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What about Lady Linsy”


Ancia grabbed Kendrick, who had come to clean up the banquet hall, and asked.


Tristan was startled.

He tried to separate his granddaughter, but Ancia grabbed Kendrick by the waist and refused to let him go.


“I couldn’t find Lady Linsy.

I searched all the way to the bushes, but… they told me to go back to the banquet hall…”


Ancia gave Ethan a resentful look. 


Then Ethan coughed. 


“Who are you”


Kendrick looked at Ancia with a wary stare.


At Kendrick’s question, Tristan, who was soothing Ancia, bowed his head.


“This is my granddaughter.

She was talking with the Lady earlier, and she seems to be very worry about her.”


Hearing Tristan’s words, he stared intently at Ancia.

Then he patted Ancia’s head gently and said.


“I see, Linsy is fine.

I found her inside the mansion.

And she’ll be fine.”


The little girl’s face flashed at Kendrick’s words.


“Really That’s a relief….” 


“Yes, I’ll tell Linsy to contact you later when she wakes up.” 


Kendrick patted Ancia on the head a few more times and moved on.


To a spot from which he can look out over the banquet hall.


He stood alone in the same spot where Linsi and Arsene had been with him.


Silence flowed in the hall.


Kendrick opened his mouth slowly.


“Thank you very much for attending the banquet.”


A sharp gaze passed over the arrogant nobles.


“However, I am very disappointed with what happened today.

I didn’t know that the banquet I was hosting would disregard a member of Yeckhart.” 


There were a few people who were visibly bewildered by Kendrick’s words.


He continued speaking without hesitation.


“If something like this happens again, I will not let it go.

Linsy Raniero is a member of Yeckhart.

After the wedding, she will have the surname of Yeckhart….” 


He continued speaking one syllable, one syllable. 


“If I notice that someone ignoring that child, I will consider them ignoring Yeckhart as a whole and I will definitely punish them.”


Kendrick looked around the banquet hall, which soon became quiet as if he had died.


“Let’s wrap up the banquet here.”


Kendrick left the banquet hall with a light step after finishing his speech.


After he left, the nobles spoke in pale faces at the banquet hall.


“Really Is he really going to make a bird clan member his daughter-in-law”


“No, it’s okay to be a daughter-in-law.

But didn’t our Young Master has a weak body But… I didn’t know he would be caught like that.”


“Watch your words! Didn’t he just warn us So, how did the Elijah family—” 


“The daughter in that family is immature….” 


The wolf nobles sighed as they stared at the place where Kendrick had left.


What do you mean bird clan 


They thought it was just an arranged marriage that needed her special ability.


The aristocrats left, thinking they should go back and get their children under control.


Meanwhile, in the corner of the banquet hall.


“Ancia! So Evelyn, what happened to Evelyn”


The children flocked to Ancia to hear the full story of the incident.


There were children who were caught and dragged by their parents early on trying to hear from Ancia. 


Ancia crumpled her face as if it was embarrassing. 


“Now You didn’t seem to be interested in Linsy earlier.”


“That… it’s because she’s a bird clan.

My mom told me not to talk to my bird clan….” 


A child stuttered on. 


Ancia patted her forehead and then looked at the child and said.


“She’s a member of Yeckhart, right You stupid! You’re as good as ignoring Lord Kendrick now.”


“What W, when did I say I ignored Lord Kendrick!”


“You ignored the person Lord Kendrick introduced himself.

If it’s not ignoring Lord Kendrick, what is it” 


Ancia, who spoke clearly, snorted. 




“I don’t know what happened to Evelyn.

It’s just that—Evelyn change to her wolf form and scared Linsy.

Because of that, the Lady was startled and flew away.

That’s all I know.”


Ancia said with a gloomy expression.


She’s supposed to protect her. 


Evelyn was two years older than Ancia, and she had finished molting.

So she could transform to wolf form, while Ancia can’t.


Ancia’s shoulders drooped as she seemed to blame herself for what had happened.


“Let’s go home now, Ancia.” 


Just then, Tristan and Ancia’s parents called her.


Ancia looked at the other kids and then said as if she had driven a wedge between them.


“Anyway, today is really…I’m disappointed.

Are you discriminating against her because she’s from a bird clan I’m not going to play with you anymore.”


