Then it came out and spread to the mansion.

And not long after that, Arsene’s condition got worse.

I don’t know what it has to do with….” 




“Ah, and Ethan didn’t seem to see that air current…I was the only one who saw it.”


I wrinkled my nose and talked while recalling the memories of that time.


“Anyway, something like that happened, and then there was a prohibition on it, so I haven’t been able to talk about that dark red air current ever since.”


I finished my words in a low voice. 


“Ester…I thought all the men who used prohibition were killed a long time ago….” 


Kendrick’s eyebrows were furrowed. 


“Thank you for telling me, Linsy.

I’ll find out.

But… how did you get rid of the prohibition”




“Prohibition is a technique that can only be released by the person who cast it, or the person who cast it must die.”


‘Is that such a terrifying technique’


I was about to tell Kendrick about the dream I had just had, but then I shut my mouth.


Because I thought it was a bit of a nonsensical story.


Who would believe that the woman in my dreams freed the prohibition


I laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of my head clumsily.


“That’s, I don’t know.

I just woke up and it suddenly got better.

Uhm, perhaps…” 




“…perhaps that person is dead…”


“Yeah, perhaps it was.

Anyway, thank you, Lynsey.

I’ll find out.”


“And the kid I brought last time.



“Glene Ah, the one who bumped into Aiden’s horse.” 


I clapped my hands.


“She can see the black stream I saw.

She immediately recognized me on the street and spoke to me.”


“How’d she do that Isn’t she a blind child”


“Yes, but Glene said she could only see me.

She said she saw black smoke attached to me.” 


I immediately recalled what Betty had told me and said again.


“And Betty said.

Even if you can’t see, if you are a mutant mixed with the blood of a deer clan, that’s possible.”


“Yes, it is.”


Kendrick seemed to be agonizing for a moment and then said.


“That’s why you asked her to stay in the mansion.”


“Yes, I think there is a prohibition on Glene as well.

It’s like she knows something…but I don’t know if Glene will be able to talk about it.”


I said cautiously, remembering the spot on Glene’s back and the girl’s figure in pain.


“Yeah, I will find out.

Then go get some rest now, Linsy.

And…no, it’s nothing.” 




“It would be better for Arsene to say this in person.

Hear from Arsene tomorrow.”


Kendrick smiled.


“Is there any good news”


“Good things happen, thanks to you.”


As Kendrick said that, he seemed very happy.


‘Is Arsene getting better’


Kendrick hugged me tightly and told me to go back.


“Ah, I, I can go alone!”


“I’ll take you there.”


Kendrick lightly hugged me as I struggled and headed toward my room.


He handed me the lamp I was carrying and told me to take it.


He gently laid me down on my bed and stroked my forehead.


“Sleep well, Linsy.”


“Yeah, Kendrick-nim too.”


I closed the door and stared at Kendrick as he left.


And then, I quickly rolled the blanket over.


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