At the end of the words, Ancia ran and was embraced by Tristan.


Only the remaining children exchanged glances among themselves.


* * *


When I opened my eyes, it was already after sunset.


I stared blankly at the ceiling.


“I… Did I faint” 


I remember being locked up in a room and screaming for help.


I don’t remember anything after that.


How did I get here


My head hurt so much that it felt like it was going to break, so I wrapped my wings around my head and got up.


And jumped off the pillow.




Betty knew I didn’t like being in the dark, so she turned on the lamp, so the room wasn’t dark and scary.


I sat down for a moment and thought about the dream I had just had.


I was alone in the dark,


It wasn’t long before I appeared with my red-haired.




[Baby, baby.

Something peculiar has choked your neck.

Poor thing.] 


The strange voice I heard in my dream came to mind.


‘That… What is that Was it just a dream’


It said something was blocking my throat.

And the existence immediately reached out to me.


[It won’t hurt anymore.

Baby, remember…Your feathers are not a curse.

I love you…]


The warm light that wrapped around my body became clear as soon as those words were finished. 


‘My neck…it stop….’


At that moment, something came to mind.




I quickly jumped in place.


Light blue smoke rose from under my feet.


Soon after, the field of vision increased, and the transformation was released. 


‘…The wings have come out again.’


Although it was incomplete, maybe it’s because I collapsed and just woke up.


I flapped my wings a few times.


And I quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the mirror.


“The prohibition… prohibition….”


A black spot near the neck.


The black spots had disappeared as if they had been washed away.

I narrowed my eyes once more and looked at my neck.


However, there was no prohibition.


Then I cleared my throat.


And slowly opened my mouth.




The word prohibition came out of my mouth.

My voice was clearly heard in my ears. 


“Has the prohibition been lifted” 


Only then did I recall the strange dream I had just had.


‘Then… it’s not a dream’


It was clear that the peculiar thing that blocked my throat meant prohibition.


Then how—.


What was ‘that’


A being who appeared in my dreams and removed all painful illusions, and even released the prohibition. 


What on earth is that—.


I frowned and thought, and then quickly moved on.


Because I had to tell Kendrick about this before the prohibition comes back again. 


‘But, is he sleeping’


I glanced at the clock.


It was obviously daytime before I fainted, but now it was dawn.


Perhaps Kendrick was already asleep.


‘Still…He was awake sometimes, so let’s go to the office first.’


I opened the door.


But then.




I was surprised to see the person standing in front of my door and fell on my butt.


“G, Glene…” 


Glene’s white hair gleamed in the darkness.


Her gray eyes slowly turned towards me.


“L, Lady…” 


Glene got me straight up and cleaned the dust off of my pajamas.


“Oh my, Glene, what are you…doing here” 


Glene’s room was in another building.

There was no reason for Glene to come here at this hour.


“…D, don’t get hurt anymore.” 


Glene opened her mouth.


“What do you mean don’t be sick… Oh! Glene, is this why you’re here”


I quickly dragged Glene into the room and slammed the door.


And I showed Glene my clean, spotless neck.


“My prohibition has been lifted! Did you know this”


Glene nodded slowly.


“How did you know I just found out that now, but how…you…” 


Glene didn’t reply to that and only bit her mouth tightly.


“Glene, do you have a prohibition on you too”


I asked, looking up at Glene, holding her hand tightly.


“You said you couldn’t talk to Kendrick-nim.

What kind of prohibition do you have on yourself”


A bewildered light flashed in Glenn’s eyes.


She seemed to ponder for a moment, then she sat me down on the bed.






Glene took off her top and showed it to me.


It was a skinny back. 


A huge and hideous spot was engraved on the white exposed spine.


It was different in shape from my spots, which were faint and hard to see.


When I opened my eyes wide, Glene got dressed again and came closer.


“L, Lady… You can’t see it…” 


Glene’s face, murmuring constantly, was distorted with pain.


“Glene! If you keep saying—!” 


But she didn’t care and put her cheek on my palm.


Perhaps the pain was coming up, her body trembled suddenly, and then there was a sound coming up from her neck.


Glene, who had been biting her lip as if to endure her pain for a long time, opened her mouth. 


“It’s dangerous, Lady…It’s dangerous.”


I stared at Glene and swallowed my saliva. 


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